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What kind of information will the target audience be looking for on your site? Typically, consumers search for things like business hours, directions to local stores, local store addresses, or availability of a product at a local store. The mask was in need of some serious help. This is where the web site itself is created. All Local businnesses, from plumbers and builders to florists and accountants can improve their business and make more money through local SEO.

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You can do it all here! Is the navigation menu on the top or along the side? Are there images above the text area? Good layout is as important as any other element of design. Bad layout makes a website look crowded and slapdash. Good layout allows the eye to find what it seeks easily. A good website has a unifying graphic around which it is built. The graphic represents your company, your organization.

It often sets up the color scheme and the style elements used throughout. The logo ties the website to everything else your company does, though the printed materials, signs, whatever. Photos, graphics, navigation bars, lines and flourishes, animations can all be placed on a website to bring it to life.

Or, in some cases, bury it. Few websites exist just to be looked at. The internet began as a method of sharing information. As it evolved into the World Wide Web, it became rich in all kind of media. But it still exists primarily to communicate. Well written internet-ready text is a special kind of text. Usually the information is broken into readable chunks. It is formatted to be easily scanned, and it is often optimized for search engines as well as human eyes.

Many of the elements described, such as the logo, the navigation menus, the layout, images, etc. But graphic design is more than the sum of these parts. It is the overall look and feel the website will have as a result of proper use and integration of all these elements. A website with bad graphic design is usually obvious to everyone except the person who put it together.

But doing graphic design well takes a special combination of talent, skill, and education. Some websites are entirely static. They are the same every time you visit. You never give them information, there are no polls, bulletin boards, or referral forms. If you want to find something on the website, there is no search box, you just look around until you find it. Modern sites are searchable.

They offer new images on each visit. They allow the user to request more information, or to post their own thoughts.

Many can be updated directly from a simple panel or word-processing program. A lot of websites are datadriven, meaning that web pages are actually created on the fly, in response to the specific needs of the user. All of these functional elements are called back-end elements.

In some cases there are many different ways to do the same thing. So the line between elements is often blurry. This is the ability to update your website without having to directly edit the html. A robust content management system allows for documents to be prepared, edited, approved, and tracked prior to publication. Simple systems create areas on a web page that can be easily changed on a regular basis.

Purchasing items from the internet has begun more and more common. The internet allows small merchants to reach a world-wide audience, while other retailers are able to maintain huge inventories of immense variety.

New levels of convenience are possible, such as mail-order rentals of DVDs and games. The simple ability to safely process credit-card transactions over the internet is where this process begins. If you have a lot of different things for sale, you need a shopping cart. This is just a way for visitors to pick out different items and make a single purchase at the end of the process. Among all the information on the Web, somebody found yours with a simple search and a couple clicks.

Do you want them to slow down and plow through pages and pages of text to find that thing they are looking for? Only if you want to lose nine out of ten visitors.

Blogs are much in the news these days. Blogs can be done independently, or as part of your website. Some content management systems have blog modules. Specialized blogging software can be installed on your server, or you can use blogging services. Presenting new images each time someone visits your page gives it a sense of life. Photos can be rotated, as can pieces of text, such as quotes or service descriptions.

There are a number of ways to allow people to interact online. A bulletin board allows people to post up messages on a topic. Chatroom allows users to comment back and forth in real time. Most websites need some kind of contact form.

Even if you are just giving information away, you still might want people to thank you for it. More likely you want some ongoing relationship to spring from visits to the website. Whether the goal is commerce or political organizing, contact forms are a starting point for interaction.

Viral marketing takes many forms. If you have the kind of content that is updated periodically, there are few better ways to build a regular readership than newsletters. Newsletters keep you in front of potential clients, as well as keeping your current clients in the loop about your new products, services, or campaigns. The fastest way to build a legitimate newsletter mailing list is to allow people to opt in at your website.

Databases allow us to store, sort, search through, and display large amounts of information. Online databases bring this technology seamlessly to the Web. The public area of your website is a great way to serve a variety of audiences. But what if you have a membership that deserves better, more comprehensive content? Or what if you want certain registered visitors to be able to perform online actions? You may have a section of your website set aside for your own internal processes.

This is easily done by creating password protected sections. From simple flyers to hundred page documents, e-books, music files, and even movie clips can be downloaded from websites. This is an easy way to distribute files all over the world. Some websites call for more than just text and images. Photo-tours, video-clips, sound-clips all can add to the experience if they are well matched to the type of site and profile of the target audience.

All kinds of information can be found hidden on websites. Trade secrets, proprietary programming, client credit card numbers, and every imaginable piece of personal data. Press releases have been uncovered early, strictly internal memos have been leaked, all because the internet has many ways of exposing data.

If you are passing information online that is not meant for everyone, then you want to ensure you have the right level of security. Not exactly part of the website, but often part of the design as well as the activity surrounding its launch is the online promotion. A site with no visitors is like a huge monument built in an uninhabited desert. How long will it take to design my new website? Below is an typical timeline for the design and development of a WordPress driven web site.

So how long this stage takes is really up to you… However, once you do get back to us with any revisions, the typical turnaround time for relatively simple changes is business days. If not, you can skip this step of the milestone dates and move onto the next one… Development of Interior Page Content: What is the process for building our site?

Using the information gathered from phase one, we put together a plan for your web site. Then development can begin… Phase Four: What is Local SEO?

Why is this so important to local businesses? Local search is the new digital Traditional media such as the Yellow Pages are now competing against digital mediums that return local results. This has transformed search to be more personalized and highly useful to online users.

Free Quote and Estimates Assessment Worksheet This questionnaire will prompt you for a variety of information we need in order to provide you with a timely estimate. While not all fields are required at this time, we urge you to provide as much information and complete the form as thoroughly as possible.

Save and Continue Later. Before you tell us about you, let me explain a bit about how we work: We are a big believer in your participation and training. Our expertise is in building a beautiful, functional site, designed for your specific needs. We will create the structure, but for the most part, we expect you to add the content.

Tell me about your Company. Please give me a brief overview of the company, what you do or produce? This section should include an overview of what the general purpose and goal of the web site is. Please put an X next to the ones that apply to you. Select All Explain your products and services Bring in new clients to your business Provide your customers with information on a certain subject Deliver news or calendar of events Create a blog that addresses specific topics or interests Sell a product or products online Provide support for current clients.

Yes No Not Sure. If available, we will attempt to register one or more of them for you. Contact Us Collecting visitor feedback. Do you want to allow visitors to register on your website using their facebook accounts? What are you calling your website? Pat Newman and Verne Langdon I tip my hat to you both. Thanks to Felix Adler and Emmett Kelly A very heartfelt thanks to both Rob and Cathy Tharp for doing this restoration and being there for my endless questions about the old days.

The Maskahuna Hero Member Posts: Kirk BK Magnum on March 03, , An absolutely brilliant restoration! He looks great sitting next to EK. Gory Glenn Hero Member Posts: What a great story KBKM!

I'm not a big clown fan but I can certainly appreciate what you and the Tharps did here. Pete-I Hero Member Posts: It's amazing how things work themselves out. Congrats on the new addition to your collection, and a tip of the hat to the Tharps for a mind-blowing restoration. Antiques Roadshow would probably pitch a fit if they knew you restored it, but man that looks great! I remember the phone call from Billy.. That thing turned out amazing!!