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Click "Checkout" for more details. Start your day risk-free trial now! Normal proxies don't encrypt their traffic. You can choose specific countries or IP addresses for automatic switching. Our realtime proxy tester evaluates http, https, socks5, socks4 proxies and many other unblock proxy sites worldwide. Do you want an elite proxy list or an anonymous web proxy list?

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Bypass online restrictions with web proxy or VPN There are several reasons why you may have trouble accessing websites and online services. Free Proxy Free Proxy. Why do people use proxies? Proxies are easy to set up and use, so some Internet users, especially from highly censored countries, choose web proxies to access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, eBay, LinkedIn, and other websites that are unavailable in their region.

What is a free proxy list? There are many websites that claim to offer free web proxy IP addresses, which you can use to replace your actual IP. However, we cannot guarantee the safety or effectiveness of free proxy services for protecting your identity and security online.

Therefore, it is always better to get a reliable VPN service, which not only protects your IP address but also encrypts all the data that is sent and received. What is a web proxy server and what does it do? A web proxy server, also known as a proxy or application-level gateway, is a computer that sits between your device and the Internet and handles your requests for accessing websites and services.

This setup allows you access websites and services that may be restricted in your country. Another problem is that proxies can cache web pages. Every time you request an URL from outside, a copy is stored locally. The next time you try to access the same URL, the proxy can supply the local copy instead of reloading the original across the network.

It may improve page performance but also leave you with out-of-date results, which may be a problem if you depend on having the latest information and data. Why is VPN a better choice? Unlike web proxies, VPN secures not only your browser but also the traffic of all your applications that use the Internet connection. If you care about your privacy and security, we strongly recommend getting an encrypted VPN proxy extension instead of risking it with free proxy services.

Does proxy slow down your Internet connection? Since a web proxy is a free service, lots of Internet users tend to use it, putting a heavy load on the server, which may result in a slow connection. Therefore, if you wish to securely access restricted websites and streaming services without sacrificing your connection speeds, you will need a reliable VPN service. NordVPN allows choosing from ultra fast servers worldwide, so you can enjoy any content you want with no interruptions, cyber threats or data leakage.

Our proxy list is constantly updated and currently contains active web proxies. You can find the Freshest Proxies , Fastest Proxies and Most Popular Proxies , or you can browse proxies by country and even find proxies for specific sites.

Are you a Proxy Owner? You can submit your proxy to us and we will include it in our proxy list. Get Updated Proxy Sites! We offer the following ways for you to get updated proxy sites:. Proxy List We offer an extensive list of free proxies. A brief list of featured and top proxies is below. What is a Proxy Site? The term proxy site most commonly refers to an open proxy , which is a web site that allows a user to surf the internet anonymously. Using a proxy site, or web proxy, users can unblock web sites that might be banned through their internet connection at work, school or elsewhere.

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