Cisco: VPN Client 414 connection terminated?

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This data will now be displayed on Menu A problem has been detected and System has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. The request is being responded to by an entity other than the one targeted. At the time of writing, LDAP is the only choice of directory server access protocol. Edit Ip, Figure Menu

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Try to look for this certificate in your stores, as described in this article. Thanks for the input, but the registry entry in my case was correct, so no change required. Please read the paragraph after the registry part. This error can be caused by a couple of different things: The user might have entered an incorrect group password The user may not have typed the right name or IP address for the remote VPN endpoint.

The user may be having other problems with his Internet connection. Please the try the following to enable logging for more information: Cisco VPN error If client logging didnt work try this: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. The smaller the number, the higher the priority. Traffic with a higher priority is given bandwidth before traffic with a lower priority.

The ZyWALL uses a fairness-based round-robin scheduler to divide bandwidth between traffic flows with the same priority. Display Select the protocols for which to display statistics. Protocols Select All selects all of the protocols. Protocol Statistics The following table describes the labels in this screen. Chapter 28 Anti-Virus 4 Once the virus is spread through the network, the number of infected networked computers can grow exponentially. The only exception is FTP traffic.

The following table and Anti-Spyware lists rules that define which traffic the ZyWALL scans and the action it takes upon finding a virus. Update Signatures Apply Reset Use this screen to create an anti-virus white list entry for a file pattern that should cause the ZyWALL to not scan a file for viruses. Use this screen to create an anti-virus black list entry for a file pattern that should cause the ZyWALL to log and delete a file.

Search by Severity The following table describes the labels in this screen. Search Select By Name from the drop down list box and type the name or part of the name of the signature s you want to find. Click the severity column header to sort your search results by ascending or descending severity. Category This column displays whether the signature is for identifying a virus or spyware.

Click the column heading to sort your search results by category. Chapter 29 IDP You can change the default signature actions in the profile screens. See the zone chapter for details on zones and the interfaces chapter for details on interfaces.

Packet inspection signatures examine packet content for malicious data. Use this screen to: Base Profile This is the base profile from which the profile was created. Icons Click the Add icon in the column header to create a new profile. Chapter 29 IDP If Internet Explorer opens a warning screen about a script making Internet Explorer run slowly and the computer maybe becoming unresponsive, just click No to continue.

Chapter 29 IDP The following table describes the fields in this screen. These are valid, unique profile names: Select this action to return each signature in a service group to its previously saved configuration.

Hypertext Preprocessor is a server- side HTML embedded scripting language that allows web developers to build dynamic websites. Query View The following table describes the fields in this screen.

The results display at the bottom of the screen. Results may be spread over several pages depending on how broad the search criteria selected were. You need some knowledge of packet headers and attack types to create your own custom signatures. The first screen shows a summary of all custom signatures created. Click the SID or Name heading to sort. Click the Add icon to create a new signature or click the Edit icon to edit an existing signature.

The following table describes the fields in this screen. SID is the signature ID that uniquely identifies a signature. Click the SID header to sort signatures in ascending or descending order. Duplicate names can exist but it is advisable to use unique signature names that give some hint as to intent of the signature and the type of attack it is supposed to prevent.

The next three bytes represent the length of data, so you can ignore it. Therefore enter 00 as the first pattern. Custom signatures have an SID from to You can activate the signature, configure what action to take when a packet matches it and if it should generate a log or alert in a profile. Figure Custom Signature Log Most Snort rules are written in a single line.

Snort rules are divided into two logical sections, the rule header and the rule options as shown in the following example: Chapter 30 ADP You can also create your own custom ADP rules. The following table describes the screens in this screen. Use this screen to bind an anomaly profile to a traffic direction. Figure Base Profiles These are the default base profiles at the time of writing.

Rules with a high or severe severity level greater than three generate log alerts and cause packets that trigger them to be dropped.

A pop-up screen displays requiring you to choose a base profile from which to create the new profile. One of the most common port scanning tools in use today is Nmap. Many connection attempts to different ports services may indicate a port scan. These are some port scan types: Active network devices, such as NAT routers, may trigger these alerts if they send out many connection attempts within a very small amount of time.

After this handshake, a connection is established. When the victim system receives a UDP packet, it will determine what application is waiting on the destination port.

Chapter 30 ADP The following table describes the fields in this screen. You may use alphanumeric characters, underscores value is case-sensitive. Protocol anomaly rules may be updated when you upload new firmware. Chapter 31 Content Filter Screens A content filter profile defines to which web services, web sites or web site categories access is to be allowed or denied.

You must register for external content filtering before you can use it. These depictions are not necessarily sexual in intent or effect, but may include pages containing nude paintings or photo galleries of artistic nature. You can create a list of good allowed web site addresses and a list of bad blocked web site addresses.

