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Highlights of the Primetime Emmy Awards. Follows the rise of five treacherous manicurists working at a Florida salon that launders money for the Dixie Mafia. Fall TV Second Look: A legal drama set in a wrongful conviction firm. Hold the Dark Trailer. Berlin Station, Season 1 - More4.

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I know it was shown on Universal here, and it was truly excellent. Hooten and the Lady was cancelled by Sky 1 after one series in August , Gone no word on Season 2.

Season 3 of Lethal Weapon might not be showed on ITV, after all the drama happening behind the scenes. They are waiting for the new episodes to start before working on a deal for Season 3. Does anybody know when Agents Of S. D Season 5 will be available on Amazon Prime included in membership? No date yet, but best guess would be next year, but I could be totally off with that, and they decide to run it in the Autumn.

It is set to appear on E! It was just premiered in the US, last weekend. I really wish this was going to be shown on a freeview channel!

Does anyone know why the new show called You is not available yet on Netflix? Everywhere said it was out on the 10th. New Orleans season 3…… it states that it is likely to resume in October. They likely will have it exclusively on Amazon for a number of months or years before they can air it anywhere else. The first two episodes of Future Man premiere on syfy at 2am on Monday morning and The first episode of A Discovery of Witches is going to be available from 2am on Friday morning via https: Sometimes… Sky did it for a number of years, then 5USA had it last year, but it looks like no one has picked it up this year.

It was rumoured to be on 5USA in the autumn but not listed on shows due then. Nothing at the moment. Listing is now updated. Does this mean it could likely be shown over here on paramount UK? As with a lot of tv series, the show is made by an independent production company for Paramount US. But the international rights will go to the highest bidder.

There are some exceptions to this, like when the producing studio is also the network… although even then, it sometimes gets sold internationally to whoever pays the most. Hope that makes sense! So could be later this year. Or may end up being next year. Then they tend to announce premieres earlier. Actually, forget everything I just said! Coming to BBC One at the same time.

Saturday 15th September at 9. They are feature length versions on Drama which combine the BBC two-parters. Season 19 for example was 10x60m episodes on the BC — Drama are showing five episodes of 2 hours plus. The earliest I can think of is The Adventures of Robin Hood with Richard Greene which aired in the States in although there may have been earlier ones I cannot remember. Hi, you have Cold Feet still in for Sept, however James Nesbitt confirmed in an interview that it would not be on until next year — http: I know S4 is now in production with Amazon but nobody is showing S3 which has finished.

Does anyone know when, who and where can I watch Season 3? No one knows yet. It does look like a show someone would be interested in though but they usually wait to see how the shows rate in America first these days. I have NowTV and amazon they only have and even the paid for services only have up to 6, Do you know when they might get season 7? I also posted this on its page. Brydeca, you have to mention what show you are talking about. New Orleans, which is harder to place as it moved channels this year.

Although it is likely to be, nothing has been confirmed yet. Yes, they have been talking about moving it out of the usual Sat slot, which is totally fine by me. Sunday evening seems like a good place for a family show like Who. It would seem like a likely spot for it though.

Hope I can post about it here but for those who have access to rte 2 killing eve starts tonight at half 9 with a double bill. A couple of interesting shows already announced for that platform.

I wonder whether it will be US only and then the shows sold off to the highest bidders over here?! Could you tell me when the second season of Rivera is due to come back I just lived the first season. Some point in is the best I can do for Riviera Season 2 at the moment.

Hard to predict with shows on 2nd Seasons, as there is no pattern to follow. The flash will be airing on Tuesday October the 9th. Was announced in the express on the 21st August. All previous episodes are up and the next one being advertised is episode 7.

Has it been taken down does anyone know? Hoping its ok to make a guess of the shows at the at the top of this page: Will we have to wait until for Young Sheldon a season 2 or will it start when Big Bang starts. Unknown at the moment. The Menendez Murders starts on Pick at 9pm tonight. With summer coming to an end soon, is it possible Mr Robot has been dropped by Universal or are we still hoping they will eventually show the next season? Are they still showing them the week after or the week of the US airing.

We should get exact dates at some point in Sept. Before the midnight repeat of Lucky Man on Sky Two last night there was an ad for an American apocalyptic drama called Day 5 which starts on Tuesday 28th August on Pick.

Is this Coming Soon section only available on certain devices? I only recently discovered the differences between my Netflix app. I thought you might say that. Season 5 is either going to be Autumn or, if they follow last season, early , on Sky Witness. Missed the second series of Genius: Geographic as I changed my Sky box at that time and not able to get all the episodes, even on demand.

Any idea if they will be showing again? Is it on a mid-season break or something? Will really miss my daily fix of Red Rock if so.

So if we are up to date now then that would explain the sudden ending even though the episode count says we have some left to air. Next summer could be for red rock now. As November sees moving on, another series of every day life stories as its a British drama also,Shakespeare and Hathaway private investigators season two. These are all in the 2.

