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1Password 4 for Mac Review
This latest version 4. It used to be decent prior to version 7. To help you manage that monster account key, the wizard creates what it calls an emergency kit. Now logging in to 1Password requires both your master password and a time-based one-time password. There aren't many configuration options to worry about. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Cons None that know of!

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Data is encrypted with these keys before ever being written to storage or sent over the network. Get Your Free Credit Report! Get Your Free Credit Report. View 10 Best Password Manager.

We receive advertising revenue from some partners. Plans Offered 1Password Price: Unlimited items Unlimited shared vaults Desktop and mobile apps included Automatic syncing Admin console Offline access Basic access control set read-only access for vaults 30 day item history 1GB storage per person Email support Pro Price: I agree that I have not received compensation for my comment and that my opinions reflect my authentic experience as a customer or former customer.

To make this comment as helpful as possible for our community, please provide at least 2 sentences. It used to be decent prior to version 7. As others have stated - support is a big problem. This gets you five licenses, along with the ability to share passwords within your family.

Keeper has a similar family plan that gets you five licenses plus 10GB of secure online storage. With version 7, 1Password gets a major user interface update and a raft of new features.

For example, Windows users now get the full security audit that previously showed up only on macOS, and on both platforms the audit now checks for pwned passwords and sites where you could use two-factor authentication but don't have it enabled.

I'll point out these new features in context. The most immediately visible user interface change is in the sidebar menu at left. Previously, its lower portion split into three tabs for Categories, Tags, and Security. Now it's one long scrolling list, with the option to expand or collapse those same three sections. It now puts the numbers next to each category and tag in a darker oval, making them easier to see. The differences aren't huge, but it's clear much thought went into fine-tuning the UI.

Sorry, 1Password doesn't support Internet Explorer. Sign up for an account and you get 30 days of premium features for free. Entering your credit card info is optional. During setup you enter your name, and you have the option to add a photo. The next step is somewhat unusual. Each time you add a new device or browser extension, you need this key. Next, you create a strong master password.

As always, this should be something you can remember, but nobody else would guess. To help you manage that monster account key, the wizard creates what it calls an emergency kit.

This is a PDF file containing your email address and account key, with a space to write down your master password. Print it off, fill in the master password, and stick it in your fireproof lockbox, or somewhere else secure.

You do need that account key for each installation, but you don't necessarily have to type it. After installing the app on an Android or iOS device, you can use it to snap a QR code that fills in all your information except the master password. If you're installing on a desktop device, you can copy that QR code to the clipboard for import or, new in this edition, just tell 1Password to find the QR code onscreen.

You won't often need to type in the account key. If your activated device gets lost or stolen, the thief would still need your master password to access your credentials.

But for total security, you can log into the web console, click My Profile, and deactivate the device. Now that thief would need both your master password and Account Key to gain access. For full functionality, you also must add the 1Password extension to your browsers. The first time you open a supported browser, 1Password offers its extension. To add the Edge extension, you install it from the app store and then log in with your account information.

The easiest way to switch from one password manager to another is to import the existing product's passwords. If you're moving from a different password manager, you must export the data to a CSV file and format it according to the instructions in 1Password.

LastPass, by contrast, can import from over 30 competing products, and KeePass imports from almost Note that to use the import feature, you must log into your 1Password account online. The local app can only import 1Password files exported from another installation. You do have another option for importing. The 1Password Utilities collection includes community-created scripts to convert data exported from 35 other products into 1Password's own format.

However, using these scripts is definitely a hands-on proposition. In the password capture dialog, you can enter a friendly name for the login and also add one or more tags. If you need to keep multiple sets of passwords, perhaps personal and work collections, you can define additional vaults and choose which to use at capture time. And you can choose to view items from just one vault, or see them all at once.

Password replay with 1Password is not quite as automated as with most competing products. If you have more than one set of credentials, 1Password presents you with a list. My AgileBits contact pointed out that requiring user interaction before filling passwords is a deliberate, security-related decision. It eliminates the chance of a website snagging your credentials using invisible login forms.

RoboForm, LogMeOnce, Password Boss Premium , and most of the other products of this type offer another handy way to use your saved logins. Clicking the toolbar button displays a list of your saved sites, and clicking one of them first navigates to the site and then logs in. You can scroll down the list or just start typing the name of the login you want.

The list narrows to match what you've typed. Just click to visit and log into the desired site. This is an even smaller version of the main app. There are always some nonstandard logins that confuse password managers. LastPass Premium , Sticky Password, Keeper, and a few others get around this problem with a manual capture feature.

So does 1Password, though it's a bit tricky to find. In the resulting popup, click the Settings icon at the bottom left, and choose Save New Login.

Just storing all your existing passwords in 1Password isn't enough. You need to find those old, weak passwords and update them to something strong and unguessable. Chief among these, according to my company contact, is the worry that a failure of automatic password updating, perhaps due to a change in the website, could result in locking you out of your account. The password generator, whether in the Windows app or the browser extension, defaults to 24 characters.

I approve of long generated passwords—after all, you don't have to remember them. Not every product reflects this fact, though. At the other end of the spectrum, the free Myki generates character passwords by default. By default, 1Password generates passwords that include capital and small letters, digits, and symbols.

If you rely heavily on Favorites, 1Password Mini is the fastest way to access them as you just need to hit the shortcut then arrow right to view the list. You can switch between vaults from 1Password Mini and the extension, lock and unlock 1Password, set URLs to open in new tabs or windows, and save new logins without opening the main app. Like 1Password for iOS, 1Password for Mac has dozens of delightful details and hidden features that can make you more efficient and speed up your password management workflow.

Every time a new version of 1Password comes out, I feel like repeating myself: New features like Favorites, iCloud sync, 1Password Mini, vaults, and multiple URLs for login items both bring the app up to par with its iOS counterpart and ensure that Mac users will always have certain advantages over the limitations of iOS. I use 1Password every day, and, with the additions of version 4.

For website customers who bought the app before , the upgrade to 4. The folks at AgileBits have been extremely generous with their upgrade policy, and I hope that the consistency between the iOS and OS X versions will convince more people to try the app.

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