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Free Calls to India from anywhere


To call India, all you have to do is enter the destination phone number using the key pad on this page and click on "Call" button. Free calls are one step away. India is one of the largest countries in the world. It has diverse culture and the recent rural to urban migration has made domestic and international calling one of the major needs for Indians. No matter where you are within India or outside India, the need to make free calls to India is always there.

Regular mobile and landline service proviers charge hefty fees and are no longer a feasible option to call India. With VOIP, same international calls can be made at a much lower cost. A few years ago, calls to India were a mjor expense to Indian expats living abroad. That is not the case any more. This blog is read today, by more than K people world over and made me 22 Lakh Rupees! Here's my guide on how you can start a blog like this and make money from blogging.

I am using Midwaytel since , Service is good, it can be used by internet and without internet Both by application and non Application. Quality of services is too good even no monthly payment, no tax and no validity, Can be used while roaming as well without any extra cost. You can try it once.. Hi I am travelling for 2 weeks for next three months to US- not sure I want to use VOIP since the internet may be an issue at the receiving front in India- any suggestions for calling cards or pre-paid card?

I am looking for unlimited incoming calls, cheap outgoing calls and data usage to a limited extent. For 2 weeks, calling cards might be your best bet. Please let me know if this one in comparison to other VOIP call service, is good enough to call in India. I need separate number, unlimited India calling exactly like landline service without effecting my private-mobile life. Sorry for the late reply but I think for those requirements, Vonage is a good choice.

I also like that they have a mobile app from which you can call with the same number kinda like an extension to your phone. S Apart from this. Does it work using internet? Richard, most of the apps need internet.

T-Mobile requires a working connection and SIM card. Were you asking specifically about a product? Hi Mani, I had this question too.

Thanks for useful article. I recommend to try YunGO mobile app. I am using it already several months and satisfied with its quality. Download it from their official website yun-go. And as it is a mobile app you can make cheap calls not only from USA and Canada but from all over the world.

Not a big deal compared to Vonage. And that is comparable to Vonage? I used to have a T-Mobile prepaid account and this was an add-on. And this add-on was actually available only on prepaid account I guess. I shuttle between USA and India. Read my secret story. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email.

Click here to post a comment. Heard about Lyca mobile or ultramobile.. Hi, For 2 weeks, calling cards might be your best bet. Dipa, Sorry for the late reply but I think for those requirements, Vonage is a good choice. Thanks for the info-but how about unovon or AllVOi? Also can you suggest a VOIP adapter? Hi What is your website thanks Vasuki. For PC to phone communication, I guess skype or youtring could be the better options.

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