Looking at septembers schedule doctors returns after the summer break also repeats of escape to the country and also perfection who ever watches that rubbish on a daytime we was expecting some more drama? RR will return in Ireland eventually this year with second part. Watched S3 Episode 25 yesterday and before it started it said it was the last episode in the current series. At the end it said Red Rock would be back in American Housewife will begin on W on the 5th of september at 8pm with a double bill according to tvwise.

Copied it across from somewhere and forgot to edit that out! Thanks for that info. Probably not for a while. Although, as you can buy it on Amazon its possible it may show up on Amazon Prime next year as that does sometimes happen. Nothing official at the moment though. Thank you in advance n amazing site btw. Not seen anything about it pop up yet. However, it does look like this is actually made by Paramount as well not just bought in , so there is a chance.

Love the website and use it every day for news and updates, recently more and more adverts have been appearing covering half the screen, is this something you can look into? Keep up the amazing work! Anyways thanks for getting back to me and for looking into it. Does anyone know if Sky Witness will be showing season 2 of straight after season 1 has been aired. After an interview with 2 of the stars of Krypton on Sunday Brunch, they said it would be starting on the 19th August.

Source is my TiVo box. The first episode of Reverie in on Thursday morning at 2am, with a repeat at 9pm that night, followed by the premiere of the second episode. Thank you for the updates. I have just binged seasons one and two from Sky Boxsets and fell in love. It is currently on Drama Channel at 8pm on Sundays. They have shown the two series to date back to back and the final episode of Season 2 is 19th August. Is there any truth in the rumours of a rebooted Buffy the vampire Slayer??!!

See, this is where reading the homepage news stories helps. I hope Buffy the Vampire Slayer does not get remade. A lot of TV series remakes turn out to be rubbish. No need to make it again. Confirmed release date 5th October. Hello geek town I loved watching it was on alibi King and maxwell it was brilliant series. There Took off 2 series. Will bring it back Please love sharron Beech. Is there any news about any of the following shows being shown or even still having the rights to air the programs:.

Not currently available via my Sky box but it is available on the app. Will new episodes be on the UKTV app? One option would be to buy a Freeview box that records to a USB stick. I get that its annoying and a hassle though. I might just buy them of iTunes or do what you said. Thanks for you help Dave. The Alienist was scheduled to appear on Netflix on 19th April, but appears to have been released early and is available now. Hi why has the paramount channel disappeared from the sky planner?

It had the new season of suits on it. It looks like it was a mistake to broadcast the channel in Ireland. Caroline, I too was very disappointed to find that Paramount Channel is deleted from the list licenced to broadcast here in Ireland.? Now for the good news.. Hopefully this means it will be back on Fox UK soon. Any sign of Colony season 3 yet?

I remember Sky showing season 1 and 2 around this time the last two years? I may have missed this. Series 4 12 Monkeys not being shown by those strange peole at Sy Fy uk is another UK broadcaster going to pick it up? Apparently Amazon Prime plan to have it eventually Netflix has the first three seasons too. Sy Fy uk is fast becoming a shocking broadcaster. Their schedules are filled with dross. This one comes on top of the decision to axe other well loved programmes such as Dark Matter.

Try explaining the minds of tv executives to the teenage brain!! Think the creators said something like 4 years so hopefully it will happen we just have to wait for it. The creators do not know when it will air in the UK. So ghosted is back August 6. Lots of tshirt designs for all the family, from movies, tv shows and gaming! Click to view them all. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Filter The List Below!

Autumn Back, Season 2 - Channel 4. Salvation, Season 2 - Netflix. Modern Family, Season 10 - Sky One. Nightflyers, Season 1 - Netflix. Berlin Station, Season 1 - More4. Madam Secretary, Season 5 - Sky Witness. The Mick, Season 1 - Paramount Network. Tin Star, Season 1 - Channel 4.

Chicago Fire, Season 7 - Sky Witness. Origin, Season 1 - YouTube Premium. The Originals, Season 5 Final - Netflix. American Housewife, Season 1 - W. The Purge, Season 1 - Amazon Prime. Atypical, Season 2 - Netflix. Iron Fist, Season 2 - Netflix. Strangers, Season 1 - ITV. The Deuce, Season 2 - Sky Atlantic. Fresh Off The Boat, Season 3 - 5star. No Offence, Season 3 - Channel 4. BoJack Horseman, Season 5 - Netflix. Forever, Season 1 - Amazon Prime.

The Good Cop, Season 1 - Netflix. Maniac, Season Mini - Netflix. South Park, Season 22 - Comedy Central. Counterpart, Season 1 - StarzPlay. The Good Place, Season 3 - Netflix. Somewhere Between, Season 1 - Netflix. Legends of Tomorrow, Season 4 - Sky One. The First, Season 1 - Channel 4. The Gadget Show, Season 28 - Channel 5. It's the belated US debut of the sitcom that was canceled by Fox before it ever aired an episode.

This Amy Poehler-produced comedy making its regular timeslot debut tonight after a sneak preview last month comes from writer Aseem Batra Scrubs , A. Fresh Off the Boat. Into the Dark Trailer.

