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How to change your Google Play store account country
Just upgraded your phone or replaced your tablet? Now tap on the 'Accounts' option and set the account you want to use. As of mid the Android Market supports multiple accounts. I have used my local number and Google did not have any issues with it. Top Android games that are easy on your hardware March 20, So, how do you create it? Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy.

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There are still many people who have issues on how to sign out from Google play store. Some people wants to sign out the account so that they can sell their phone and the buyers wont misuse the account, some people have sign-in Google Play Store with their friend account and now they have their own account, so they want to sign out previous account and log-in new account. You can use any method to Sign out.

All your accounts will be logged out. So, make sure you remember all your username and password to log-in back to accounts like Facebook, Twitter, dropbox etc. Many of the people have more than one Google account.

If you find any new method then share with us, it will help other users. Kaif is an author and co-editor at Appslova. Logout from Google Play Account is very easy. Just follow these steps:: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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When I try to buy an app in the Market, it chooses acc1's Checkout account, and I don't see an option to change to acc2. Can I use acc2 to pay this? And I still want acc1 as the main account for other purposes. To add another account To activate or use another gmail account in the market, open the new market app v 3.

It's worth noting that originally the only way to change the Google Account associated with the Google Play Store was to do a factory reset of your phone and set it up again from scratch.

That should unlink your account from the system and will ask you again for an Account to link to the system. Mainly because you are changing your linked account and those services use info from that linked account.

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Steps to Change Play Store Country