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The portal acts as a single platform for consumers trainees and providers to know demand and supply and facilitates the intermediate processes including registration, alerts, nomination, attendance of trainees in a course, certificate generation, feedback etc. Once a training is in Freezed status, the Course Designer cannot edit that. And it is in the desk of Organization Administrator. Impact analysis is to analyse the impact of the conducted training.

The Course Coordinator and agency add impact analysis projects. The Trainee participates in the impact analysis and provides feedback. As and when a task is completed the status of training is updated accordingly and if the task is not completed as per schedule, the system alerts the Course Coordinator by sending email and SMS messages.

Once the training is conducted then course coordinator needs to update its status , upload attendance and generate participation certification etc. The system allows to design, modify and publish the training calendar for a financial year. Organization administrator views trainings proposed by the course designers and resolves any conflicts among the trainings proposed by different course designers and finally publishes the training calendar.

However, schemes are defined at the state level for a particular financial year. A citizen can view training calendars, Request for an awareness campaign, browse through contents, upload a content, register as an agency or resource person.

In addition, trainee can give feedback for an attended training and also can participate in impact analysis for the attended training. Course coordinator performs the activities for conducting a training like approving nominations for a training, generating invitation letters, maintaining trainees.

As of now there is no provision to estimate the training budget. However, course coordinator can book the expenditure for a conducted training. Having trouble while Login?

Check out these troubleshooting tips. About Training Management Portal Training Management Portal is meant to address the training management need of the government organizations. Requests Request Awareness Campaign. What is meant by Freezing a Training? Yes, there can be multiple course designer within an organization. Elected Representatives and Panchayat Officials. An important example of using scientific methods and collective intelligence to help us understand and act better for the future.

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Strategic Planning for the Planet William Halal Foresight Journal. Global intelligence on the future of the world in the palm of your hand. State of the Future Overview of the current situation and prospects for the future. Global Futures Intelligence System. The Millennium Project is integrating all of its information, groups, and software into a "Global Futures Intelligence System".

Training Management Portal