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How To Access Facebook When it is Blocked in School College Or Office
Once you go to that website, just type facebook. I think using Ultrasurf you can access blocked sites very easily. Hello, I am also facing the same problem in my college, not only facebook but youtube is also blocked here. The website is http: If none of the above works for you, look into your system task manager for any suspicious process. Using a personal proxy server has several advantages. I think that schools should just keep Facebook open for kids at school but if they did that then nobody would be there to work.

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Rename devices to friendly names You can now rename devices to device friendly names. Top quality customer support We've added various ways to the App to allow you to get in touch with us. You can obtain the IP address by pinging Facebook. It opens the Run command box. Put the following command and hit Enter. Often, chances are that the command prompt is disabled for the current user.

In that case, get the Facebook address from this web tool. Once you go to that website, just type facebook. Once you obtain the IP address, put that in your browser address bar and hit Enter. In many situations, the site URL may be banned for you. In such a case, you can use a shortened URL to bypass the blocking system. You can use some URL shortening services like goo. Proxy websites can be used to open blocked URLs in your computer. But generally, the proxy websites are also blocked in your school, colleges or office.

Therefore this tricks may not sound much. But you can try to find out some unblocked proxy sites. But there are some drawbacks with proxy web servers. If your network administrators trace your activities and get to know that you are browsing Facebook through the proxy servers, they will block that proxy sites as well as other proxy sites. Apart from that, accessing the log-in page through a third-party website can be dangerous some time.

But it needs your personal web server. If you do not have such a personal server, you may create your own proxy server for free using Google app engine. Using a personal proxy server has several advantages.

As your proxy server has its own unique address, chances are less of getting caught by the network administrators. You can create your own proxy website. What you need to have for this purpose is a web server. By creating your own proxy website at your own server, you can easily unblock any blocked site and get access of it from office, school or college. Follow this video tutorial by Amit Agarwal which will guide you through how to create your own proxy server.

Here, you can learn how to use Google App Engine to create a proxy website in case you do not have any personal web server. Advantages of using Own Proxy Website: Using a secured-web proxy sites is the easiest and safest way to unblock Facebook if blocked. It safely allows you to browse any website you want. But, not all the secured proxy would work with Facebook as they are not optimized fo it.

Among the bunch of the working proxies, I found www. Using this service, you can open any website from anywhere. Like you can open Twitter from Iran or access Facebook in China.

It also supports the Facebook chat, photo uploading etc. But this service is not totally free. It lets you to use their service only for 10 minutes as a free trial. If you are not thinking about the money, you can give it a try as it does not charge too much. If you still cannot get on Facebook at school, college or office when its blocked, it is better that you can at least know what is happening with your Facebook friends, what they are saying or whether you have any message from your family etc.

Go to your Facebook account and set your Facebook account to receive the notification at your email account. Mange the notification preference from the Notification tab. Facebook allows you to choose which updates do you want to get as notification in your email account. Once you set your account to receive notifications in your email account, you can then check the activities. In the Notification tab, you can manage your notifications preferences. Once you setup, they will be sent to your email id.

Whenever you get that message in your inbox, just open it, click on the link which indicates the option to reply the message. If nothing of the above works for you, try the mobile version of the website to access Facebook if blocked by a network barrier.

Facebook has a different web address for the mobile version. Sometime, the network admins may forget to include the mobile address into the baring system.

So if you are lucky, you can browse Facebook with its mobile version. You can use the Opera Mini browser to open Facebook in fire-walled network through its mobile version. Though the Opera Mini Browser is a mobile browser, it also has a demo version to try the mobile version from the desktop. You can also type https: By using a VPN, you can get on Facebook as well as other websites you like. I have researched on this and found VPN as the best solution.

Give any VPN service a try to access Facebook from anywhere you like. The admins can apply various tricks to block Facebook from the network. Therefore, we have added some workarounds that you should try with your system before you play with the above tricks.

The first thing that you need to do for breaking the blocking firewall is double-checking the system host file. The host file can be used to block any website easily. In Windows, you can find the host file at System drive C: Open that file using any text editor.

It should look like this:. Check whether the name Facebook. Com is listed there. If yes, delete the entire line containing the word Facebook. The MAC users can reach to the host file from the terminal. If you find such one, delete immediately and save the file. Once you edit the host file and remove the blocking lines, restart the system and try to open Facebook from your browser address bar.

