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Adrian Was my post helpful? Don't miss your chance to do business with them. Merchants attract buyers, and buyers attract merchants. The people at the networks spent more time prequalifying me than they did actually listening to me to determine if their software was a good fit for me. Verified Reviewer July 7th.

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PayPal does not have a referral program for new merchants, although we used to awhile back. Can you tell us more about what exactly you had in mind? Sometimes referral or associate programs can have a few different meanings.

I was also having referral link earlier and I really want it. I would like to refer this to my close friends as they are looking for online business. If your friends would like to use PayPal, all they need to do is go to https: I wanted to convince them to start using PayPal. But if I don't have any benefits, why I should put any extra effort. I wanted to tell you that I am not a new merchant and I should have been faciliated to use referral program.

I have been a user of Paypal for almost 2 years. Thank you for your continued patronage! We value all of our merchants, whether they've been with us for 2 or 12 years, and it's your continued usage that makes PayPal valuable to everyone involved. I had asked myself the same question when the referral program was discontinued. I've been sending individuals to PayPal over the last ten years, since even before I was employed with them, and was just starting out on eBay.

While you may not receive a direct, monetary benefit from referring someone to PayPal, ultimately the larger member base you create the greater your potential to earn. Whether you encourage a merchant or a buyer to use PayPal, ultimately you increase your profitability. Merchants attract buyers, and buyers attract merchants. More of your associates on PayPal only benefits every person who uses the service, and in more ways than just this.

All you need to do is add our referral tracking code to your confirmation page. It only takes five minutes. Also, we do provide free integration so our team can do the integration for you for FREE. But we don't stop there. They'll teach you everything you need to know about affiliate software to help you sell more.

I was able to completely customize the software to appear where I wanted it in the website and incorporate an approval process for applicants. There is an option for pretty much everything - which is great. The only drawback is that because of the many options and settings, it was sometimes confusing and I needed assistance setting up. Luckily, Arlen and the rest of the support team are quick to respond and extremely helpful.

Arlen went above and beyond to help me integrate the software into our website and was very patient to explain terms and features I didn't quite understand yet. I would definitely recommend OSI Affiliates! Great functionality and awesome customer support - thanks Arlen! Having reviewed so many affiliate software options this is the only one which can provide the detailed functionality we need for this particular project - and at a fair price. I have used other SaaS products, some good, some not so good.

I was relieved that this software had everything I needed and was affordable. On top of that, I have received top-notch customer support since signing up and it has been a huge help. While looking for the best affiliate tracking software for my needs I have spoken to several other software companies and a few networks.

The people at the networks spent more time prequalifying me than they did actually listening to me to determine if their software was a good fit for me.

But not Omnistar, they listened to me, answered questions and even told me about additional solutions they thought would be perfect for our company.

Arlen, our account representative, spent a lot of time with me and with my programmer to be sure that we understood the set up process. He was patient and extremely knowledgeable. It was a pleasure, especially after feeling judged by a few of the networks I had spoken to. This software does everything I had only dreamed an affiliate tracking software could do. I know we will have great success using it. It is easy to use and has so many great features that I can't dig into it all fast enough.

I would definitely recommend Omnistar Affiliate Software, but I don't want to tell too many people because this is going to be my own secret weapon! It is rare that a company calls you back when you initially sign up. This company is on their A game and a pleasure to work with.

I would not hesitate to refer their services to anyone. Don't miss your chance to do business with them. Arlen and Robert are a pleasure to work with. I am very pleased with the support that was received with the integration of the affiliate program in to my site.

Everything was handle in a very professional and timely manner. The communication was great and all of my questions were answered. I love how easy the program is set up to be able to have those interested in our affilate program to easily sign up and participate in the program. Have started to use the software for tracking referral and affiliate sales on http: I find their commitment and passion for their product and service to be of a very high standard.

What I liked the most is that they are proactive in suggesting the areas where one may need help and are liberal in offering the same and following it through. I am sure to use the software on our other web properties as well.

All new software projects can be daunting challenges.