Free Internet TV - A Complete Guide For Canadians

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Dienstag, 07.07.2015
Jim, if you want to use your existing computer, then I would suggest a ChromCast for streaming from your computer to your TV using hte Chrome web browser. Ich mache mir dies, nunja, einfach und kopiere das alles stumpf. The problem is the quality of the shows. IPVanish Keep yourself safe while unlocking more streaming content. Meistens geht es aber ganz gut. My VOIP home phone allows me to setup a 'simultaneous ring', so that if I am out and about, or the power goes out at home, calls to my home number still go to my cell. Oh, das hatte ich nicht gesehen, hab nur speziell nach Sea of Thieves geguckt und nichts gefunden auf die schnelle

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List of restricted websites to everyone other than US citizens

I know this is still working, so a little internet browser house cleaning and you should be good to go! We followed all your steps to watch Netflix USA and we are super thrilled. First question, how do I get regular Hulu on my wii? Carrie, you can only watch Hulu on your computer. If you want to be able to watch on your iPad or through a set top box or gaming system you will need to follow the guide on how to get Hulu Plus in Canada. Then you can watch iTV in Canada!

If you think your friends would like to be saving money each month as well please this with them. So how do you pay for hulu when the credit card information that you need requires a valid zip code? Doug, are you too a happy MyUS customer? I have been using them for a quite some time now and love their service. Having a US shipping address can help save a lot of money simply by buying the same item in the USA vs.

Take a look at this case study:. I have to ask…is HMA really a legal thing to do in Canada? Here is what they say: How is everyone able to pay for their Hulu? Here is the guide on how to get Hulu Plus in Canada: I recommend that you purchase a Hulu Plus Starter Pack from http: Hulu is only available on a computer.

If you want to be able to watch on your mobile device or through your blue ray, set top box or Internet ready TV you will need Hulu Plus. Hulu now requires that your account be setup with a US credit card. Also keep in mind when you mimic a US IP address, that device will no longer be able to purchase items from the iTunes store since you most likely have a Canadian account.

All this content blocking is a pain, why not open it up and allow for a competitive market! Or my recommended method you can let the pros set up your Hulu Plus account over at http: The great thing about HMA is that you can turn it on and off. Ian, here is a TV on the Internet guide that list more than 2, shows on Hulu. This is somewhat over my head technically.

So get the router, plug my existing computer into it and then the roku will pick up ip from there. Here is so more info on how to get this setup: It looks complicated but if you follow the steps one at a time you should be able to get it working. Let me know if you need anymore help.

Thanks, I have ordered the router! Will see what happens when we get it. Do we need a network cable to hook it up to existing router? Here is the guide: Yup, yup, yup and yuppaty yup yup!!!!! Thank you for bringing us the light! Now, how do I get Pandora in Canada??

I have my password submitted. However, where is the guide for the networks? I think I have tried everything. I seriously am re-considering this whole venture.

Susan, you can download the TV on the Internet guide here: Wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for your guide. Have a lovely summer!! You can buy a Hulu Plus Starter Pack no matter where you are in the world. Your Hulu Plus account will be instantly delivered via email. I would like to ave the Vpn service wired to by atv2 jail broken. Wireless is too slow, so am wanting ired, but I still want to have the wifi and other wired devices to come directly from my ISP.

So essentially, can I control which ports on my router will use the vpn and have my wifi local, ie not using the Vpn. I have a long cable from the router to theatv2 and a second cable to an Xbox, but only want the vpn at at the TV, not to the Xbox.

You can instal HMA directly on the router so everything behind the router will be virtually residing in another country. This is the site I use to watch college sports. The only way you might not be able to is if you need a cable subscription or satellite package to link up to the ESPN player to watch.

I see the fine print that it is only compatible for xp, vista, and 7. I have windows 8. Would it still work? Thanks for reading and commenting! Has something changed recently? Or do they have some other means of determining my location? They also might sniff out a few of their , and counting, US-based servers but you should not be having any troubles if you change the HMA location. I followed your instructions for setting up my router with a US ip address which I did using a random pptp address from the list on my HMA account.

I have 2 questions. I had picked one closest to me in NY state. Lesli, a VPN does slow down your connection a little bit but it should be plenty fast to stream video from Hulu and other great content providers. From your computer, you can run a speed test that will compare the speeds of the different HMA servers.

Choose the top 2 or 3 and load the details into your router. This should sold your speed issues. I do not believe that you can set your router to randomly select one of the closest servers based on geographic distance.

You will just need to go through the list of server in your HMA account and choose some of the closest ones. Mags, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Check out this guide: Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Please let me know if this works for you. Ok I tried what you said, initially it did not work. Thanks for your help. By doing this your entire network will be virtually residing in the USA and when your Roku connects to this network it will think you are in the States and allow you to stream Hulu through your Roku box.

Yes, you should be able to get Hulu through your Xbox. Are you using a Canadian credit card to sign up for Hulu Plus? I would check out this guide: Is this true in your opinion? Then everything that is connected to this router will be virtually residing in the USA. Tether your computer to your TV. This is very simple and very easy. Click here to see a guide on how to set this up. What do I put in there. I will be working on an alternate DIY method next week but for now and as I always have I would highly recommend buying one of these.

My sidebar of options to choose from is different. HMA has updated their user interface since my guide went live. Connect to a US server, clear your cookies and cache and watch away! Here is how to get a Hulu Plus account: Will you posting instructions on how to get DisneyAnywhereMovies?

Already have US Netflix and Huluplus. I have just tried this and it works great. I have noticed that with the VPN you can actually watch the big three. Glad that HMA is working for you! If you wait for Hulu to launch in Canada you might be waiting a long long long long time. But, choice is yours.

Click here to see more than reviews on HMA. Works well but limited DL and UL speeds and lately they seem to be throttling back hard for no good reason. I am wondering if 2. The ISP is no help on topics like this, extremely limited tech-wise people running it, all tech is handled off site by guys far away who do as little as possible.

Pat, not sure to be honest. Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment! If that message comes up then what you should do is clear your cookies, cache, internet history and then change tour HMA location and try again. Just change your HMA location and try again. You might have to change your location a couple few times, but using HMA still works.

You should keep these accounts and then simply get an HMA account for when you come to Canada. Hi brent I have to say I love the us Netflix so much better but wondering if you have a solution for live sports, in particular NFL. Is this just a problem with this particular Vanilla MC?

Or is this method no longer effective? I always recommend that you get a Hulu Plus Starter Pack instead. It denied me access to the site.

Sometimes you need to change your locations a few times until you find one that works. If you ever run for Mayor of Awsomeville you have my vote. Happy new year and thank you friend for showing me the way. I tried to use Hulu with a VPN and it was detected. This can happen from time to time. Just change your VPN server location and try again.

If you want to watch Hulu for free, you have to watch from a computer. If you want to watch from your smartphone or gaming console, you will need a Hulu Plus account which you can get by following this guide: They say in order to watch videos I need to disable my anonymizer.

So any suggestion to that? Once installed on this special router, your entire home network will be virtually residing in the USA. You will probably have to get a US iTunes account which can be done by using this guide: Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. Here is what HMA says about your question: Would this work with an android streaming box, so I can watch it on the TV instead of on a computer?

I also think you need Hulu Plus to access it from anywhere but a computer. Use Hola at your own risk: Good luck to you. Is there a way to get Hulu on my PS3, like Netflix, so I can watch it on my television instead of just my computer? As for using your PS3, check out option 4 here http: Yes, you will need to have your smart TV connected to a router that is connected to your internet through HMA.

Check out option 4 here http: The hulu plus starter pack link is discontinued. Thanks for the comment.

Thanks for stopping by. Your email address will not be published. Typically when a Canadian, or anyone outside of the US, tries to watch Hulu in Canada you get slapped in the face with this ugly sight: It even works on Linux, your iPhone, Android mobile device and pretty much any smart phone.

Here is the visual: For some strange reason the ads that Hulu displays before your show starts can sometimes load very slow and can be very choppy. But be patient, as once the starts, it streams just fine.

Click here to get HMA and start accessing the massive library of free television shows, movies, sporting events and even news coverage from Hulu. HMA believes in their service so much that they offer you a risk free , day money back guarantee. We recommend that you lock in the special discounted rated for a year long subscription, try it for the 30 days and then decided if you love HMA as much as we do!

Unlike virtual private networks VPNs the remainder of network traffic is not secured into the encrypted tunnel which means speeds are a great deal faster and higher quality of video streaming is achieved. Where customers are wanting to access a variety of worldwide television services from areas where sites are blocked or wishing to stream television to Smart TVs as opposed to computing devices Smart DNS is really the best service to choose.

PureVPN also provides an add on streaming service for a small charge, giving customers HDX streaming which boosts speeds considerably. The add on streaming service would enable customers to remain within the security of the encrypted VPN tunnel while streaming services quickly and reliably.

New customers are covered by a three day money back guarantee , so if problems are experienced within the first couple of days of opening an account with PureVPN they should make refunds with no quibbles.

