How to Connect a DSL Modem & a Linksys Router for Wireless Internet

Physical Linksys Router Setup

How to Set up a Linksys Wireless Router
Start by setting your router next to your modem and plugging the power supply into the wall socket. However, if you are uncertain about which is the more appropriate box to tick, you may tick both boxes. I'm not sure what that is, but I downloaded a program that is supposed to repair it. In the box called 'Customized applications', enter the name of the preferred program to be used. But the internet itself will not work. Assemble the Linksys router. Cookies make wikiHow better.

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Can connect to Linksys router, but internet won't work.

Enter a name for your network's SSID. This is the name that comes up in wireless network lists, so something easy to identify as your own is best. Select " bits 26 hex digits" from the drop-down menu and enter a password in the Passphrase field. Make sure your password is relatively strong, consisting of numbers, symbols and a mix of upper and lower-case letters.

If you think you'll have a hard time remembering the password, write it down somewhere you can find it as needed. When you're done creating the password, click "Generate," followed by "Save Settings. If you're setting up a wired connection, visit any website in your browser to test the connection after you've finished the Linksys setup process.

If the connection doesn't work, walk through the set-up steps again and double-check that your settings were saved. If you're using a wireless connection, disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer and click the "Network" icon in the system tray.

Enter your username in the labeled field. If you haven't changed the username from the factory default, leave it blank. Enter your password in the labeled field. If you haven't changed your password from the factory defaults, type admin in the password field. If you haven't changed it, you can research your model of router online to find out the default administrative login.

If you've changed it and can't recall your password, you'll likely have to do a factory reset on the router to restore its settings to those when you first purchased it. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Put it in the middle of our house so it can be accessed just about anywhere, and if need be, buy a WiFi booster for any areas you have trouble getting a connection. These work really well and they're inexpensive. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 4. Under your router will be the default Gateway IP.

Use that IP address to log into your router. On Windows, use ipconfig a command used in command prompt to find it. Unplug the router for 10 seconds - then plug it back in. I did that on my system. I'm not sure what that is, but I downloaded a program that is supposed to repair it. Immediately after I repaired it, I ran ipconfig again, and my wireless showed up working, but returned to the previous state right after. I had this problem for about weeks, I finally figured it out last night, what I did was use Internet explorer, I normally use safari, so if you use firefox or anthing different, just use internet explore 1 time.

When you click on it, it brings up the usual screen, no internet. In the middle of the page, it has a button or link called network diagnostics or something. It test your system, why you not connecting. I now have wireless internet again. I tried everything, turning off firewall, removing software, going through my computer changing stuff, all the ipconfig stuff, ping stuff, resetting computer a billion times. For whatever reason this worked for me. I had to put my key in that exact spot or program whatever and it worked.

Hopefully its works for you. I had the same problem with an old laptop , and resolved it. I changed the settings on my router cell phone router from "Automatic" to Channel 1 and viola it worked.

I hope this will work for serveral people out here, Happy Holidays I had the same problem as the guy said, after hours trying to do all the regular procedures. I was happy reading a good post. The hint is make your modem route-able then: Yes, changing the subnet of router from default The ISP provided by modem is always conflicting with this subnet.

A very valuable suggestion, Linksys needs to make a note of this and alert their consumers. Thanks for the posting!! I had the same problem.

My router worked fine and stopped working one night. After I reconfigure and reboot everything that I know, the problem is still there. I came across this posts and tried all the good tricks, but still not work for me. I turned to the most naive trick that even a housewife can do: Unplug cable, unplug router and turn off computer yes, turn off computer.

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