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Once you have paired the device with your computer, you will be directed to the browser where the setup process will be initiated. The Amped Wireless Titan is attractively priced and offers really good short-range 5 GHz performance. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. The Linksys RE Wi-Fi extender is one of the greatest devices to select from within the price range as it has to offer best performance parameters. You also get eight gigabit Ethernet ports with the device — two more than you get with the Nighthawk X

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Great if you plan on placing the Play: It easily ranks as a top wireless speaker. And yes, it works over WiFi and Bluetooth allowing playback from a whole variety of music sources. It works in bathrooms and kitchens. And despite its small size it produces exceptional sound quality.

Meaning you can add more as time goes on. And for those looking to mix and match, included are two grill colors; black or white. The BeoPlay A6 is unlike any other speaker on our list. Attention to detail probably best describes the A6, as it offers a specially manufactured wool cover swappable if you desire another color , a touch like volume switch and the ability to wall mount it. So just about any device can connect to it; PC, Android, or Apple based. Best coffee makers for Best coffee makers for Best desktops for Best desktops for Best stoves for Best stoves for Best small appliances for Best small appliances for Best Blu-ray players for Best Blu-ray players for Best drones for Best drones for Best universal remotes for Best universal remotes for Best camcorders for Best camcorders for Best video game consoles for Best video game consoles for Compact design, user-friendly setup.

The Archer C9 has no business being as fast as it is at this price, but every time we tested it it blew away the competition in this cost tier. If you want a cheap router that will still keep your modem sweating through the heaviest of downloads, this is the one to get. With six massive antennas jutting out from each side and a tri-band WiFi throughput that can self-designate which devices in your home should receive the most bandwidth all on its own, the Nighthawk takes most of the heavy lifting out of getting all the power you can out of your router with minimal setup required.

It strikes the perfect balance of high performance and reasonable cost, however its more extreme design choices may not be the perfect fit for every home. Even so, the performance of the Nighthawk X6 is still enough to excuse it from these minor sins. Netgear Nightawk X6 Review. Six tri-band antennas, 1GHz dual-core processor. When we first got a gander at the insane specs on the new Linksys EA Tri-Band MU-MIMO router, we were admittedly a little scared of what it would be capable of when we really opened it up on a pure fiber connection.

Of course, those fears quickly no pun intended melted away as the router proceeded to blow every one of our tests clean out of the water with insane speeds, solid connection reliability, and extensive range that reached to every corner of our homes. Admittedly, this router could be considered overkill for most households. Its higher price and almost confounding list of additional features could be an imposing entry point for the average consumer.

The Linksys EA might be a bit overkill for most households, but for serious gamers or media streamers who want to be able to use multiple devices in one area of the home at once, the MU-MIMO radio on this router is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. With a central base station that measures just 3. Everything from the Apple-white shell to the 1.

Mesh routers and networking systems work by creating multiple antenna arrays that all communicate with one another, and plug into standard outlets wherever you need signal the most.

The only drawback of the AmpliFi HD system is that instead of using a prebuilt dashboard, the company has started their own from scratch. This means many essential features like QoS management and parental controls are being piecemealed in over time, rather than being available straight out of the gate. Mesh networking, 1GHz dual-core processor, AC radio. The AmplifiHD turns traditional router conventions on their head with a beautifully minimal design, insane speed test results, and enough style to go around.

Mesh networking in particular is probably one of the best reasons to upgrade in , as it gives you a way to get signal in places like the basement, attic, or backyard which were previously thought to be total deadzones for all but the most powerful routers out there.

These reasons are just a few of the dozens that should give you all the motivation you need to look into investing in a new router this year! For starters, all the routers we chose must have a minimum bandwidth rating of AC and pump out at least Mbps on the 5GHz spectrum. To see why the ACACM beat out the rest of the competition, continue reading on in our annual roundup of the best routers in !

How we choose the best of the best routers usually comes down to three main factors: The routers on this list are all at the head of their game in these arenas, and consistently offer top-of-the-line performance alongside a fair price and a plethora of extras that users can utilize to perfectly customize their own wireless networking experience at home or their office space. Router technology is constantly evolving to meet the demands of new internet activities, whether that be online gaming, photo uploads, or the advent of 4K streaming.

They also come with a bevvy of extra features that put them ever-so slightly above the rest of the competition, including: QoS management, parental controls, intuitive mobile apps, media servers, internal firewalls, and more. The routers were tested in a sq ft home, which was only surrounded by two other wireless networks, so we experienced as little interference as we could during the testing process. Accessing and configuring these features used to have a barrier of entry that only the mid-level tech nerd would understand completely, but nowadays thanks to mobile and desktop apps, the process has gotten significantly simpler to deal with.

Dashboards like the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi system continue to set the gold standard for how to create a piece of software that feels like it was made for actual people, not just those who had read the Wireless Routers for Dummies handbook. Every feature is clearly laid out and explained in a way that makes sense to the layman. When it comes to speed, all routers on this list are equipped with a minimum spec of AC, which means they have a theoretical max output of simultaneous dual-band signals up to Mbps 2.

As explained in my HowToGeek article on the subject, MU-MIMO is a style of beamforming technology which evenly distributes traffic to all members of the household simultaneously, instead of one at a time. Outliers like the AmpliFi HD take router design to the next level, though we suspect it could be a number of years before more the traditional router makers go the same route. The other, 5GHz, is made to achieve the highest-speed signal possible, usually at the expense of the amount of range you can maintain from the wireless base station.

This refers to the way a router prioritizes which devices get their data first, either doling it out sequentially to up to four devices in older standards, or in the case of

1. CenturyLink ActionTec GT784WN Modem Router