How to Delete an Email Address from the Facebook Login Screen

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Deleting Personal Information on Facebook
To download a copy of data you requested: As you play with adding "Life Events" to your Facebook timeline, you'll be introduced to a brand new box called "History by year" where the only way to edit these events, is to edit the event from your timeline. Deleting albums is much easier than deleting individual photos as you can kill an entire album and the photos within with just a few clicks, whereas standalone photos have to be removed one-by-one. This action removes your email address from the Login field until you enter it again. How to Protect Yourself on Instagram.

Bye Bye Data

Here’s how to quickly erase everything you’ve ever done on Facebook

There might be some such as birthday you can't delete In my work experience, after I click the X, I get the following screen. Is this possibly an app issue? Remove place of work. I never heard of Jersey City Carpet much less work there.

My stuff was never intended to approve. I should be able to delete or edit ANY information anywhere on my facebook personal page, I should also be able to delete timeline offerings no longer desired This is after all, MY personal account history and events on it should exist at my behest.

If you have a lot of photos that don't have an album to call home, this will take you quite a while. Yes, you need to delete each individual photo one at a time — and it sucks. While you can delete your own photos, you may still be tagged in photos that someone else has posted. For these, you'll have to remove your tag from each one to be set free. Keep in mind here that you can only choose 10 photos at a time. So select 10, remove your tag, then do another Not as painful as removing one-by-one, but it's not far off.

You'll probably still be left with a few stranglers even after going through this process. I had a few posts that kept throwing errors when I tried to untag myself, so I'll just check back later and try again. The purpose here is to keep your original Facebook account mostly intact in case you use it for other purposes like app logins or Messenger. But the one truly surefire way to get rid of your data for good is to just delete the whole damn thing.

Skip to main content. What's my iPhone worth? Forums Shop Toggle Search. Bye Bye Data Twitter proved to be super easy using Cardigan. How to delete Facebook posts The base of my project consisted of a Chrome extension called Social Book Post Manager which I can imagine is quite popular lately. Facebook supports automatic sign in. Sign out of your Facebook account.

Remove your email address. De-select Keep Me Logged In. Open the Internet Options window. Remove the form data. Choose the Clear Recent History option. Clear the form entries. The Chrome Menu displays a drop-down list of items.

How do I delete information in about you section ?