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You should only use Magnet links till we confirm the official version of the KickAssTorrents site. You must register to download. Return to top of page. In Other TLDs 1. So sick of greedy corporate a-holes.

All systems are up and running

*Latest* Kickass Proxy – List of 50 very fast Kickass Torrents Proxies & Mirror Sites

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Uplet Upload multiple photos and videos to an Instagram right from your Mac. Hot Deals Find the hottest software deals. Eltima Box The best of our apps at a discounted price! The list of Kickass torrents proxy servers How does one make the Kickass proxy unblocked? It is important to choose the right kickass torrent proxy to reach the site. Thanks to the proxies listed below you get the Kickass unblock option and are free to access all new torrents that you can download and enjoy.

Get access to torrent sites via VPN! Use VPN apps to hide your activity from the prying eyes of your ISP, getting at the same time some security against cyber criminals. Top Ranks Namibia 4 Traffic Analysis Compare it to SEO Stats Compare it to Domain Registration Data Compare it to In Other TLDs 1.

Similar Domain Names 1. Social Engagement Compare it to Server Information Compare it to We will give the list of it below will be updated again. The safest solution is the Magnet links. You should only use Magnet links till we confirm the official version of the KickAssTorrents site. The strict copyright laws in most of the countries make the torrent lover uncomfortable. Remember those notices the ISP gave you? ISP and Copyright trolls are working together to hunt down torrent users.

So the best practice will be to protect your online identity and download torrent files as well. So we recommend VPN for torrenting. Thus your ISP, Govt. So if you are downloading torrent files using any KickAssTorrents alternative site your online activity will be protected by the VPN software.

So Free VPN will ban you if you download torrent files using their service sooner or later. You can find some cheap torrent vpn here. You will get 7 Day Money Back Guarantee! So these were some of the working KickAssTorrents alternative site that you can use and they are quite similar site to the official kickass torrents site.

Let us know which site you think as the best KickAssTorrents Alternative in the comment section. Top 50 most popular torrent sites updated Kickass was the best.

The other present websites cant take its place. Although there is a possibility of a new Successful torrent site emerging from all this. We previously saw different alternatives sites became more popular. In my view, Extratorrent is gonna replace KickAssTorrents in future.

Not a single site. Jeez loosing them is like loosing a family member or a leg or arm. Why was he arrested? Is it illigal to link to torrents? In that case how about arresting everyone at Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search sited.

I would not consider this as a replacement. Notice the age of the torrents links. They are fairly old and have been around for a while. So sick of greedy corporate a-holes. KAT did not pirate all it did was file share. Next thing ya know the entire internet will be a pay by page deal. Way too many worthwhile things to spend on that this.

This shit happens …. Walks, Bakers Walk,Corporations Walk…. Recently i come to know that the owner of the kat website has been arrested and due to this the website is currently shutdown. The US demands other countries do what it itself would never do if the shoe was on the other foot. Most extradition treaties with America are one way only: Listen, world…the American people by and large are like people everywhere, you get the the good, the bad and the ugly and people trying to earn a living and not partake in assholery for no reason.

With them you get only the bad and the ugly and a lot of assholery for no good reason. Because Hollywood and the major labels are not content with the billions they rake in every year…they want ALL of it and will pay the government to destroy the lives of peaceful citizens in the US and abroad to make a few more bucks.

I am heartbroken over kickasstorrents and the founder. I went there everyday for about 4 years. No torrent site comes close. I been so lost with my torrent search every damn site has pop ups and shit.

I second what you said. How come the US was able to arrest someone in a different country anyways?? Agreements made between those countries?? Apple and Facebook helped them to arrest.

All they need is the IP address. Poland did the rest lol. You know all works together now. Today Hollywood took down kat. So the creator created two new mirror site kickass. The list of kickass torrents is again updated with the new substitute to kickasstorrents sites. These are not really good alternatives.

That is where I get all my TV series. For movies and comics, it still is Pirate Bay though. Nemesis43 shares in a new site in development called Worldwide Torrents.

I use kickass torrents since 08 and pirate bay since The king is NOT dead. In the future I think does have alternatives to this. Hi thanks for the alternatives. I ve checked most of the alternatives. ET community is as good as KickAss community. You will see comments on every popular torrent files. For those that think KAT will be back, the same thing happened a couple of yours to Demonoid. Demonoid got seized, and did relaunch, but it never was as good as it was before. I fear the same, but hope different, for KAT.

I am a foreigner, living in China.

Extratorrents Alternative