Blumhouse-produced horror anthology series will air monthly for a full year. The Man in the High Castle Trailer. This Netflix original which also opens in a few theaters today stars Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti as a couple who have invested a great deal of money and effort in getting pregnant, to no avail—until they stumble into a potential, if unusual, solution. Flight of the Conchords: Live at the London Apollo Trailer. Hit Properties With Nathan Morris. Dancing With the Stars: Jodie Whittaker takes over as doctor—the show's 13th, but the first woman—from Peter Capaldi after debuting in the role in last year's Christmas special.

The Girl in the Bathtub. Star Wars Resistance Trailer. The Walking Dead Trailer. Ten-part, hour documentary features 62 "short stories" related to basketball. Netflix has attracted an impressive group of directors for its growing lineup of original movies this fall. Gareth Evans The Raid directs Dan Stevens, Lucy Boynton, and Michael Sheen in a horror film set in that finds a man attempting to rescue his sister from a religious cult.

The Haunting of Hill House. The Kindergarten Teacher Trailer. Maggie Gyllenhaal stars as a schoolteacher who becomes obsessed with mentoring a child prodigy in a remake of the Israeli film of the same name. Light as a Feather. A game of "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" goes terrifyingly wrong for a group of five teenage girls in this episode Hulu original series adapted from Zoe Aarsen's Wattpad story.

Arriving a bit later than originally expected due to separate sexual harassment scandals involving its creator as well as original production studio The Weinstein Company, the first post- Mad Men series from Matthew Weiner is an eight-episode anthology series in the old-fashioned sense: Under the Autumn Moon. The Alec Baldwin Show. Eli Roth's History of Horror. This adaptation of the British comedy series about a group of old friends on a back-to-nature group holiday at a lackluster campsite comes from the team behind HBO's Girls , including creator Lena Dunham and producer Jenni Konner.

It's a "feminist" reboot of the fantasy series that ran on the WB from Terror in the Woods. Filling the spot intended for the second revival season of Roseanne— which was infamously canceled shortly after its announced renewal in the spring as a result of a controversy surrounding its star—is this hastily assembled spinoff that features pretty much everyone in the cast not named Roseanne Barr. The Kids Are Alright Trailer. Filling the Castle void in ABC's fall lineup is this not entirely dissimilar crime procedural featuring the star of that long-running show, Nathan Fillion.

T-Pain's School of Business Trailer. CMT Artists of the Year. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. My Dinner With Herve Trailer. The six-episode second season airs across three consecutive nights.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Kidnapped by Boko Haram. Married at First Sight: This four-part series chronicles the civilizations and cultures of America's First Peoples. Top Ten Deadliest Beasts. Second season of the acclaimed German spy series formerly known as Deutschland 83 takes place, as you may have guessed, three years later. It's a spinoff from The Originals , itself a spinoff from The Vampire Diaries which, in turn, was based on a series of novels.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Trailer. Dead in the Water. Amanda to the Rescue. Actress Busy Philipps hosts a new nightly talk show airing Sunday through Wednesday each week. The Lover in the Attic: Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj. Minhaj becomes the latest Daily Show alumnus to get his own topical comedy series.

Stan Against Evil Trailer. Tell Me a Story Trailer. Kevin Williamson-produced series takes classic fairy tales and combines and reimagines them as a psychological thriller set in present-day New York City.

Based on the hit Gimlet Media fiction podcast of the same name, Amazon's psychological thriller comes from Mr. House of Cards Trailer.

Netflix's first original series draws to a close today with a delayed sixth season minus the original star, Kevin Spacey, who has been removed from the cast.

The Other Side of the Wind Trailer. We'll never know what legendary director Orson Welles would have thought about his final film being a Netflix exclusive, but here it is though it will also open in a few theaters today. Morgan Neville's documentary chronicles the last years in the life of famed director Orson Welles, and, specifically, his attempts to make his final film, The Other Side of the Wind conveniently also streaming on Netflix today.

Three-night, six-hour documentary comes from director Charles Ferguson Inside Job. Murder in the Family With Geraldo Rivera. Give Us This Day. Chris Pine stars as 14th century King of Scots, Robert the Bruce, in this true story tale of his clash with the English army. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Trailer. Originally intended to be the first Netflix television series from the Coen brothers, Buster Scruggs was retooled at the last minute into a very long movie, though it retains the anthology format of the series.

The latest series from producer Chuck Lorre who previously developed the short-lived Disjointed for the streaming service is a single-camera comedy starring Michael Douglas as a Hollywood acting coach. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Trailer. Terror in the Jungle. A Murder in Mansfield. Escape at Dannemora Trailer. A change of pace for Ben Stiller, who serves as director and producer, this eight-hour Showtime miniseries is based on a real-life event: The Impeachment of Bill Clinton.

My Brilliant Friend Trailer. It's HBO's first non-English-language original series though more are coming in The Little Drummer Girl. My Windfall Dream Home. Home for the Holidays. Howie Mandel returns to host a revival of the NBC primetime game show. Dogs of Berlin Trailer. An ID Murder Mystery. This could be Netflix's best chance to finally crack the Oscar best picture field.

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