Chapter 31 Content Filter Screens The following table describes the labels in this screen. You can also configure how long a categorized web site address remains in the cache as well as view those web site addresses to which access has been allowed or blocked based on the responses from the external content filtering server. Total cache This it the number of web site addresses in the content filter cache. H A P T E R Content Filter Reports This chapter describes how to view content filtering reports after you have activated the category-based content filtering subscription service.

Chapter 8 on page and activate the subscription services. Figure Blue Coat: Report Home 9 Select a time period in the Date Range field, either Allowed or Blocked in the Action Taken field and a category or enter the user name if you want to view single user reports and click Run Report.

The screens vary according to the report type you selected in the Report Home screen. Use the following procedure to submit the web site for review. Chapter 33 Device HA Every router in a virtual router must use the same advertisement interval. If Router A becomes unavailable, it stops sending messages to Router B. Router B detects this and assumes the role of the master router. This is illustrated below.

Chapter 33 Device HA See information as well. This field is a sequential value, and it is not associated with a specific VRRP group. This field is only for your reference. This is called synchronization. You can only set up synchronization with other ZyWALLs of the same model running the same firmware version. If the new configuration is different from the existing one on Auto Select this to get updated configuration and IDP signatures automatically from the If you do not want to set up policies for this user, you do not have to set up an Ext-User account.

The ZyWALL does not automatically route the request that prompted the login, however, so users have to make this request again. Other limitations on user names are: Each member is separated by a comma. Add icon This column provides icons to add, edit, and remove user groups. To add a user group, click the Add icon at the top of the column. Cancel Click Cancel to exit this screen without saving your changes. You can still change the user type for each user account.

Lease Time Select the default lease time when you create a new user account. Type the number of minutes each access user can be logged in and idle before the ZyWALL automatically logs out the access user. Description Enter a description for this condition.

Address groups are composed of address objects and other address groups. Name This field displays the name of each address. Address Type Select the type of address you want to create. Chapter 35 Addresses The following table describes the labels in this screen. Select address and address group objects that you want to be members of this group and click the right arrow to add them to the member list.

You can also create service groups to refer to multiple service objects in other features. Use service groups when you want to create the same rule for several services, instead of creating separate rules for each service. Add icon This column provides icons to add, edit, and remove services. To add a service, click the Add icon at the top of the column. Chapter 36 Services In addition, this screen allows you to add, edit, and remove service groups.

H A P T E R Use schedules to set up one-time and recurring schedules for policy routes, firewall rules, application patrol, and content filtering. See on these screens. One-time schedules are effective only once, while recurring schedules usually repeat. Name This field displays the name of the schedule, which is used to refer to the schedule. You may use alphanumeric characters, underscores cannot be a number. The following table describes the remaining labels in this screen.

A DN consists of attribute-value pairs separated by commas. Chapter 38 AAA Server This is useful if you have more than one authentication server for user authentication in a network.

Name Enter a descriptive name up to 63 alphanumeric characters for identification purposes. Chapter 39 Authentication Objects Chapter 39 Authentication Objects Figure Example: Certificates are based on public-private key pairs. Chapter 40 Certificates Certification authorities maintain directory servers with databases of valid and revoked certificates. A directory of certificates that have been revoked before the scheduled expiration is called a CRL Certificate Revocation List.

Be careful to not convert a binary file to text during the transfer process. It is easy for this to occur since many programs use text files by default. Chapter 40 Certificates Figure Certificate Details 4 Use a secure method to verify that the certificate owner has the same information in the Thumbprint Algorithm and Thumbprint fields.

The secure method may very based on your situation. When the storage space is almost full, you should consider deleting expired or unnecessary certificates before adding more certificates. Use this button to save a copy of the request without its private key. Click this button and then Save in the File Download screen. Chapter 40 Certificates The following table describes the labels in this screen.

You can change the name. Add icon This column provides icons to add, edit, and remove ISP accounts. To add information about a new ISP account, click the Add icon at the top of the column. Name This field displays the name of the object. Application Name Enter a descriptive name to identify this object.

The configuration screen should look similar to the following figure. Specifying a Web Site for Access Enter the path in one of the following formats. See for details on the system screens that control service access. Chapter 43 System If you configure a new time and date, time zone and daylight saving at the same time, the time zone and daylight saving will affect the new time and date you entered. Figure Synchronization in Process The Current Time and Current Date fields will display the appropriate settings if the synchronization is successful.

If the synchronization was not successful, a log displays in the View Log screen. An FQDN consists of a host and domain name. A domain zone is a fully qualified domain name without the host. If you do not configure proper MX records for your domain or other domain, external e-mail from other mail servers will not be able to be delivered to your mail server and vice versa.

Chapter 43 System The following table describes the labels in this screen. Chapter 44 Service Control You can also specify which IP addresses the access can come from.

