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Private Tunnel Premium Account 2017 [Daily Updated]
Let us know how many additional connected devices you'd like to cover. Private Tunnel is a solid option with a trustworthy parent company. The data service itself is… OK. I am surprised to see that this was noted as updated in May The sad fact here is that, Google considers listing torrent websites illegal but does not consider possible malware as threats and lists them on top of its search results.

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Private Tunnel Review 2018

The information that Private Tunnel collects includes:. Yes, Private Tunnel VPN offers a limited version free trial that can be used over unlimited devices, but, you can only use MB of data on it.

Primarily, every time a crack will come up Private Tunnel will immediately patch the bug and make the crack redundant for everyone. There is also a chance that the crack for Private Tunnel has been modified to steal your personal data and spy on your online activities.

In case you experience the Private Tunnel crack not working error simply uninstall the cracked version of the app. Another important Private Tunnel review on Reddit discussed how the service was really helpful in bypassing the university firewall to game online. Consider the user below who unblocked the University firewall to play League of Legends and Wildstar. It is also good for streaming but speeds suffer during the night. Since this was my first review of Private Tunnel, there are certain aspects that were not addressed and will be added in routine updates.

The association of OpenVPN and PrivateTunnel gives the brand a solid base to build on while giving it a strong brand identity. PrivateTunnel does not offer too many sever locations but the ones that are available are 13 of the most popular locations of the world. All their servers allow P2P and torrents while the provider does not discriminate against ANY website or online service.

I tested the Windows, Android and iOS apps. The Windows app was a bit of a disappointment as it failed to install the first time and failed to connect the first time when it was properly installed.

The iOS app like the Android app has great performance and connectivity likes its Android cousin. The one unconvincing aspect of PrivateTunnel was their privacy policy and the fact that the company is based in the USA. If you know about online privacy then you definitely know about the NSA and its cronies spying on citizens all over the world. We cannot be assured that the provider does not retain data and has not been compromised already.

Ameer takes a keen interest in technology, geo-political affairs and international cyber laws. Ameer loves outdoor sports including cricket, swimming, athletics, and football. I was excited enough about them to refer several friends who became customers.

But over time the glow faded. The data service itself is… OK. The real downfall, though, is the customer service. This review seems pretty accurate and we will test out the service once again to update ours accordingly. Also, just a word of advice.

The excuse was same too: I agree completely that you should get what you paid for, regardless of what they change. One cannot just offer something and refuse to deliver later on! This was their answer: We are planning to introduce it soon. The way they have laid out their pricing is kind of confusing for the Flexible option. My best advice would be to go to their website and look at it for yourself. I was just trying to point out that the pricing in the above article is no longer valid.

Thank you Charles I will have a look and update pricing as it appears on their website. Most kind to point it out. I am surprised to see that this was noted as updated in May I know because I went to look at re-upping my data allowance and put it off until I went back a couple of days ago and was surprised by their pricing change. Here is a cut-and-paste of their new pricing schedule and format. Taken from the Private tunnel website. New Private Tunnel pricing schedules Subscribe to a fixed or flexible plan to start your 7-day free trial.

I would like to add that during the approximately two years I have been using Private Tunnel I have been very pleased with their service. It was very reliable, with few connection problems, and on the occasions when I tested it, not much of a speed lag. I loved the old pricing schedules, not so happy about the new ones, but will probably end up purchasing more data usage from them anyways.

An extremely easy to use and set up VPN, although somewhat limited in range of functional options, which in some cases is actually a plus — fewer options means less confusion — for people who want the plug-and-play equivalent of a VPN this is the way to go.

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Our core technology is the most trusted and downloaded protocol in the world. What people are saying Don't just take our word for it. There are just a few things that people have written about Private Tunnel. Private Tunnel works well. It's all very easy to use, so there's little reason not to take it for a test drive.

A VPN is a service that will privatize everything you do on the internet through encryption.

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