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It also showed genuine respect for our president. And Xi would want that as well since we have given up our horrible elite masters. Brilliant analysis as usual. A LOT of face saving going on…I hope. What is important, and also not surprising is the continued willingness to talk.

North Korea: a “proxy” Nuclear State?

It is no accident that Pyongyang acts as a geopolitical pressure point on Japan, as Pakistan does on India. Today, the need to deal with Pakistan is keeping India boxed up, while Japan is increasingly finding itself in a similar position with regard to North Korea.

Traditional deterrence theory holds that fear of the damage caused by a retaliatory strike would inhibit a nuclear weapons power from launching a first strike against another nuclear state.

In a period that has seen the emergence of the Taliban, a cluster of individuals who may actually see death or martyrdom as a desirable outcome, such a question assumes more than theoretical significance. One antidote is the much-maligned U. This might provide a means to intercept missiles launched by a proxy power. This by itself is not enough, however. Any country opposing such a resolution would be vulnerable to the charge that it has something to conceal.

The UN needs first to expose any instances in which technology specific to the manufacture of nuclear weapons or devices and missiles with a range over kilometers has been transferred. It must then outlaw the practice, and subject delinquent states to mandatory sanctions. The crude devices known to have been produced by Pakistan and, possibly, by North Korea, require several tons of cladding to ensure safe storage and detonation. They are therefore too heavy to be put on platforms and used as weapons.

It is essential to ensure that any country which has transferred the technology required to build these near-weapons does not continue the practice and aid in converting such nuclear devices into nuclear weapons capable of being launched from air, sea or land platforms.

However, China now faces a dilemma: Suddenly turning off the technological tap will have the effect of souring relations, as seems already to be happening between Beijing and Pyongyang.

But the Chinese now see even this possibility as preferable to a policy of continuing secret support for the North Korean and Pakistani missile and nuclear programs that are aimed at keeping Japan and India distracted. The nonproliferation regime crafted with such care over the past quarter century has two holes in it.

The first is the possibility that a country might develop its own weapons and delivery systems, as India has so painfully done. China has made a strategic error by proudly asserting their dominance in world affairs before realizing that Trump is a master chess player, especially in economic matters, the fountain from which all political power flows.

Wictor is a favorite read of mine as well…. What is not being reported about the rather lengthy statement is this sentence: Like Liked by 3 people. The difference between the two is like night and day: Kim in the presence of XI shows an often stern and stressed young man where as Kim in the presence of our president shows a genuinely happy and smiling Kim.

It also showed genuine respect for our president. Kim felt comfort and trust while in Singapore. What president Trump conveyed was the ability of be humble at this moment why letting this young leader shine.

Look at the pic Sundance added: Kim shows a shy but genuine young man. For the fist time in his young life he is given the opportunity of legitimacy while on the world stage with the most powerful leader — president Trump.

The optics of it all expressed a willingness by Kim learning how to trust and in this case together with a US president who selflessly open the doors that also included a genuine friendship. There is nothing surprising about the outcome of this meeting for a variety of reasons, and also no significance to the fact that his Porcine Majesty did not meet with Sec Pompeo.

In fact it was not on the original schedule. What is important, and also not surprising is the continued willingness to talk. Talks, mean no war for now. Both miss the mark in my opinion. If you read the official statement, it highlights the fact that what was agreed to at the Singapore Summit is understood differently by NK as opposed to the US. If you read the Summit statement that Kim3 signed and the ordering of the points of the agreement that are 1 commit to new relations for peace and prosperity 2 build peace regime 3 reaffirm Panmunjom Declaration and NK commits to complete denuke of KP, it is important to note that NK understands this to mean points 1 and 2 are solved before point 3.

In other words, denuclearisation comes last. This is reflected in the official statement put out that many people here think that the AP made up. Sec Pompeo, and the administration understand the statement in the reverse order, hence the outburst after the meeting.

Keep the sanctions up and the US already has a raft of new ones at hand. It is important because NK keeps changing proxies. Like Liked by 4 people.

The whole statement makes that pretty clear. Too much speculation around fragments of translated quotes. Thanks for the link. Do you think they want some cheese and crackers to go along with that whine? A LOT of face saving going on…I hope. I also hope trade negotiations going on with China while progress is made in North Korea. Pompeo is a good choice for this. As a CIA guy, he would know the Chinese pull the strings there. We should have waited until there was irreversible de-nuclearization before we imposed the tariffs on China.

But they will have to work it out. Not sure about that, melissa. Brilliant analysis as usual. When could North Korea ever be trusted? Both countries hate us and would love to see us destroyed. And we must not allow them to accomplish that — period. So which is it AP? Trump met Kim in China in the Forbidden city. In person or via video, nonetheless the deal was brokered by Xi. And Trump is after our spot in the giant trade deals of the Silk Road.

And Xi would want that as well since we have given up our horrible elite masters. Putin, Xi and Trump, the three musketeers of making honest money in trade. So they made a deal the three of them, so each came out winning. It seems like this is the right time to confront Red China, while the U.

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