Meraki client VPN issue

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Meraki VPN Client Setup Instructions
No need to worry about user configuration, or shared secrets, or server credentials. I only have Windows Server unfortunately and last time I looked into it, I ran into some trouble and didn't get it to work correctly. The most successful MSPs rely on metrics — known as key performance indicators KPIs — for making informed decisions that help their businesses thrive, rather than just survive. It's more than this solution. If I had to do it, I would create a power shell script that I would push out via GPO to all of the devices that need it.

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I have this deployed on all of our windows 10 machines, no issues. I used the same setup as in windows 8. I have connected this as well. I've found that, after the upgrade, the existing connections that were there previously do not connect. I had to create a new one and then it worked just fine. Also doesn't hurt to triple check your hostname and shared secret I was getting this error at one point but i believed it was related to error in my environment. Anyone run into the issue where you can connect to the VPN and send packets but not receive packets?

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This page provides instructions for configuring client VPN services through the Dashboard. F or detailed instructions on how to configure a client VPN connection on various client device platforms, p lease refer to: Authentication Meraki Client VPN uses both pre-shared key based authentication and user authentication. Add a user by clicking "Add new user" and entering the following information: Enter the user's name. Enter the user's email address. Select whether this user is authorized to use the Client VPN.

Active Directory Use this option if you want to authenticate your users with Active Directory domain credentials. You will need to provide the following information: The short name of your Active Directory domain. The domain administrator account the MX should use to query the server.

Password for the domain administrator account. Your Short domain would be 'test'. Your Server IP would be Your Domain admin would be 'vpnadmin'. Your Password would be 'vpnpassword'. You can configure the following options:

VPN Credentials