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Since the Android OS is open-source, it comes as no surprise that despite the efforts of developers and engineers, it is still full of loopholes and vulnerabilities. I guess your Xperia Z has been updated to Lollipop at least Kikat , you can use Android screen mirroring to mirror the screen to the TV through Chromecast. Swiss File Knife combines many functions in a single, portable executable that belongs on every USB stick. Available on any device that supports the hardware. McAfee Support - With the growing demand for technology, the hackers and spammers are creating new ways to steal your important data.


How to install Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

Secure USB debugging allow debugging to authenticated computers only 1. Preferences Add data Import data Save new view Save. Last contributor Show battery level in "Quick Settings" for devices connected via Bluetooth Navigation buttons dim when not in use UI updates to 'Power Off' and 'Restart' Toast messages are now white in color with same existing transparency Automatic light and dark themes Emoji updates ie: Hamburger move the cheese slice position.

Picture-in-Picture with resizable windows Android Instant apps Improved notifications system Improved system settings Lock screen redesign. Battery usage alerts Nexus and Pixel specific improvements. Long press on the app icon enable new launch actions The default keyboard allows now to send GIFs directly New set of emojis. Daydream Virtual Reality mode Night Light Storage manager improvements Performance improvements for Touch and Display managements Option to enable fingerprint swipe down gesture Seamless system updates.

Shortcut manager APIs Support Circular app icons Keyboard image insertion VR thread scheduling improvements Enhanced wallpaper metadata Multi-endpoint call support Source type support for Visual Voicemail Carrier config options to manage video telephony.

Custom Chrome Tabs for better in app browser support App Permissions management update. Multiple SIM cards support Quick settings shortcuts to join Wi-Fi networks or control Bluetooth devices Lock protection if lost or stolen High Definition voice call Stability and performance enhancements. New design Material design Speed improvement Battery consumption improvement. Screen recording New Translucent system UI Enhanced notification access System-wide settings for closed captioning Performance improvements.

In fact I found that I could rely on the One's speakers in a pinch when my portable Bluetooth speakers weren't handy. While nowhere near as loud as, say, a Jawbone Jambox or Jabra Solemate , the phone provides enough audio oomph for small groups in quiet rooms. Above the display sit a 2. Below are just two capacitive Android buttons, while a headphone jack and volume button are up top. What's really interesting is how the power button also doubles as an IR blaster to control home theater equipment.

A volume rocker is placed on the right side, and a SIM card slot holds court on the left. On the bottom edge sits the phone's Micro-USB port.

It may not be the freshest Jelly Bean flavor available, currently 4. As is typical of this sort of added interface, the latest version of Sense offers more enhancements you may or may not find useful. The first is something HTC calls the BlinkFeed, a main home screen consisting of dynamic tiles that display content from a wide variety of news outlets, blogs, and Web sites including CNET.

If you're familiar with popular news aggregators such as Flipboard and Pulse , then you get the idea. There are drawbacks to BlinkFeed that you should be aware of, most notably that you can't turn the feature off, at least not entirely.

By default the BlinkFeed screen is set as the phone's primary home screen. You can, however, select any of the HTC One's home screens as its starting point. Another annoyance I ran into is that BlinkFeed pulls content from a stable of vetted sources.

While that's fine for casual news viewing, you'll probably run into roadblocks trying to tweak it to display more-targeted outlets. I admit that I like the revamped Sense user interface. Besides BlinkFeed, the skin has a cleaner look with icons that are less crowded across and within the app tray. Also odd is that unlike in stock Android Jelly Bean, the app tray doesn't side-scroll; it scrolls vertically.

The scrolling motion also jumps through icons by the page, not smoothly at a set rate, which takes getting used to. Gone is HTC's iconic weather clock widget, which has graced its phones since way back in the days of Windows Mobile.

You will still find information about time and weather forecasts at the top of the home screen, but displayed in a much more low-key fashion.

An icon here and on the lock screen displays current conditions by taking the shape of a sun, clouds, and so on. It will even blink at you with eye-catching animations such as falling rain or snow. Confirming that the line between tablets and smartphones is blurring more every day, the HTC One also features an IR blaster on its top edge. I have to say, this feature comes in handy more than I would have originally thought.

After going through the simple, if rather lengthy, setup process, which asks you to lay out the TV channels you receive in detail, I was able to control my home theater set effectively.

That meant switching channels via my cable box, adjusting volume on my Onkyo receiver, plus opening the guide to sift through available programs. What's also pretty slick is how I could tap icons of shows I had marked as my favorites to immediately begin watching them if they were currently on. Camera working bad but when I back to Greenbread 2. Anyone face with this, pls help? Your given link for CM The link to the CM Is this how-to page no longer running? I am trying to update my SL GT i but not able to download the Jellybean firmware from the link provided here.

Hi, i have downloaded all the instructions but the Odin v 1. I have a galaxy sl i Gingerbread 2. Now ,your links for installing the gapps are outdated it shows error when opened. Now it shows installation aborted when clicking a file to install it. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments and replies via e-mail.

August 16, at 2: Link has been updated. Try downloading Google apps package again. August 26, at 1: October 31, at 6: November 4, at 9: November 30, at 9: January 16, at 4: January 16, at 6: January 10, at July 9, at 8: August 22, at 8: October 16, at 9: August 22, at 9: October 26, at August 27, at 2: August 29, at 1: August 30, at 9: Thanks For This Usefull Post….

