Has YouTube finally been unblocked?

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Websites blocked in Pakistan
This page was last edited on 28 March , at Cant handle a few thousand protestors and always make things worse. The New York Times. On November 30, , most YouTube videos containing music seemed to be blocked by Finnish nonprofit performance rights organization Teosto in Finland. Half the internet users in Pakistan might have forgotten it even existed Youtube. EU opens investigation into how Amazon uses data.

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How To Unblock YouTube In Pakistan With Full Speed

The authority did not specify what the offensive material was, but a PTA official said the ban concerned a trailer for an upcoming film by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, who has said he plans to release a movie portraying Islam as fascist and prone to inciting violence against women and homosexuals.

The block was intended to cover only Pakistan, but extended to about two-thirds of the global Internet population, starting at 1: ET Sunday, according to Renesys Corp. The greatest effect was in Asia, were the outage lasted for up to two hours, Renesys said.

YouTube confirmed the outage on Monday, saying it was caused by a network in Pakistan. A YouTube spokeswoman did not immediately respond to an e-mailed question on whether the clips that offended Pakistan's government had been removed. Several clips with interviews of Wilders were still up on the site Monday afternoon.

Two apparent errors allowed the outage to propagate beyond Pakistan, according to Todd Underwood, vice president and general manager of Internet community services at Renesys.

Pakistan Telecom established a route that directed requests for YouTube videos from local Internet subscribers to a "black hole," where the data was discarded, according to Renesys. It started directing requests from its customers for YouTube data to Pakistan.

And since PCCW is one of the world's 20 largest data carriers, its routing table was passed along to other large carriers without any attempt at verification.

As he put it, Pakistan Telecom was impersonating YouTube to much of the world. Pakistan Telecom and the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority were unavailable for comment on Monday night local time. Misrouting occurs every year or so among the world's Internet carriers, usually as a result of typos or other errors, Underwood said.

In a more severe example, a Turkish telecom provider in started advertising that it was the best route to all of the Internet, causing widespread outages for many websites over several hours. This is just the way the Internet works. And it's not very secure or reliable," Underwood said, adding that there is no real solution to the problem on the table.

While most route hijacking is unintentional, some Yahoo networks were apparently taken over a few years ago to distribute spam. Pakistan causes YouTube outage for two-thirds of world.

Apple CEO defends pricing of new iPhones. US Senate, staff targeted by state-backed hackers. The Dhurna Group was offered an alternate location but refused. The motivation was political not as they said , religious. Zohaib , the Dhurna which disrupted the life of twin cities was Democratic?????? The Dhurna people were offered an alternate location but they refused. This action for was taken for the Democratic right of other people and as par the orders of the SC. Saleem ,good work by the Government for the greatest interest of the people.

They offered an alternate location but Dhurna guys refused. Now deal with the tough situation. He has also threatened and abused the Supreme Court. The people of Pakistan demand that he is held accountable and punished accordingly. No politician or political party can be above the law. Onlooker so when it was done in Kashmir Pakistanis were crying foul on this very same website Most of these media channels are 3rd grade.

All they do is inflame unnecesarry controversies amogst vastly illeterate nation of ours. I am not a supporter of the PMLN government and I know they are facing charges of corruption and fraud. In this case Supreme Court and the Government are on the same page while the opponents PTI and others are on the wrong side. After all the government is trying to establish their writ -- which is a patriotic issue.

News channels are not mature enough to handle coverage professionally. I support this move. That's definitely a good move by the government. Instagram and Youtube not working in Lahore too.

We want instagram and Facebook back what will be left in Pakistan if these survives are also closed Kinsley get them back. Might be its for safety or might be helping in preventing data tracking.

InshaAllah it will be unblocked again soon! Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Comments 94 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Nov 25, It's attack on freedom of press. I support this decision covering it would just make things worse. I could not access my FB,Twitter or insta accounts in rawalpindi,even youtube is not working. Freedom of press under threat in this so called democracy.

Real face of PAK democracy. Release terrorists and support terrorists and ban media coverage! This is bad, Pakistan should outsource the governance to china , they will do better job. Without news channels life will be so peaceful. It was right direction. The government has banned Twitter and other social media. Facebook and Twitter is also not working, this is very sad. Govt incompetence is on its peak. Feroze Ali J Aliani. Great freedom of press in that country. And your first priority is bringing Cricket to Pakistan???

Freedom is the only solution. The writing is on the wall. Cant handle a few thousand protestors and always make things worse. When will b social media acxble n Pakistan?? What the hell how can they do this people can have all kinds of emergencies this is not right.

Nov 26, Now understand, Mian ji wants this type of Pakistan. FReedom of speech has been crushed in Pakistan. Pakistan must keep its people deaf dumb and blind and not let them ever see the truth. When these websites will b unblocked???? How can they ban the social media? PEMRA thinking people are children who can be misguided by channels. Tahir sultan exactly same. It is so frustating. Why Facebook And Youtube is not Working.

In how many days will fb and insta work again? Its good but For how many days twitter will disable. Nov 27, Tahir sultan its still working but so slow that I can't help out with that. Most popular Government cuts development spending, increases taxes on country's elite. How the system failed us. UK crime agency arrests Pakistani couple to probe money laundering allegations. PTI leaders issue apology for Punjab govt's controversial ad. Auction of luxury vehicles of PM House: ECC okays up to pc increase in gas tariff.

The targets described in the task orders and grant reports are not always the real goals.

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