az network public-ip

az network public-ip create

List of assigned /8 IPv4 address blocks
The network traffic is allowed or denied. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Integer or range between 0 and Backend Address Pool []. Starting , was used to map Public Data Network X. The type of Azure hop the packet should be sent to. Updated to Level 3 Communications, Inc.

What is this all about?

Download Microsoft Public IP Space from Official Microsoft Download Center

Is there a definitive and correct list? PeterJ 59 1 1 4. What has your research shown. The list you have isn't complete. BrianC 3 9. You forgot the multicast addresses, which, from a practical perspective, cannot be used on the Internet.

RonMaupin That's true, thanks. I added that as well as A packet routed over the public Internet not including over VPNs or other tunnels should never have a source address in a bogon range. I guess it really boils down to whether or not you consider valid "public" ranges to be not assigned, or not reserved.

RFC - Private address alocation: DoD Network Information Center. DoD Intel Information Systems. Defense Information Systems Agency. Formerly Boeing Computer Services Formerly General Electric Company. Starting , was used to map Public Data Network X.

Returned to IANA This network was reclaimed by IANA in and was subsequently re-allocated in As of entire block assigned to UK Ministry of Defence. Formerly Merit Network In it became available for distribution or possibly be returned to the IANA, depending on the global policy in effect at that time.

The destination address prefix. The destination port or range. Integer or range between 0 and The priority of the rule. The value can be between and The priority number must be unique for each rule in the collection. The lower the priority number, the higher the priority of the rule. If this is an ingress rule, specifies where network traffic originates from. The source port or range. Sample Request GET https: Sample Response Status code: Application Gateway Backend Address. Application Gateway Backend Address Pool.

The public IP allocation method. The public IP address version. Network Interface Dns Settings. Route Next Hop Type. Service Endpoint Properties Format. Application Gateway Backend Address []. Network Interface IPConfiguration [].

The port used for the internal endpoint. The private IP allocation method. Possible values are 'Static' and 'Dynamic'. Gets or sets value of the IpTag associated with the public IP.

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