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I didnt know that there are other ways of finding songs for our karaoke as well. Then the torrent file should automatically open in your torrent client take uTorrent as an example and that's it. Ashutosh says 4 years ago. There are several ways, via Torrentz and You can also subscribe to get an update about any torrent category. Here you will be able to browse and download YIFY movies in excellent p, p and 3D quality, all at the smallest file size.

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YIFY Torrent alternate yts alternatives. Actually before posting you should have had prior knowledge of speeds.

No company is misleading in any kind of speeds. Mbps is mega bits per second and MBps is mega bytes per second. I guess you will understand the rest by yourself. Or else you have my email buddy. Can u highlight about. How much data mazimum can be transfer in this 5 MHz? Never ever choose Reliance data card. It is the number one worst service. Worst paid customer service. Before any customer care executive comes to the line, your balance would be reduced by half.

They will promise upto I used both 2g n 3g connection in my nokia Lumia ,but never got downloading speed in mb. I am using idea 3g in kerala. I get about 10Mbps downloading speed. In 2g I get about Kbps downloading speed. My friend use airtel but it is very slow. We have crappy mobile network on top of that they are providing maximum speed to business markets so think what speed you should get in peak hours day time.

Can ever these teleco provide 21mbps to our highly populated country on their inefficient network. This is the main reason for slow speed in our country as we get throttled even by paying high amount for such less data and not to forget that rs. Corporate people get cheap call and data rates i know it very well as my father and uncle are using airtel postpaid connection which is under corporate segment.

Telecom operator follow the fact that corporate world maintains long term relationship which is true and so they are benefitted. Even if your residence or society is situated very close to bts mobile tower you might not get desired connection speed even upto 2 mbps i. Telecos claim to give highest speed on their data card only and this is most foolish of them because those days are gone when each handset used to be different in terms of user interface and operating system.

At present we have very capable hardware in almost all mobile handsets as andriod ,microsoft mobile os, ios, etc has almost unified the world in many terms. I dont want to get in technical details. But to be clear they use the same dongle that most of you use and they are huawei and zte dongles and also their dongles follow same algorithm as that of open market dongles.

The difference only lies in their useless user interface which is of no use. Just check when buying a dongle not telecom operator dongle that it should support all of the below: It takes a lot of time for a small things to get implemented in our country as no one cares much about it.

Really glad, someone is pointing out for this racket. When we will rise up and say NO to these greedy people. Rajasthan reliance wale to sabse bade lutere h …aaye din koi n koi VAS activate kar date h bina permission me.. I recently use aircel 2g at rs. I waste my money. Companies claim speed in range of 2 Mbps to 21 Mbps. Here Mb stands for megabit and not megabyte. For megabyte MB is used. By now everybody knows about the conversion. Despite that we are cheated and the So what am I supposed to do?

And yes- we are being cheated and milked off our hard earned cash. I downloaded 79MB file in less than a minute. But its too costly. Hi All, I am using idea 3G and I have have found its speed up to 1. I think Satelite on your home that time thts why you got that much speed other wise 0. What are they — 2mbps, 7. There never has been a more blatant lie and cheat operation. If you go by the speeds that is. All advertisements make a serious effort with images of space shuttles and race cars with their dongles on them, giving a picture that even if you think about the site, it will appear on your screen.

That is a lie of course. All these shameless cheats of a company are doing all to suck money out of desirous and serious internet users. Even that is a best shot. Usually never exceeds 50 kbps is what I have found. I think what they have is a single or a couple of 21 mbps leased lines and then milk the whole of Mumbai on to it. I have experienced the 3g speed of idea , dokomo , bsnl , but they never go ahead of 1.

P sorry fucking bad English. I dont know how this is working but i get kbps in vodafone with MMXF and as long it stays makes me happy. Guys i am using a 2g sim and changed into 3g. I am using idea in my phone and recently activated 3g. But still i am using 2g plan and yes it is working.

Although I am not getting exact 3g speed but it is quite greater than 2g speed. So what is the Best solution for those locations to have speed, consistency and reliance easy to recharge,no roaming charge. Fisrt of all u guys must understand the different between data speed by names in clear way like their a massive difference between m bits and m bytes bcoz m bytes is times faster than m bits.

And I have noticed many broadband play games with customers just by saying that they offer 20 mbps or 50 mbps or even Mbps but they never specify that they are offering m bits or mega bytes. But I download many HD movies from 1 gb to 5 gb files in minutes and even sometimes in seconds. I think honk kong broadband service is the name of the company and only braodband service provider in the world that offers the speed of 1 giga bits or 1 giga bytes am really not sure.

If it is Mega Bytes, the abbr. Small b stands for bits.

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