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Essentials Only Full Version. Yes, we tried set tcp-mms send and recieve. Login to Client Area. Testen van uw VPN snelheid kost niets, dus het is altijd een moeite waard oplossen stap wanneer hebt u een slechte verbindingssnelheid. Betalen kan makkelijk met iDeal, Creditcard of Paypal. Met behulp van Redundant Array of Independent Disks-technologie kan verbeteren de prestaties van uw opslag, zowel snelheid en betrouwbaarheid voordelen biedt. Dit krijgt u een nauwkeuriger weergave van de snelheid van uw directe verbinding tot het gebied zonder de effecten van het gebruik van de VPN-verbinding en dus zal dienen als de snelheid van uw controle.

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SSL VPN poor speed

The VPN test will automatically choose this location, but the non-VPN test won't, skewing the results before comparison. To perform the actual test, you'll need to make use of a connection speed tester. There are several available online for free, including Ookla's SpeedTest.

Most of these tests will automatically detect your location or the location of the VPN, but not all of them. In either case, the first test you perform should be off the VPN, but with the VPN's server location set as the test point.

This will give you a more accurate representation of your direct connection speed to the area without the effects of using the VPN and will thus serve as your control speed.

Once you have a control number, connect to the VPN and perform the test again using the same location. Once you've finished testing, you should have some results to compare. Generally, the VPN results will be slightly lower than the control speed results. Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More Photo Galleries. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Essentials Only Full Version. This tells me that the underlying hardware is capable.

However, when testing from off-site at least Mbps and 20ms latency , the performance changes. From the client' s perspective, the download rate through SSL VPN is about 13Mbps and the upload is the problem in that it cannot exceed about Mbps.

It seems that the increased latency is the contributing factor. Our clients need good throughput in both directions from corporate LAN and Internet-based sources where latency far from zero They got a HA D 5.

I test with SSL, it's the same. Test was done between fiber Mb to fiber 1Gb. I test on another fortigate D 5. Windows 10 IT Pro. Sign in to vote. The download and probably upload speed through my VPN connection is very slow when using windows Previously using windows 7 I could transfer 1 Gigabyte in 30 minutes.

After switching to windows 10 it looks like it would take at least 5 hours I didn't wait that long. We are a small company and I oversee the person who manages our system at work I'm not the IT detail guy.

I have tried both the VPN connection we have directly to the server as well as the one that is managed by our router. Saturday, October 10, Saturday, October 10, 1:

The VPN speed test is available for all major devices StrongVPN supports, including: