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This is not fair making gta 6 for only the newest consoles not everybody can afford them please make the game for the lower consoles xbox and ps3 too because many people are still using it far more than the people that are using the top consoles. To report a Club with an inappropriate name, picture, background image, or description:. What are the appropriate values needed for this to be corrected? It is one of the taller buildings in that direction. Before proceeding, make sure you back up anything you want to keep. First, find some cover near the Wraith and use a scoped weapon to eliminate the gunner behind the Wraith's turret. You may want to change the email address also known as account alias you use to sign in to your Microsoft account for one of the following reasons:

Will Rockstar Release GTA 6 For PS3 & Xbox 360?

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Like some cannot afford it others parents say no so pls rock star make gta 6 for everyone not only for the people who have the newest consoles pls maje all of ur fans happy and not just some.

I understand you my man,i to also have photo sensitive epilepsy sinnce my birth. But dont wory your self to much,becouse you can help your self with 3 easy ways with yours epilepsy. You can allways buy mojave sunglases that comes with manny unbreakable changable glass,one of them is for protection from tv and monitor lights. Or you can allways start to drink miligrams of depakine pills.

But i do understand what you are talking about,becouse i have played last of us,and it has hurt my eyes and give to me motion sickness. So another thing that you can do its to watch yours 21 inch tv from distance of 3,5 meters if you have 9m2 bedroom feet. We knw that you are afraid to make lost if you make gta 6 available to all since ps3 is affordable. As people know Xbox one and PlayStation 4 are really expensive and people can not afford it so rockstar please do it for us a favour and make us proud by making it for Xbox and PlayStation 3 please do not do it for Xbox one and PlayStation 4 ownlee because you making us unhappy not have the new Gta VI on Xbox and PlayStation 3.

Your email address will not be published. For the GTA 6 fans! March 7, - Archieve , Features , News - Tagged: Manas Kukde May 7, at 8: ObreyDembe May 7, at 8: Chris April 22, at 4: Nigel March 11, at 4: M March 9, at M March 5, at David April 4, at Kelvinbritford January 20, at Alfredo Guillen January 16, at 2: Michael January 13, at 4: If you make it on PS3 and Xbox you will get more money out of it. Tyler December 13, at 5: Chris April 22, at 3: Chethan October 26, at 4: Emoji XD September 9, at 7: M March 3, at Jesusdoritos April 20, at 9: Jd 24 ex September 4, at 3: Muhammmad Yusuf September 28, at Trevor December 13, at 7: M March 6, at 7: Wren August 17, at 8: Bob August 5, at 3: Andrei June 30, at 7: Griffin phil June 26, at TJ Houston June 7, at 7: Martin May 29, at I think Rockstar should make gta 6 for da ps3 and for da xbox Daniel J May 18, at 8: May 13, at This entry was written by Eric Lamb and posted on February 14th, at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a response below. I am going through the same exact situation. My card has been canceled now and the family account has been canceled as well. Now I am playing the waiting game until I hear back from the investigation. Wow man, this sucks, did they do anything to the person who hijacked your money? My son has just discovered 10 debits from his bank to XBOX with 4 more pending with the bank say they are unable to stop.

I had a lengthy conversation with xbox today - useless!! I have been told to issue XBOX with 30 day time limit to sort it and make a refund before going back to my bank to fill in a visa debit refund form. People are so mean - my son is only 16 with a little saturday job I hate people who steal!!!

Get with your bank and fill out a claim for fraud. Happened to me twice in the last three months. First time took 10 days to get my money back; second time only 24 hours. My grandson is only 15 and has no job. Just had the same ordeal due to the common Fifa game issue… apparently that game is used for this alot, after some research.

After a couple calls to Microsoft I had a fraud investigation going to see if they can find out who it was. Quickly got the money back from the bank, credit card canceled and reissued. I wouldnt buy into the above option as much, if there was even the most remote possibility that I gave out my information, but I dont give my login info even to family or friends….

It just sucks when your own tenacity for security is completely undermined by the companies in the middle. I guess I need to be patient! I can match everything up from my bank statement to my purchase history, they even bought a game on the marketplace which I bought myself on disc..

Everything he told me conflicted with what two of his colleagues told me. I demanded the investigation to be re done and, after about an hour on the phone trying to persuade him to send it for investigating, he finnally agreed.

Also they said that its something that they dont take seriously. This is by no means uncommon… at least, not anymore. Many are trying to blame social engineering, phishing, etc.

I agree about the surprisingly personable and helpful Xbox Live Support staff! Great article SEO is so important nowadays especially because of increased online competition. SEO is also the best free way to get long term traffic to your website, or blog continuously traffic is the lifeblood of our online business.

Without traffic our online businesses will fail. Great article, and nice blog! Experiencing the same, I am 37 week pregnant on maternity leave so have not alot of money!

Checked thsi and yes it showed him playing FIFA12!!! On internet and in papers EA are saying that this has arisen from people responding to phishing emails from hackers sending them their personal details! Just had the credit card bill for a card we no longer use but was the card used to originally set up x-box live a year ago. There is no trace of these purchases on his X-box. Trying to get a refund through the credit card but Microsoft do not want to know, they claim no security breach and the only scam was through phising.

Going to send this to TV Watchdog and look at legal action. Big players like Microsoft have no ethics! And it seems no responsibility!! I am going through this same scenario. Anything else I can do? How did it turn out for you?

Had mine hacked on Nov 15th. Charged dollars on my card. Called support everything seemed fine. They locked the account sent it to investigation. Told me it would take about 3 three weeks. Wrote an email then a few days later received a Waited another week and never received the rest so I emailed them again. This time they responded saying the refunded the rest. Had this problem last year, contacted the very helpful X box staff who cancelled everything conducted an investigation and told me it was not fraudulent.

Well its happened again and this ime I am really angry about it. What will X box say? This has got to be stopped it is theft. Possibility of sons friend bringing over their xbox? That would explain the ip address. For example you can link the xboxes to play one tv.

Same thing happened to me.! Fraud started in October I cancelled my credit card.

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