How To Clear Browsing History And Cache On Android Phones

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What is a Browser History?
Is there any way to get wi-fi that doesnt require cabling or telephone wiring? Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Click on the Advanced button, then click on the Network button. But there is wifi at my parents house, so I sleep over sometimes just to download stuff onto my phone using wifi. Firefox is actually pretty simple. Read on to see several ways that your deleted browser history can be recovered.

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Does clearing the history really delete everything?

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I really look up to the person who told people about this cause you will not hear it from no one else. A lot of people do not know this. The person who told it has a business on line so I know he knows what he is talking about. How crooked is it that Companies do that? What I really want to know is why I would have cookies on my mac from websites I never ever go to? And I would erase them one day and the next day they will be back,and there would also be more cookies from websites I never visit.

And travel site Orbitz actually showed higher pricing to Mac users who, of course, have a higher average income than PC users: Why does it take so long for most websites that I visit to close? What I mean is that the hardrive LED stays on for sometimes as long as a couple minutes before going out. This has seemed to have got worse in the past few months. Do you know at what size or time frame each browser will hold cookies and cache before it removes it?

I think that is actually set by the cookie itself. The cookie specifies it, or if not then until you explicitly clear it I think. Can be moments, can be years. The Firefox routines do not apply to the latest version. I see you specialize in computers but I was hoping you could give some advice for a hone. My Samsung Galaxy mini 3 was acting up..

I googled what to do and was instructed to clear my cache and cookies and I did that for the applications giving the error message but I still got the same message after restarting the phone and doing a battery pull. I then cleared the cache on the android and restarted it but then from then on the phone could not be started up again..

I also love How-To-Geek but they seem to have something against clearing your cache. How-To-Geek has me a bit petrified to clear it at all so I only do it about once a month now.

I do use CCleaner but not the registry of course. Not clearing the cache often is fine up until I can barely play any YouTube videos because of the overflowing cache. I never seem to make the connection because until I read your article I was under the impression that cache clearing was a bad thing. Thanks again for the article. It certainly eased most of my confusion. If you have a metered connection, it will re-download those file which were in the cache if you return to those pages, and on a slow connection, you might feel difference.

Help please so I complete the instructions on Clearing The Browser. Should it be unticked so that the cache is thoroughly cleared? I am assuming that preserve favorites website data means storing some of the site data similar to cache? I am curious about caches in general. I have noticed caches my phone apps will allow me to clear and I have heard the term in specifications for computer hardware.

While I am not that interested in the specification caches I would like to know if in general caches are items that can be emptied without harm. I have used them many times and I feel that an appreciation comment is long overdue. It is a confounded nuisance especially if I do a staggered search as I run out of task bar space because of it. Anyway, it should not be there at all. I will clear the cache and see what results from it.

Check your preferences, and what you have set for startup. It might be something set in in there. Hello Leo, I tried and if failed to remove the empty tab. Noew what can I do? Does that give you options to keep passwords, fill in info etc or if you delete cache does everything become lost?

Clearing the cache would only delete the contents of the cache. That being said, when you clear the cache, you should look at which other boxes might be ticked in the dialogue box, as that dialogue allows you to clear more than just the cache, eg. Safari operates similar to the browsers listed. The password safe and cache are two different things.

Some browsers pre-load pages that are linked-to from the pages you view. Thanks and very helpful. Does each web bowser have its own cache?

So for example, if I delete a Firefox cache will that also delete the explorer cache and the chrome cash? It reloads the page ignoring the contents of the cache. It might serve a similar purpose in many cases, but the contents of the cache will still remain.

Let me rephrase that…when I leave it loading with no other tabs, five minutes later it says the page is not responsive. Hi I just clear my cache and now I am locked out of my website dashboard, it no longer recognises my password — coincidence??? Hi Leo…thanks for the tip. My question is whether this theory of browsing cache also apply to email cache and all other cached data on my phone. The cache is just a cache.

Clearing it does not delete any data such as emails or files. It just reduces the amount of information in the file that is trying to make your device work faster.

Again, just stating my experience. Thank you, Leo, for what you do. All the browser cache does is clear a browser, after all. Doing things like watching lots of Youtube videos, and complex web work fills the cache up quite a bit. All it does is remove temporary files the computer stores on the hard drive to avoid having to download those files again.

Clearing the cache might temporarily slow down your web access time a bit, but usually not very much. What might change the layout is deleting cookies which can store layout information and force people to reenter passwords. Good article, but I have to disagree with Mark!

Clearing the cache can change page layout. You may only see the changes initially in private browsing or by clearing the cache. This is when I am most likely to ask clients to clear their cache. Even more so, checking CSS layout changes on a smartphone, almost always requires testing in private browsing.

I consider that downloading the current web page. Dear Leo, Each time I am searching and click on my choice I am met with random sites popping up, sometimes difficult to X off of.

Such as 10 favorite courtrooms blah blah. As well as a reimage page. The pop up blocker is on, Do you think clearing the cache will erase this problem?

When emptying ones browser history and this does not rectify the problem what is the next suggestion to consider for a neophyte in the realm of computers. I cleared the browsing cache as demonstrated in the article yet the problem continues to persist with annoying frequency, i.

Browser history and the cache are two different things. You may also have a slow internet connection. Another thing to consider is that you may have plugins in your browser causing your problem. Try disabling all add-ons and see if that helps. This article which was written for Internet Explorer applies in principle to all browsers.

Private browsing is not totally private.