Local area Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration

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Fix: “Connection” doesn’t have a Valid IP Configuration
Below solutions are applicable to Fix the problem all windows 10, 8. Windows 7 IT Pro. I know this because it has been tried on three different networks, different routers, and it does it on both the LAN and Wifi network connections. I've forgotten my password. Edited by amseek Sunday, April 6, 7: JoshuaFletcher Created on January 20, How to enable File Explorer dark theme on Windows 10 version

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[Fix] local area connection doesn’t have a valid ip configuration windows 10

You network adapter driver is no exception. Click OK to save your setting and see if the error is solved. Driver Easy uses cookies to provide you with better services.

By continue using the website or clicking Close, you agree to our privacy policy and how we use cookies. By April Cai — Last Updated: Modify the value of your network connection Method 2: The computer checked more than websites within 1 minute and the firewall thought my computer had a virus.

Thinking it had a virus the firewall blocked the physical address of my Ethernet adapter first and my wireless adapter second from further connections. If you are hard wired to your router, then use the Ethernet adapter physical address. If you are running wireless, then use the Wireless LAN adapter. I had to do this for both. Go to your router's firewall and find the physical addresses of the connections.

Find the physical address s of your blocked adapter s and unblock it. Sorry I can't be more specific for everyone's router but that is the general idea. I'm using Win 7 but I don't think it makes any difference. YOUR problem If you did not do anything unnatural that a firewall might have picked up as a virus, then you might have an actual virus that your outbound firewall blocked. Friday, November 13, Saturday, December 26, 1: That made 7 connect right away: Sunday, January 24, Monday, February 8, 3: I had networking problems as well.

These two computers had no end of networking problems. Third computer didn't have CS3 and didn't have any trouble at all. In trying to find a solution nothing seemed to work , I came across the solution shown below in a different thread and thought I would share it. I installed the upgrade for Bonjour it's listed as Windows Vista 64 software and all of my network problems cleared up. I had the same problem when I rebuilt my Windows 7 system.

I had CS3 installed on my system, it installs an old version of bonjour. Jump over to apple's website and search for windows bonjour. I found the newer download here: This fixed my install and I no longer have the network error you describe. Sunday, February 14, 5: Fixed it straight away. Saturday, May 15, 1: Monday, May 24, 5: Wednesday, May 26, 6: Link of Website is below also.

Proposed as answer by Amarnra Tuesday, March 19, Saturday, September 11, 9: Tuesday, November 9, 8: I had the same problem and what i did was i checked my DHCP server and saw what MAC address was assigned to that IP address and then double checked the other computer that was having the ip conflict because of the pc that had issues and I replaced the MAC address old the problem pc from my dhcp server and entered in the new mac address of the other computer Mic.

Friday, December 10, 8: Wednesday, December 29, 9: I have had the same problem for a few days now, and have searched numerous forums and gone through hell and high water to fix it. From then on it should be like nothing ever happened. Just for the fun of it, here's a list of things I have tried without results: In this case, it can only be done from the outside.

Only one question remains, WHY is this happening? Noone has been able to answer this, and I have read tons of forum posts about it. Maybe even the guys that made Windows 7 don't know it. I am going to copy this post on several other forums because I have seen the trouble that people are having with this problem. If you find out why this is happening, please post it here. Proposed as answer by Insidiousmindz Tuesday, October 17, 2: Monday, March 7, 4: I don't have de telephone number, wich number did you call.?

Saturday, April 16, 1: Thursday, June 16, You can simply visit device manufacturer website to download the latest available network adapter driver to install it. This will open device manager with a list of all installed device driver. Simply expend network adapter, then right click on installed network adapter driver and Select update driver. Then after restart windows and install the driver which you have downloaded from device manufacturer website.

Then right-click on the active network connection and select properties. You can modify the value of your connection. Here right click and select properties on the connection you are using. Now, Click on Configure and go to Advanced tab. After that, Set its value that you have copied example: Now Restart windows to take changes effect and on next start check the problem get resolved. Have any query, suggestion feel free to discuss on comments below.