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Fire in the hole! The easiest place for viruses, worms, or malicious attackers to get into your network is your VPN. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency trading, many cryptocurrency trading exchanges had to deal with cyber attacks as well and some of even losing billions of dollars as a result. Before subscribing to a VPN provider, make sure it provides you a large number of servers around the globe. Authorization is allowing certain users or groups of users to certain "things".

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Fortunately, this article will make that work easier. Just like you don't go out and implement a new enterprise application without proper design, planning, testing, analysis, and documentation, you don't implement a new company VPN without this type of proper planning.

Part of this proper planning and documentation is a VPN security policy. It defines things like who can use the VPN, what they can use it for, and what it is that keeps them from using improperly or maliciously. To create a good VPN security policy, you should document the answers to the following questions. Some of these questions you can answer yourself while others will be answered in conjunction with your users. Is this a group of remote users connecting to a central site or a site-to-site VPN between two sites?

The answers to some of the following questions and the questions, in general, will be influenced by the answer to this question. If you have a group of individual users with PC's or laptops and a software VPN client, you may not have as much control as you would like. On the other hand, if you have a group of computers connected through a hardware VPN device, you have a great deal of security control over what those users can do through that device.

Of course, some devices have more features and security than others. This is very insecure and not recommended. So, if you are in control of how this will work, you should find some way to disable split tunneling, if it is at all possible. It would be ideal to use a dedicated VPN hardware device on each side of the VPN tunnel but this is not always financially possible or convenient for a roaming laptop user. Along the same lines, will you have a dedicated VPN server?

It is always recommended to use a separate devices for VPN connectivity vs the firewall. You want your remote users who are connecting to your central network to have the same security measures in place as the regular users in your office. Examples of security measure are:. Preferably, users' systems that do not meet the software security requirements from the last question will be granted access to the VPN but sent to a VPN quarantine network where all they can do is receive updates for their system.

This feature is called quarantining. A RADIUS server is a software application that runs on a server that has access to all users in the domain typically a Windows domain controller.

If the users' username and password are correct AND that user has "dial-in" access granted they will be allowed access to the VPN. Authorization is allowing certain users or groups of users to certain "things". Those "things" could be networks, protocols, TCP port numbers, or servers. It could also involve only allowing access from certain machines and for certain time periods.

Accounting is the logging of, in this case, what the VPN user accesses, when they access it, and when they log off. There is no guarantee that that person is really who they say they are. With two-factor authentication, the user is assigned something that is unique to them.

There are a variety of ways to do this but, many times, the user is assigned a card or keychain that has a display and keypad on it. The user types a PIN number and they are given a long, randomly changing, password. Virtual Private Networks were mostly used by large business and government organizations only.

But now, individuals, businesses and organizations of all sizes have started to make extensive use of VPNs. And, this change in increased use of VPNs is being seen globally. In the recent times we have seen increased cyber attacks and data thefts taking place across the globe. Even some of the biggest organization have been at the receiving end of these attacks. Yahoo, LinkedIn, Tumblr, leading banks, and a number of other organizations have had to deal with security breaches in the recent times.

In the last couple of years we have an infamous cyber attack called ransomware become increasingly common. Ransomware is a malware that encrypts your files, holds them hostage and then demands money to decrypt the files, payments made to anonymous bitcoin accounts. The year and saw a series of ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks became so rampant that the cyber criminals making use of this attack made over 1 billion USD. VPN is technology which greatly enhances the security of your Internet connection and reduces the chances of your data being stolen and misused. Another reason which increases the use of VPN is privacy related laws being passed which affect the citizens. USA passed an anti-privacy bill which authorizes Internet Service Providers to snoop on their consumers and even sell that data. And there are many other countries who want to follow the suit and introduce similar bills in order to eliminate net neutrality.

With the risk of having private information being sold to advertisers and others, internet users are becoming desperate to look for alternate methods to subvert this breach of privacy. VPNs provide an effective method to internet users to safeguard their online privacy and security, helping combat the anti-privacy bill and surveillance. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading saw an enormous popularity in As a result a large number of people started buying and selling Bitcoins and other Altcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges.

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency trading, many cryptocurrency trading exchanges had to deal with cyber attacks as well and some of even losing billions of dollars as a result.