Why is my internet cutting out?

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Internet Keeps Going in and Out
I think its too much traffic on the lines in your area. Since all PCs using their gear are slow using the direct connection, it's their issue and not yours to solve. I'm on TWC and it's fine. I can't look any deeper into this given the story so far but it is clearly an ISP problem to solve. ParisJones Created on November 18, The problem only happens at night, which is when all their techs work, they dont do night calls, so its hard for them to pinpoint the exact problem.


Router stays connected, but internet cuts out periodically

The reason I don't think it's a disruption from the side of my ISP is that, sometimes, clicking "Renew Lease" in the router page seemed to fix it, though sometimes it wouldn't work until I'd refreshed it multiple times. Also, the internet light doesn't go out on the router, and usually there isn't even any problem indicated in windows except from the internet just not working. The router is a by this time, quite old Netgear Wireless GR v7, and I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version.

Also, my phone AND tablet will remain connected to the wireless network, but without any usable internet connection. I have double checked all the cables and connections, everything seems to be in working order. I live in an apartment building and we all share a big internet connection I have a cable coming in from a central modem so I don't have a specific connection that I can contact an ISP about , which also means I have no modem to configure or help me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding whether or not it could be my router at fault and if a new one could fix it. This isn't my area of expertise by a long shot but I have had these issues as well with my cable set-up. Sometimes I needed simply to restart my router. I have found at other times I would have to reset the box the cable company installed in our cellar by powering it off for 10 seconds and then on again.

Once in awhile I will have to do this to my modem. Our biggest issue was the splitter. It went bad and since it was outside the house and Comcast's equipment they replaced it for free which restored everything to working order. I would say though that it is probably time to replace the router.

I had a good Linksys G for years but then it would constantly drop connections. I replaced it with my current Netgear and it has served my entire household well.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out. If possible get the latest firmware for that router. I'm on a RPv2 and it's been as solid as a rock. Jobeard knows his stuff. He has helped me several times. Yes, restarting the router seemed to work sometimes as well, though not at all reliably.

The firmware is up to date, but that didn't seem to solve anything. Again, I have no access to the modem or splitter or central unit in the building, since it's an apartment building. I am technically not a direct customer at the ISP, but if I'm sure the problem is not on my side I can contact the owners of the building about it.

Lastly, I changed the MTU from to , hoping it'll change something. On a side note, the cable that exits the wall in my room has the end cut off, and is manually connected to a little box not with the usual Ethernet connector, but with the individual loose wires , and that little box is where I put the cable to my router in. It looks kind of 'ghetto' as if it's very fragile, however I don't ever touch it so I don't see how this can suddenly cause problems that are gone the next minute.

I just thought it's worth noticing. Since the problem only rarely occurs, I'll keep an eye out and update if it does again. Thanks for the help! I may not have explained it correctly, because it's connected securely, it just looks a bit weak. This is a picture of what it actually looks like. I'm not very knowledgeable about this, but I'd like this to be as clear as possible, and I'd like to not have to replace this, as I would have to figure out a way to get a connector on the top wire.

That's good to hear, and yes it's indoors. I will update whenever I have more info! Today it's happened again, several times, and the "renew lease" did not appear to fix it, neither did restarting the router completely. Without the slightest bit of exaggeration, I lose my signal times "every single day" which is making is extremely difficult to do the things online that I NEED to get done! For instance, I am a college student and I NEED my internet connection; however, it has become to increasingly "unreliable" that I drive all the way to my school when I have to do a test online because I cannot afford to be booted in mid-exam!

This problem has caused for me problems with my professors because they really don't care if my internet goes out or not! Honestly, I cannot even understand how this could happen with it going out as much as it does? Nobody in my house plays online video games and the only streaming would be through a Netflix plan that we honestly hardly ever use literally maybe movies per "month" are streamed.

I just really want this to be fixed without having to spend more of my time and energy! Instead, "I" was charged for "Over-usage! Please fix my service! I'm so sorry to hear about your recent service issues. In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.

We've purchased new modems, switched routers, re-wired, etc and its not on our end for sure. We just reset the modem ever hour sometimes more than once per hour and use our cell phone data plans for important stuff.

I believe other providers have moved into my area so it's on my to-do list to move. I do make sure to describe my experience to anyone who asks The following steps worked for me This stopped my connection from intermittantly cutting in and out.

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