How to share a USB external hard drive on a home network

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How to share USB external hard drive on a network
To do that, right-click the drive and select "Map network drive Doesn't work for me. This was helpful 6. I have had somewhat similar experience. So, for example, it might look like: I tried remserial but I'm unable to connect the client to the server. I had inadvertently said "on".

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Really don't understand why I do not know why you can't share this drive but if this is just a temporary thing, why not just move the external drive? If this is a permanent share, you could try something like this: I have had somewhat similar experience. Any of the machines can access any of the shared files on the WinXP-home's C: And finally, the problem does not appear to be drive letter related as the problem is encountered on both the HDD manually assigned drive letter "U" as well as the UDD with automatically assigned drive letter "E".

Up until about two months ago, I used to be able to read and write to those HDD. I'm uncertain as to what has changed, but I've diligently sought to make sure all sharing parameters are correctly set. In the past, I've suspected my Norton Antivirus software, but I'm running Norton on all of my machines. Also, the problem persists even when I temporarily turn on Norton Antivirus and worm protection.

The idea suggested in another reply of buying a device that would allow direct connection of the USB HDD to the network is an interesting option and will be investigated. Any suggestions as to how to solve this problem will be appreciated.

I had inadvertently said "on". I just purchased Network Magic just for fun because it was on sale at Worldstart. Shows all folders that are shared by putting an open hand under the drive or folder. I downloaded Network Magic trial and installed it on 2 pc, I can set the folder to share from 1 pc and the other pc will see the Network Magic share folder but cannot access same as using window share it, I try to use the help from Network Magic but it did not solve the problem firewall setting etc.

I just did a right click and share on a folder inside the drive. I, too, could not share the drive. Hi all, I faced the same problem and solved the problem by googling around and after I this page: Click Start, and then click Run. Type regedit, and then click OK. Navigate to the following key: Change the Base to decimal. In the Value Data box, type a value that is larger than the value that is listed. If you created the IRPStackSize value using the procedure described in step 4, the default value is It is recommended that you increase the value by 3.

Therefore, if the previous value was 11, type 14, and then click OK. Close the Registry Editor. Actually for me the solution worked only after changed the decimal value to I know this thread is several months old, but this problem has been driving me crazy for weeks now. I have 5 large USB drives shared on my network. Until recently, everything worked great. Then, for some reason, three of the drives just refused to work anymore.

They were visible on the network, but inaccessible. And none of it worked. But I found your solution with the registry edit -- which never would have occurred to me especially since the Microsoft topic about it doesn't even seem to describe the same problem! Everything came back online immediately, and all drives are now accessible.

So, in case you ever check this thread, Thanks! Your info was a lifesaver! I am glad it helped. I registerd myself just to express my thanks to you. I had exactly the same problem then I followed your steps including creating the "IRPStackSize" variable I used value 18 and it has worked since computer restart. Hi, I tried to use your intructions and failed. The intructions did not make it clear which computer should have its registry edited - so I edited both. I'm using Vista and windows 7.

I had to create a new IRPStackSize DWord Value in each and I tried 18, 21, and then in frustration 50 on both machines and still get the message "windows cannot access etc" in Vista and same message from widows 7, plus "you do not have permission to access etc" All my interal data drive Not C drive exccept public and even small USB sticks can be made available on either machine, but at least 3 external large USB drives GBs do not seem to want to work.

The clue is the message and the fact the memory sticks work. This means no pesky hard to grasp USER accounts to deal with. Bigger drives would have NTFS along with all the permission issues to solve. The message was your clue. Should I just give up and put Windows 7 on my other machine and will that help? Hello Folk I followed the registry edit and after re-booting I re-shared the drives in question. Thanks serendipitee, This is the only solution I've been able to find that worked, and this is 10 months after you posted it I can now share my external usb dock drives over my home network even between winxp and mac osx!

Thank you very much for this invaluable piece of information. Software solution to share USB storage over Network. Windows bit and bit: Eltima Software offers a convenient solution to this problem - USB over Ethernet , a software application that enables you to share USB storage over network.

This can be done in just a couple of steps: Download and install the app - on a computer to which a device is to be connected and all machines that need access to the device. Connect a drive to the computer via USB port. These are the main advantages offered by the app: Share and transfer data between two computers via USB port.

The speed of data transfer can be over 15 Mbps, and thanks to dual buffer the data can be transferred in both directions. The solution is compliant with USB specification v.