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What is a Web Proxy?

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Check below for an idea of the sites compatible with the proxy. Some of the most popular sites currently are "ProxySites. YouTube blocked on your network or your favorite show is restricted on your country? Want to unblock access one of a large number video websites? US based servers are temporarily offline This may not always be the best choice, so the option is there to change as you see fit. Type in the full URL, including the "http.

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How to Watch Videos on a Proxy

Type in the full URL, including the "http. Select the video you want to play by clicking the video from the list provided. If the proxy supports videos, the playback functions without error. However, if it doesn't work, you will need to select a different proxy server.

Exit out of your current proxy click in the URL and type in any website address name. Try out a different proxy site for accessing the video sites some proxy sites function correctly with a video site, depending on what video site you are using and what proxy site you are using. How to Watch Videos on a Proxy.

Share Share on Facebook. Watch Videos Online with a Proxy Site. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox. We are now one of the few major online web proxies who managed to force this new youtube layout to work with our proxy! This online proxy can be used to bypass web filters at your school, at work, or in your country if Internet censorship is imposed through your Internet service provider.

Using this proxy you can unblock many popular video sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion. You can link directly to this page already filled in with whatever URL you wish to "proxify" like this: Also, feel free to send us feedback or suggestions about adding new features or additional sites by clicking "suggest new site!

A web proxy is a web-based proxy service that works within your own web browser and requires no additional software to be installed on your computer. The greatest advantage of using a web proxy is its portability and ease of use since it can be accessed from anywhere in the world without making any complicated changes to your computer's settings or following a list of steps. A web proxy works by accepting URL from a client and then fetching its contents and forwarding it back to the client usually after making some alterations like converting all hyperlinks to "proxy links" to ensure proper navigation and anonymity while browsing.

Other remove ads, and some disable Javascript altogether to improve anonymity and make the site more responsive. While Glype proxies intended to provide support for watching YouTube videos , that function often breaks when YouTube makes changes to its internal code and because most proxy administrators don't know how to modify their proxy scripts themselves and depend on the now outdated Glype plugin, that proxy script stops working with YouTube.

This web proxy provides a flawless support for all YouTube videos including those with ads such as Vevo with ads being blocked of course. In addition to that, our proxy provides additional support for other video websites:

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