September 3, at Are you following the correct procedure to enter into recovery mode? September 3, at 9: November 2, at September 1, at 1: October 5, at September 2, at The downloaded file is already in. September 4, at 4: November 3, at Sir i want to update my galaxy s gt android please you can come and update it please.

September 3, at 4: Hi Saurabh, Thanks for sharing the Jelly bean version. It is working fine with my device. Can you please guide me? February 27, at 1: Hi Saurabh, How do i stop the vibration on keyboard entry?

September 5, at 5: September 5, at September 5, at 4: September 6, at September 8, at September 8, at 5: It is working fine.. Copy paste the link from http: September 28, at 8: September 30, at 3: September 5, at 8: August 29, at October 20, at July 11, at September 5, at 9: September 6, at 7: Which CyanogenMod version did you install? September 7, at 2: September 7, at December 19, at 4: September 7, at 3: September 7, at 5: September 11, at 6: September 11, at 3: September 11, at 9: Can you suggest some tweak, or apk, that might help?

Thanks for all help. September 12, at You should get battery backup. Which cm version did you install? September 13, at I have put new Samsung battery in the phone. September 14, at 8: October 11, at September 12, at 1: September 12, at 2: September 12, at 5: Hi Sourabh, I followed all the instructions, but post installation, none of the applications are working except gallery and settings.

September 12, at 8: September 12, at 9: December 13, at 6: September 13, at 2: September 13, at 8: I installed on my own Thanks a lot. September 15, at 2: September 15, at 9: September 15, at September 16, at September 16, at 3: September 16, at 5: Do you see any network when you initialize manual network search? October 27, at 3: September 18, at September 18, at 8: September 19, at 3: Go to phone settings and search for network to find if any network is shown there..

September 21, at 1: September 21, at 5: You may try factory reset option by going to recovery mode.. This may fix network issue.. September 29, at 6: September 19, at 4: Check the above article again. The tutorial for getting back to GingerBread is added.. September 19, at 9: September 20, at Copy google apps package directly on memory card via card reader then.. September 19, at September 20, at 2: Try mx player for video.. September 21, at September 21, at 3: You should try CM September 21, at 7: September 21, at 6: September 21, at 9: September 22, at 1: September 22, at 6: September 23, at 1: September 23, at 2: September 23, at 8: September 23, at 9: September 24, at 1: September 24, at September 24, at 4: What is the meaning and what should i do?

September 24, at 9: It seems to be driver issue.. September 25, at 6: September 25, at 9: September 25, at September 26, at 6: September 26, at 8: September 27, at 4: September 29, at 3: September 30, at 9: October 1, at 3: October 1, at 1: October 1, at 4: October 5, at 1: October 1, at 7: October 2, at October 4, at October 4, at 7: October 5, at 4: October 5, at 7: October 6, at 1: October 5, at 2: October 5, at 3: October 5, at 5: HI Sourabh, Very glad to see your site and tutorial.

October 6, at 2: October 6, at 8: October 7, at Hi Dude, I upgraded my phone to andriod 4. The above queries regarding , Radio not avaiable got fixed? October 7, at 4: October 9, at 7: October 11, at 6: October 11, at 7: Missed few more points. October 10, at October 8, at October 8, at 2: Hey, Which stock GB firmware you suggest from which we should upgrade..? October 8, at 3: October 9, at 9: Now my phone got stucked on samsung logo screen… tried 3 times to install pda ,,when try to install with re-partition option it get failed… Tried to clear cache algo again installing from zip but not working what to do next… Can access both recovery and download mode … What to do next, before installing I have complete backup of my gingerbread version….

October 10, at 9: October 12, at 1: October 12, at October 15, at October 16, at 4: October 13, at 1: Have an issue with the external SD. November 12, at 7: October 13, at 3: October 13, at October 14, at 8: October 14, at October 15, at 1: October 15, at 3: October 15, at 4: October 18, at 8: October 17, at 7: October 19, at October 19, at 3: October 20, at 1: October 20, at 6: October 21, at 4: October 21, at Did you try to boot into recovery mode?

If yes, then do factory reset from there.. October 23, at 1: I tried it, but I did it wrongly. October 22, at 9: How do I find? October 24, at 1: October 26, at 3: October 24, at 5: October 24, at 9: Just got my phone upgraded.

October 25, at 1: October 25, at 5: Hi Saurabh, i have successfully upgraded i to jellybean 4. October 28, at 3: October 28, at 4: October 29, at 6: October 27, at October 28, at 2: October 28, at Tried it on my Phone. Its very easy to upgrade.. Working fine till now… Thx Saurabh for this post..

November 22, at October 28, at 5: October 28, at 8: December 6, at 6: October 29, at Hi Piyush, I have again downgraded my phone to gingerbread using instructions given by you.. October 30, at October 30, at 7: November 1, at The zip file might be corrupted.

You should download or copy it to your card again.. December 22, at November 2, at 6: November 2, at 7: March 17, at 6: November 2, at 9: November 4, at 8: November 5, at November 5, at 4: Hi saurabh I have install CM November 6, at 5: November 8, at 9: November 13, at Install Google Apps package first and then set-up google account on your phone..

November 13, at 1: P thanls anyway and keep the good work: November 11, at 3: I have problem when started my phone samsung GT-I stopped in welcome screen.

Your IMEI number might be messed up.. November 18, at 5: November 24, at November 13, at 6: December 1, at 6: Did you take out the battery, reinsert it and then try booting into recovery mode? November 14, at 9: November 19, at November 15, at November 17, at 2: