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Verify the wireless connection is enabled

internet is working but there is no wifi signal
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What else can I do? We are sorry about the issues you are having with your wireless receiver, but we will be glad to help. Here is a great post that goes over how to fix your wireless receiver. If you are still having any issues, please send us a private message. Post a new question here on the forums by clicking the "Ask a Question" button.

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In Windows 10, type network connection in the search text box next to the Start button and click the View network connections option in the search results. In the Network Connections window, if your wireless connection is listed, right-click on the connection and select "Enable. If your wireless network shows multiple available wireless networks, make sure you are connecting to the right SSID router name and that you have entered the correct security key.

If you are connecting to a neighbor's router or are entering the wrong security key, the laptop will not be able to connect to the network. If you can connect to your Wi-Fi device but your Internet is not working, the issue may be your Internet service and not your computer. Verify the Internet connection is working and is not the problem by making sure another device, like another computer, smartphone , or tablet , can connect to the Internet.

If the Internet works on another device, it is safe to assume that the issue is the computer. It is not uncommon for DSL modem, Cable modem , or network router to encounter problems that prevent one or more devices from connecting to the network. To help verify this is not the problem, disconnect the power from the back of the modem and router. Once disconnected, wait seconds and then reconnect the power.

Wait several minutes for the modem and router to reconnect to the Internet, then test the Internet connection on your computer. If you are still having problems, try rebooting the computer again. Having more than one software firewall installed on the computer can cause a lot of issues with your network connection. To help verify this is not a problem, we suggest temporarily disabling any firewalls on the computer. Disable the Windows Firewall or any Firewall that comes with security programs.

If you are using Microsoft Windows and the Wi-Fi has worked in the past, try restoring Windows to an earlier copy. In some cases, bad software or settings may have caused problems with your Wi-Fi adapter or problems with Windows being able to access the Internet connection.

Corrupt drivers or other issues with the wireless drivers is one of the most common causes for why you may not be able to see any Wi-Fi networks or have problems detecting your wireless card. We are lucky to have people like you!!! Gwenhwyfar - Sep 15, at I have tried everything for days, and this worked! DD - Sep 17, at I was so afraid to try it, but I was desperate! May angels, rainbows and really cute furry things surround you all your days!

Yes same problem solution worked but I have to do it each and every time I start my computer. PS - Oct 7, at I have the same problem. Me - Oct 22, at Works on Vista too. Been trying to fix this for ages! Chopper64 - Nov 3, at Been having this problem on two different laptops for several weeks. Now I am curious: What was the problem and why did this work?

SadmanK - Nov 4, at Sadly no joy for me. Crazy how it started all of sudden. I also notice pup and asp sites are loading - seems to be just aspx pages being blocked.

I used this fix and when I restarted my internet is showing limitee access even though its working on other laptops. Is it cuz of this cmd thing.

Umar - Dec 7, at Kelly - Dec 8, at Joeyjaf - Dec 9, at

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