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It is a domestic only card and cannot be used for cross currency payments. Virtual cards would be good for small denominations. It depends on who issues those virtual visa cards. South Koreans chilled by Kim's cuddles The Guardian. Archived from the original on 30 June When you create your slonkit card, there is no fees associated with it. And just asking, did you try emailing their customer support and calling the helpline?

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10 Ways to Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) in India

Thank you for the awesome offer Narinder. Please send me an email or any contact information to my email which can see inside my contact. I will contact you immediately. I will refund you any cost if charged. Just inform me of any charges. I am always available and online. And you can also take access of premium tools and accounts from me both those which have been created with the card and my existing ones too as a sign of gratitude.

I wrote too quickly I suppose. You can find my email inside my comment which only you can see being the site admin. Please send your contact details. I would highly appreciate it. The VCC needs to be a small amount as these are only trial accounts and would hopefully not charge anything. Even if they charge anything, I will refund back as soon as you inform. I would also provide my Skype and other details so that you can inform me even if there were any charges.

You can trust me on that. And I will also give you access to webmaster related tools which would probably be helpful for your work too. I think paydeck is better option for using credit card to pay for anything. I got their advertisement couple of days back to pay rent using card. Then they advanced it. Now I am paying for almost anything using credit card through paydeck.

I have used paydeck. I am selling umbrella at flipkart and Amazon. Me neither, anyone else got a solution for this. You better get a physical card for your shopping needs. Virtual cards would be good for small denominations. With physical card, you get added security and some fraud protection as well. I have checked on my account it is activated for international use but i m still not able to use on alibaba. Kindly help me what should i do… need to buy that stuff urgently….

A standard international card should work on those websites. They have quicker customer. Hi bro its really nice website. I have few query:. Or is there any other bank which provides international debit card at minimum balance? Virtual cards from banks like Kotak etc have a expiry date 2 months after the creation. If AliExpress is all you need, your best bet would be to get an upgraded international card from your bank.

You will also be able to load Entropay using an international debit card and that an be used on Play Store. As about bank accounts, all these private banks have a minimum AMB requirement of 10, You should however give Kotak Jifi a try if it is available in your region.

Be sure to go for the standard Jifi account and not Jifi saver. It has an initial funding of 10,, but you can withdraw it anytime without paying any fines. Why a restricted card? Did you try to load it with a suspected card? This justifies the numerous bad reviews at Play Store. Hi, I have a State bank visa global card, chip based.

I want to make the payment to my advertiser and he only accept the payments through paypal. I am just wondering is it possible to use this card on paypal to make my payments? I would appreciate if you reply me asap. The last time I tried Entropay it worked fine. Hi…Which of the virtual cards are being treated as the debit cards by payment gateways. You can look around elsewhere to find some customer reviews. I want to make a purchase on the online game platform steam but when i use the freecharge go mastercard for payment,it gets declined.

But it is amazing and unique because the virtual card offered with DigiPurse can be used […]. None out of those mentioned will work. Unfortunately none of these are going to help you on Google Play store other than Entropay. Loading Entropay also requires an international card. Please check THIS post since those are the only cards which would work.

Can you suggest me an international alternative where I can use my maestro card? They are more of ATM-only cards for which some gateways in India offered support. I got a virtual credit card as said above. Hope somebody else has a more specific reply. But happy to see that chip based icici card accepted by paypal,google wallet and other online services outside of india.

Hello, I have a product to buy from a international site and the price is around 85K. So should try Entropay or Kotak net card? So I guess Entropay is your only option. So you can try using your card once. Entropay will be your only option, mate. Those which do work internationally have a limit of only 1 transaction. So PayPal consumes this by making the initial but refundable small charge.

Hi guys you dont need an international debit card to buy stuff from ali epxress and google play n etc etc. From there after installing the app you can add its card with any site and pay the respective amount without any problem. Believe me and go check Digi Purse app in google play store of in google. On Google play store, there are too many negative comments for Digi purse. Cannot bring myself to buy the card.

I sure am aware of the reviews in Play Store, but it did work fine for me to the extent I used it. Money was deducted, refunded amounts were credited back. I had no need to recharge using the app,m so card was all I used and it worked to my satisfaction.

And talking of virtual cards, this is the only one which at least works on international sites. Do not add a lot of money into your DigiPurse. Since those reviews should stand somewhere and there can be issues with the wallet. The non-existent support can then make it worse. Where do you intend to use the DigiPurse card? Maybe we can find a better alternative. Are you sure the Kotak Mahindra Bank Netcard can be used for international transactions?

Does the Kotak Netcard also have additional fees? This cannot be avoided unless you have a Multi-Currecny travel card for which you probably pay the commission in advance. Do note that it cannot be used on PayPal or Google Play as the card only supports 1 transaction maximum and Google Play and PayPal use up that transaction when they verify the card by deducting a small amount. I was thinking of getting a credit card for international online purchases but I guess this would be a better option.

One other doubt — do VCC support chargebacks, like normal credit cards? They do not support chargebacks unlike a normal Credit Card. If there is a possibility that you will be needing to file chargebacks, you should go with a real credit card. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox.

Get weekly updates via email! Do you like this post? You may also like. Click here to post a comment. Great Piece of article buddy, I want to ask something, I just created an online account on Kotak but netcard option is not available it shows that it is under maintenance. Surbhi vekariya, I am from paidkiya support team, I know this is a fake review about us.

Anyone can call us any time we give you answer. This is total fake review. Hi narender Which payment wallet accepts international card USA. Hi, Are there any VCC or reloadable physical cards that work internationally? The ones provided by banks are the only ones I see working internationally. Narender, just wrote you an email. Thanks bro… And entropay!

Does it work in paypal……? Hi Narender, Need help.. Selling virtual cards Visa, with balance and without balance! What is the service charge for slonkit physical card and wallet?

Which of the above VCC can help me create entropay card or international payment? I want VCC for bingads. Freecharge and pocket wallet any wallet is working?

It is a domestic only card and cannot be used for cross currency payments. This tiny Island has sets of twins Mirror. How well do you know luxury cars? Adorable zoo babies of Photos. The worst traffic jams in history Photos. Celebrities and their famous body parts Photos. I drank green tea for a week, this is what happened PopSugar.

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Yes, it will help improve the banking sector. It will expand business operations. A stronger bank will be able to tap capital markets. Customers will face challenges.

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