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Spieth's schedule violation 'resolved' and a 'win' for fans. Tiger looking to end season with an exclamation point. While behind bars, Dixon rekindled his childhood passion for drawing, often spending 10 hours a day creating vivid colored pencil landscapes, including of golf courses, while imagining freedom. Back was an issue in Ryder loss at Medinah. This course is not only the most northerly in The Open rotation, but it is also the longest at 7, yards.

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The ensuing police response left 29 inmates and 10 hostages dead. Attica has a "shank wall," a collection of homemade weapons seized from inmates and displayed like baseball cards in a plastic case on the wall outside the guards' lunchroom.

Prison interior decorating at its finest. We went to do a story on an inmate who was introduced to the world in a Golf Digest article by Max Adler in He was in for murder. You know, your standard golf story. Wrongfully imprisoned man freed after nearly three decades. Dixon, a former aspiring artist before getting caught up in the Buffalo drug-dealing scene, started sketching photos from Golf Digest for the warden.

Dixon's art was insanely good. Even more so because he did it all with colored pencils. No paintbrushes allowed see shank wall above. Jimmy, the crew and I stopped for a good minutes to marvel at his creations before continuing with the interview. We spent a solid 40 minutes talking to the man who supposedly killed a man something years prior.

In that time, he pleaded his innocence to us over and over again. He spoke like a man who had rehearsed every angle of his story over and over and over again. I give him credit - there were no holes in his story. But what did I know? After we were done eating, we all looked at each other, knowing what we all were thinking: On Wednesday, however, people whose opinions mattered made a decision and allowed someone who loves the game of golf, but has never stepped foot on a golf course, to do just that if he so chooses.

That's a story that will stick with him for the rest of his life. Valentino Dixon walked out of Erie County Court into bright sunshine and hugs from his mother, daughter and a crowd of other relatives and friends, ready for a meal at Red Lobster and vowing to fight on behalf of others who are wrongly convicted.

Earlier Wednesday, a judge agreed to set aside Dixon's conviction in the shooting death of year-old Torriano Jackson on a Buffalo street corner and accepted a guilty plea from another man who had confessed to the killing two days after it happened.

I grabbed the gun from under the bench, switched it to automatic, all the bullets shot out. Unfortunately, Torriano ended up dying," Lamarr Scott, who has been in prison for 25 years for an unrelated attempted murder, told the court.

Scott said he had gotten the gun, a Tec-9 semi-automatic, from Dixon and the two men had driven together to the crowded corner where the fighting broke out.

Judge Susan Eagan let stand a count of criminal possession of a weapon against Dixon, and its 5- to year sentence, which she said he had satisfied.

Dixon is not an innocent man. He described Dixon as "an up-and-coming drug dealer in the city of Buffalo" at the time of the shooting and said Scott was Dixon's bodyguard.

Dixon is innocent of the shooting and of the murder for what he was found guilty of," he said, "but Mr. Dixon brought the gun to the fight. While behind bars, Dixon rekindled his childhood passion for drawing, often spending 10 hours a day creating vivid colored pencil landscapes, including of golf courses, while imagining freedom.

Articles in Golf Digest and elsewhere have drawn public attention to Dixon's case. The class worked with Dixon's attorney, Donald Thompson, to have the conviction overturned. Howard taught the course with childhood friend, Marty Tankleff, who also spent years wrongfully imprisoned. His daughter, Valentina Dixon, was a baby when her father went to prison.

She brought her month-old twins, Ava and Levi, to court from their Columbus, Ohio, home. Tiger embracing this year's moral victory. Wrongfully convicted inmate who turned to golf artistry freed.

Hey Tiger, they flipped the nines at East Lake. Back was an issue in Ryder loss at Medinah. Stanford returns home to share Evian celebration.

FedExCup gets massive overhaul for next season. Tour commish announces major overhaul to FedExCup. Former Iowa State star Arozamena found dead on golf course.

Spieth's schedule violation 'resolved' and a 'win' for fans. FedExCup title scenarios for all 30 players. Montana parents must pay to watch high school matches.

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