If none of the above works for you, look into your system task manager for any suspicious process. Terminate the process which do not have any relation with your system. Rarely, the Facebook denies your system if it is infected with malware or virus. Do you have any other idea to open Facebook when it is blocked by the network admin or ISP?

Do share with us. There is a Windows application called as Ultrasurf https: The software is very small in size and does not need any installation. The more helpful feature of this unlocking application is that it is free.

Just use this portable software and get your job done. Another interesting feature is that this tiny application hides your IP address while visiting any site and it also encrypts any personal info to safeguard you from identity theft. This tutorial was written depending on various experiments and implementations. Some time some methods may or may not work for you. You can access Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, YouTube , MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites and gaming sites from school and work using this website: Its fast and simple.

My school must be really protective because that is blocked too. So are all the previously listed websites. Do you have any idea of another method? Search webstore on google, open it, search VPN , download the extension with blue background and a shield shape in the middle with a smile face on it. Voilla, u can now go on any wesbsites u want. The site is https: Although, there is a downside. They will record everything you do. So, if you try to mess around with the DNS, then you are in big trouble.

Even worse, you are going to get booted! Breaking the rules will result in a ban or account termination from the admin. Could u tell me how to overcome this problem? You could try http: Through this website, you can get on any website if you know the url. Can you please help me out on this issue? I have tried using the tips mentioned above but no luck. Can any one help me on how to access FB? Dear, None of your suggestions worked for me to unblock Facebook.

In my college, all proxy sites are also blocked. Then tell me how can I use the proxy? The website already has been put on here as blocked. The teachers have blocked it. The best way to view Facebook at school or work is through email, using an app on your home PC called ControlByMail at http: You can even email exe files like games from your home PC to yourself, and control your home PC remotely.

It is very cool, man! It is specially for the students who cant open Facebook or any social site in the collage. It should be open. But remember that the target language should be English and source language should be else than English for your ease.

Same problem — the tanslate. When I logged into my account, I saw this message: Then I clicked the continue button. I clicked on start bottom. Sudeep, I also have the same problem from almost 24 hours and still I cant access my account. Please any one tell me what to do.

I have tried all of these methods, but unfortunately the school computers at my school are really smart. I just tried Facebook mobile, and it worked! Every time I find a way to get on Facebook and I succeed, the computer blocks it.

So I cant get on that way again. I got on from vevo. Please, some one help me! There is also a site that can help to access YouTube and Facebook. The website is http: I think that schools should just keep Facebook open for kids at school but if they did that then nobody would be there to work. Hey some of the sites that were sent worked for a bit but my school blocked them. Are there any new site? Say you change the DNS.

Combine that with the evidence I already have log in logs, security cameras, etc. My Facebook account is temporarily locked.

So how can I unlock it? Please somebody help me. Its my request to you! So my school is extremely stupid. Unfortunately now when I go onto Facebook, YouTube etc. Light Speed is a pain! It blocks every thing. I cant even get on baby games! Who ever can get Facebook unblocked from light speed is a genius real rap! Please; if there is any solution!! I can open my Facebook now, but somehow it runs very slow while others run as normal as usual!

Hi all, I have an alternate way to access all the blocked sites. Go to the settings. Choose the advanced settings there. Choose the network settings there.

Okay, so all of theses sites are blocked by my school. I think this is all messed up! How does it let the teachers go on it but not the students. Sorry that all the sites are blocked at your school. This is a trap to get access of your account. You are right partially. The teachers are established and they will not loose too much if they are lazy but you are a student and should not waste your study time with surfing Facebook.

But considering the emotion and fair use of Facebook, we have found out some tricks for only education purpose. So my request to you that concentrate on your study and use Facebook at your launch break only. Tanisa and Tanmay, I would appreciate both of your discussions. Its necessary to concentrate on studies in school and office during the office and school hours.

But some times we need to know the security like things so that we can make ourself comfortable with the system and the related issues that are coming forward. For those person who are interested only in facebook charting and amusement purpose during the office and school hours its a wrong window for them.

According to me knowing more and implementing the new things in real life is not a bad thing, rather using the information in a wrong way is bad thing.

I tried to open the Facebook through http: But it was asking for security check. I am unable to recognize pictures and forgot the answer of security question. I tried to open Facebook. I logged into my account.

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