Windows 10: Windows keeps disconnecting from wifi

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Why is my internet dropping out every night? Help!
I asked them if they would give me a signal reader or something so i can look if they arent going to send a tech out at night. Dell small desktop Cooling: Since the problem only rarely occurs, I'll keep an eye out and update if it does again. Have you notice the occurrances in the context of other events in your home, possibly outside your home, and really happens something in a neighbor's house? I think its too much traffic on the lines in your area. Sometimes multiple times per day.

Figure out which device is causing the problem

Why does my internet keep cutting out? (Streaming and games)

They shouldn't give you any crap, and if you've had your service for a while they may even have a newer modem available. I've had to do this once. It's also possible your ethernet cable is damaged. A couple of kinks or tight bends in the cable can cause a dramatic loss in signal strength as it untwists the pairs inside the casing. If it is something you can replace, even temporarily like swapping with someone else's line , it would take that out of the equation, but this is admittedly pretty unlikely, unless the problem is just effecting you.

Swapping ports in the router with another is another of those unlikely-but-possible-so-go-for-it-just-so-it-isn't-a-variable things you can try during troubleshooting. Depending on what brand modem you have, you may also be able to get into its webconfig and see some basic diagnostic info.

Line noise, signal strength, etc. If the numbers are completely out of whack it'd give you an idea if the coax itself is fuxxd and you may need to press the issue with the cable company to get their line checked. The drop from the box to the house will often get screwed up a bit of water gets in to a connector, etc. This won't always screw up your cable If it become terribly problematic, if you keep complaining you can get them to come out and check their line from the box to your house for signal issues just to be absolutely sure it isn't them.

There shouldn't be a charge for it. It'll confirm that there isn't any issues to the house. Poor signal strength or a weather-damaged line is something they just can't tell from a ping at the home office. Does the connection drop like that on all computers in the house or just yours? To answer your questions. From what I've seen, at least with portable devices, since thats what everyone else is using, they seem to cut out as well roughly the same time, so it isn't isolated to me.

Honestly I'm not sure how the damn house is hooked up. My father took care of that and over the years we have more cords then threads in a spider's web, and I couldn't tell you where half of the cables went. He's a tech nut, and yet he can't seem to solve this problem without messing it up more.

How the house is set up currently, however, due to my room being far apart from where the internet comes in, they see fit to tap it through a wireless router on the way to my room. I'm still hooked up, but if the problem lies within the connection between the wireing, or even the router itself I will try some of these suggestions.

Seeing if I can't switch out the router. Thank you for the effort all the same. I enjoy my time online, and this issue really is a bother So I'm happy where I am. Ok, that's a start It narrows it down to "the router, or the modem.

The only cable that still matters is the line going from the cable modem to the router. If that's going through a wall and getting run to the other side of the house or something it could still be involved, but really unlikely. If a crimped end or a punch-down jack works lose things typically just die, not get flaky all of the sudden. I'm not sure if I follow but it's mostly irreverent since the problem appears to effect everyone. Cable in to modem, modem to router, then attaching devices to the router is typical.

I'd try the firmware update and factory reset on the router first, since that's usually easier than pulling it completely and losing internet for the house. Even settings that look correct in the webconfig can occasionally get borked up or corrupted. Get your modem behind as few splitters and as close to the point where the cable comes into your home as possible. It's a fairly typical problem in apartment buildings, so there probably isn't much you can do other than call for a tech.

You can remove any unnecessary splitters or try moving the modem to a different outlet if possible. Most likely you'll need a tech to balance your signal though. Since you live in an apartment the wiring is not your responsibility and there should be no fee for repairs.

Which, incidentally, was made more difficult cause the Internet dropped again and I'm having to do this on mobile. They only thing you can do as a customer is reduce the amount of house splitters, more than one splitter on a modelm is too many. If you have 1 splitter home run you need to call for a service call. Being in apartment you may a poor design getting from the tap to the unit.

Distance might be a factor a return only amp may correct. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. August 11th, 6. Wifi keeps cutting out How is the wireless configured? WPA2 and what encryption? Is it capable of N speeds? Have you tried resetting the wireless to B and G only? Is it capable of both 2. Have you tried disabling the 5 Ghz band?

August 11th, 7. Wifi keeps cutting out It is fixed! Chili if karma were real you'd be sitting atop the highest throne. Turns out just turning off the August 11th, 8.

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