Authentication You must have configured the authentication methods in the Auth. You see the following Security Alert screen in Internet Explorer.

The lock displayed in the bottom of the browser status bar denotes a secure connection. Figure Login Screen Internet Explorer The CA may issue the password or you may have to specify it during the enrollment. Click Browse if you wish to import a different certificate. Figure Personal Certificate Import Wizard 3 4 Have the wizard determine where the certificate should be saved on your computer or select Place all certificates in the following store and choose a different location.

Figure Personal Certificate Import Wizard 5 6 You should see the following screen when the certificate is correctly installed on your computer. SSH is a secure communication protocol that combines authentication and data encryption to provide secure encrypted communication between two hosts over an unsecured network.

The server identifies itself with a host key. The client encrypts a randomly generated session key with the host key and server key and sends the result back to the server. The client automatically saves any new server public keys. The configuration and connection steps are similar for most SSH client programs. The next figure illustrates an SNMP management operation. ATDT is the command for a switch that requires tone dialing.

If your switch requires pulse dialing, change the string to ATDP. Chapter 44 Service Control The following table describes the labels in this screen. When you apply a configuration file, the ZyWALL uses the factory default settings for any features that the configuration file does not include. Chapter 45 File Manager While configuration files and shell scripts have the same syntax, the ZyWALL applies configuration files differently than it runs shell scripts.

This is explained below. Lines 1 and 2 are comments. Line 5 exits sub command mode. Chapter 45 File Manager You can change the way the startup-config.

Include the startup stop-on-error off config. The total number of configuration files that you can save depends on the sizes of the configuration files and the available flash storage space. How to program a remote for Vizio TV: Directions to program your Vizio Universal remote control…. One of the absolute best universal remote controls we have ever used for controlling multiple devices is the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote with Customizable Touch Screen.

It controls your entire home entertainment system. Even controls game consoles and devices hidden behind cabinet doors and walls.

It has powerful remote control customization features. Includes the ability to create one-touch activity sequences, adjust and remap buttons, set device delays and timing, plus much more. An amazing intuitive color touch screen. You can swipe and tap to access and switch between entertainment activities with shortcuts for your most frequently used commands. This universal remote is very pricey but you get what you pay for.

It is pictured above and can be purchased online here. It is great for an all in one universal remote as it can control all DVR and game consoles with its many unique features. Please tell me what code I can use. Seejm, That TV is not easy to find a remote code in the database, a learning universal remote control might be your best option.

The package stated that it can program any, Guaranteed!. Does anybody know a 4 digit code for this product? I need instructions, and — I believe — 4 digit code s for my Samsung BluRay player. Can I get remote codes? My TV is Toshiba. Please send me switchable code for my Toshiba TV.

Ranjit shah sonar, Try these codes for Toshiba TV: At this time the light is on, indicting that the controller is ready to be set up. If the light is not on, you must repeat this step until the light is on. Enter the 3-digit code. At this time the light is out. If the light flashes for two times, that says that you have entered the wrong code.

Enter a new 3-digit code. Can someone help please? It shows you How to program the remote to work with any TV. I am trying to find the correct code so I can program my universal remote RCA model: RCUTR which appears to take a 4-digit code, but nothing seems to work. Thank you for any help you can provide!! You will need to use a learning remote to control the Cisco box.

It is cheap and will work on the Cisco Box. I also recently bought an RCA universal remote.. Thank you so much for your help!

Anyone got anything else? Tried the code provided in the philips manual but they do not work. Also tired other remote code without success. Any chance you would have those somewhere? Sebastien, BOSE remote codes are , k k , If they do not work let us know and we can research further. Quisha, What brand is your Blu-ray player? Here is a page that may help you find blu ray player remote codes. I need a remote code for Samsung home theater HT-X Original remote is AHL.

I try many codes. I have 3 different universal remotes. Can someone help me out? Marko, Samsung Remote Codes for theater systems are 4 digit codes: Wale, HiSense TV remote control codes are here.

There are 3, 4, and 5 digit remote codes that are for HiSense TVs. Dan, Try the following remote codes for your Onkyo Receiver: Onkyo Audio Receiver Tuner Codes , , , , , , , , , , Please advise us if these codes worked for you or not. Thanks for the quick response. In my directions for the Jensen universal remote it only talks about 4 digit codes. Would there be a 4 digit code for the Sony Blu Ray? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am trying to program an Xfinity remote to control the volume and power of the tv.

I used to have VYE network and it worked on that remote please help thank you i would like step by step instructions.

If the above JVC remote codes do not work, try scanning for the code again using the directions below…. Try to scan once again using the Dish Remote as that is the easiest way to control a component system:. To scan for a code using your Dish Remote: Once you let go, that mode button that you chose should now be blinking.

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