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With all these signals moving through the air, it isn't surprising that stalkers often find ways to capture them and use them for cruel purposes. Retrieved 29 September We will also use Asterisk Server , which help in call switching and is very easy to configure as BSC. Richard 15 February Police outlined for the first time this month their usage of the stingray, pegging it at more than 4, times — a figure experts called a "huge number" compared to a trickle of disclosures in other cities. Harpoon like Devices IMSI Catcher The Harpoon is an amplifier device that is used to boost the signal of a Stingray or Kingfish device, so that a big area can be monitored and more mobile phone can be tracked more safely from very far way. Similar to bluejacking, your best defense against phreakers is to know your smartphone and limit your use of its radios and connections.

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