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Also, it is analyzed that the size of the Korean version of Wikipedia is smaller than other language versions and the lack of content makes the NAMU wiki more popular. To take a taxi to the bank tower, tell the cab driver, " Geum nam sa gori Gwangju oo nae ka joo sayo. Sign up for My OBO. This produces the marked summer-winter temperature extremes of a continental climate while also establishing the northeast Asian monsoons seasonal winds that affect precipitation patterns. International Statistics at NationMaster. Spa Land Next to the train station, across from the roundabout and flower shop.

Bucheon / Pucheon (Gyeonggi)

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Privacy and Security Oct Digital Innovators: The One is facing this driving range. Look for the English sign. A KTV pub owned by a couple and friendly towards foreigners. Around 80sqm, seating around Songs selections are mainly Korean, but they have a few pages of English songs as well.

Most of the gay bars there are around 10 are located on the opposite side of the street from Gwangju Bank Tower. To take a taxi to the bank tower, tell the cab driver, " Geum nam sa gori Gwangju oo nae ka joo sayo. In the area, one block behind the main street, there are many motels and gay bars.

Get a map from one of the bar owners and better directions. Everyone is very friendly, though English is not commonly spoken. You will be made to feel very welcome in all of the bars. Popular with s crowd. Add your review, comment, or correction M Add your review, comment, or correction Man Club Add your review, comment, or correction Pyung Hwa Little Peace Between Kum Nam No Gold South St and the river near the bridge with stone tiger heads across from a major movie theatre.

This hole-in-the-wall is damp and run down underground , but the staff can give a lot of information English and draw maps to other places. Add your review, comment, or correction S Friendly pub with karaoke. Add your review, comment, or correction Sac Add your review, comment, or correction Kum Nam No shopping center facilities, late night Add your review, comment, or correction Some of the businesses listed here are noted to be traditional Korean jjimjilbang , or overnight sleeping facilities.

Cut down this road and the spa is well down the first left. The spa is indicated by a typical sauna symbol and a rotating barber pole. The sleeping room is small, but can be quite active. The other room is a dark sleeping room and this is where most of the action is. The middle-aged manager is gay he also speaks Japanese.

The two younger male workers are not and they will bark at you if they see you being frisky in the shower or sauna; keep your play confined to the sleeping room downstairs and pretend to not be having fun if they come in to change the blankets. Very busy during the nights, especially on weekends. Add your review, comment, or correction Kkaji Across the street from the KB Bld in the gay area, near the bars. Go to the street opposite the KB Bld, facing the bars.

It is the small street between KB and the convenience store mini-stop. About 25 feet on your left as you walk this street toward the bars is a staircase in a building illuminated by a blue light.

You'll see the 40cm X 30 cm green Kkaji sign written in Hangeul on the wall as you go up the stairs. Put your shoes in a locker at the door and give your money and key to the attendant, who will give you a clothes locker key. All ages and types go there and it is busiest on weekends.

It's old, but clean, and foreigners are welcome by the friendly older workers who love inspecting your package; be careful in the showers because the water can scald you.

Add your review, comment, or correction Jeju Comments from Utopians: All kinds of gay man can enter. If you are across the street from the Express Bus Terminal, you will see a side street on the right side of terminal.

Walk down to the end of the street and ID bar will be on your right side. A nice, small place, that also has singing. The owner doesn't speak English so if you don't speak Korean, try to go with a Korean friend.

Suwon Gyeonggi-do Province Suwon is a large city just 30k south of Seoul. The population is over a million that's more than 40, Utopians. Double See listing under Saunas and Jjimjilbang. Call ahead for the massage service before midnight since there's a chance there'll be no available masseur after that time. There's a separate space near the counter for massage. Add your review, comment, or correction Some of the businesses listed here are noted to be traditional Korean jjimjilbang , or overnight sleeping facilities.

In between those two spots is a green neon sign with a "yes" in yellow. A sleeping room with massage, two large rooms, four smaller rooms, a lounge with two computers with a large TV and other amenities you find in a typical jjimjilbang. Most of the patrons are shy with a wide age range. The receptionist can speak some English. Bean Pole Diagonally across from LA and hidden in a creepy alleyway. Friendly anju bar with many hosts. This place can get quite lively on Sat. You will need a guide from LA to find it tip him.

The whole area around the train station is rough and a center of prostitution, so don't get drunk and stay out of conflicts. It is supposedly straight but is frequented by gay teachers trying to protect their image with colleagues. The owner speaks English and behaves more camp and gay than some of the customers. As the other gay bars in Daejon are pretty dismal the Blue Wolf should be given support.

Add your review, comment, or correction LA Anju bar across from the train station and north, 3 or 4 blocks, just past a gas station. The LA sign is right at street level.

You will be pressured to buy expensive snacks. It can get pretty busy on the weekends. From Daejeon Station, cross the road and turn right. Or, from Daejeon Subway Station get out at Exit 2 and keep walking north the road is on your right and buildings are on your left , following the main road, until you find SK gasoline station on your left.

Keep going about 50m more and you will find a telephone booth.

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