How to View Google Maps Location History

How to Edit or Remove Individual Entries from Your Google Maps Timeline

Can’t remember last night? Google’s Location History can tell where you were
This setting will change for your Google Account and all devices associated with it. You can remove photos from your timeline, but they won't be deleted from Google Photos. In the panel on the left, go to the top right and click Delete. Photos show up on your timeline when they're uploaded to Google Photos. Click Menu Your timeline. If you go back to the main screen, you can also click the two big icons at the bottom. On Google Maps, tap the hamburger button in the top left, tap Your timeline , tap the triple-dot button in the top right and tap Settings.

How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location History (and Delete It All)

Manage or delete your Location History

Choose a day from the menu in the upper-left corner of your Timeline map. You'll then see to the left of the map a list of your stops for that day. Click the trashcan icon at the top of the list to delete the location information for the entire day, or click the triple-dot button next to a stop and select Remove stop from day to delete just that location. For iOS users who want to disable Google's location reporting from your iPhone, you will need to disable Location Reporting from the Google search app or another Google app on your iPhone, such as Google Maps.

For the Google search app, tap on your profile pic in the upper-left corner to open Settings. You could leave Location Reporting enabled but prevent Google from storing your history by tapping Location History from the Location screen and then choosing Do not store before tapping Done.

On Google Maps, tap the hamburger button in the top left, tap Your timeline , tap the triple-dot button in the top right and tap Settings.

From this page in settings, you can also delete all or a portion of your location history. There is also a new item on the main Google Maps panel called Share location. It lets you temporarily share your location with specific contacts. For Android users, the process is streamlined. The top one will disable all Location History tracking across all devices, while the one next to the device name will just disable it on that particular device.

There are two different ways of going about this: These are the last two options in the Timeline Settings page. To delete all Location History, tap that option. First, fire up Google Maps. From there, slide open the menu by either swiping from left to right or tapping the three lines in the upper left corner.

About halfway down this menu is an option for Maps History. First, head over to My Activity. Google integrated Your Timeline into the last Google Maps app update, which means that you can access all your stored location history easily on your phone. You can also select individual locations in the your timeline to change the reported place or remove that stop from your day without deleting all the others. Having all the places you went to in the past weeks, months or even years all in one place can be very handy.

Thankfully, Google makes it quite easy for you to turn off location history or delete it completely. I, for example, can go back as far as December 10th, and see where I was that day. Until the end of last year you were also able to see a dashboard with many useful data of your whereabouts such as how many hours you spent at work, home or going out.

However, Google decided to take down the location dashboard, probably because not as many people used the service as they hoped for.

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