The provider merely acts as a go between and confuses popular websites into believing the customer IP address is situated in acceptable locations and thus releases access to the service. The benefit to Smart DNS is to allow consumers based in countries or regions where geo-restrictions are in place to access popular television sites such as Hulu, Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Thats why they are also recommended by VPNNetflix. Where Smart DNS is the sole objective of any consumer merely wanting to unblock restricted websites then the PureVPN service is probably not ideal, as it works out more expensive than merely registering for Smart DNS services only.

The IBDNS service is available monthly or at discounted rates when customers sign up for plans over longer periods of time. This fantastic choice of server locations makes this Smart DNS service popular with a number of expats and frequent travellers. When popular media sites are blocked from within the countries visited a good Smart DNS service allows its customers to log in via strategic servers which scramble the originating IP address to make it appear the customer is in a location that is allowed to receive such services.

This company is always adding to its server locations so even if some channels are not currently available via their service it is possible they could become available in the future. Payment for plans can be made by a number of methods including debit or credit cards, Paypal, CashU or Bitcoin, so users wishing to remain totally anonymous will not be required to give card or address details with some of these methods of payment.

The service is available at reduced rates if customers sign up for 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annual plans and customers wanting to try out the HideIPVPN service for free can take out a seven day trial before registering for a payment plan.

Where new customers do experience problems with the service they will find the company also offers a three day money back guarantee, so signing up with HideIPVPN is fairly risk free. A number more set up tutorials are also listed on the website.

Frequent travellers will also find Smart DNS services mean they need never miss their favourite television programmes again. Further, many of the popular streaming channels are geo-restricted and can only be viewed from the country of website origin or close by. Signing up Smart DNS services means customers need never worry about geo-restrictions again as the service sends messages to the site which ensure they allow access for viewing.

Where a virtual private networking VPN service could be said to offer the same service, it tends to fall short on speeds whereas Smart DNS provides the speed of transmission that viewers require. The company does not provide many server locations at present, with only three in the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, so users wishing to access some television streaming may have difficulties.

Where all users want to do is stream popular television services to a Smart TV or other Internet-enabled device Smart DNS is a reliable choice, allowing faster speeds to streaming than normally available on VPNs.

The company does offer a free seven day trial of its Smart DNS plan and has a listing of unblocked sites on its website. All the unblocked sites are available to users at any time they are logged into the service, so there is no need to change DNS settings for any of the most popular TV channels. Where customers do experience problems with their plans CactusVPN also provide a day money back guarantee so the service really is quite risk free to trial out.

Customers can check out the CactusVPN website for a full listing of available set up tutorials and downloads. The current total of available unblocked sites is CactusVPN also offer a simultaneous connections policy whereby customers can log into the service from multiple devices just so long as each device is connected via a different server country. In practice this means up to three devices can be logged into Smart DNS at any one time.

Where customers want to unlock censored media sites from anywhere in the world the Ironsocket Smart DNS plan works every time. This Smart DNS service is included in the standard Ironsocket VPN plan and gives added value to customers wanting to stream media without suffering significant speed losses.

Geo-restrictions are impossible for normal consumers to surmount without resorting to technical assistance from Internet savvy companies. Ironsocket provide a Smart DNS system that allows customers to access restricted sites such as Facebook, Hulu, BBC iPlayer or Netflix as if they are located within the permitted countries allowed to access these services.

With a reliable Smart DNS service the only third party involvement is the initial log on to the service which is fooled into thinking the consumer is accessing the site from a recognized location, all media steaming activities take place at full speed, allowing customers to achieve the best possible viewing experience.

Ironsocket offer a simple monthly price plan which is reduced if customers choose to take plans over extended periods of time. The company also provides a seven day money back guarantee for customers who are having problems getting the site working properly. Customers will find the combined VPN and Smart DNS service from Ironsocket works out as cheap as a simple Smart DNS service from many providers, yet offers a whole host more benefits to users, such as online privacy and anonymity and protection from eavesdroppers or hackers.

Payment can be made by a number of methods including credit or debit card, Paypal, Discover Network or customers can pay anonymously using Bitcoin or a variety of giftcards. Customer support is round the clock each day of the year using this service, alongside a comprehensive support section and informative blog provided on the company website.

Smart DNS can be set up any Internet enabled device and Ironsocket provides a range of simple tutorials to help users get up and running as quickly as possible.

Smarty DNS offers a Smart DNS service that provides customers with the ability to unblock censored and geo-restricted websites and streaming services. The company has a free day trial for consumers wishing to try out the service, then price plans are available monthly or at discounted prices when customers sign up for longer periods of time. The company aim to allow customers to unblock restricted online media services in the United States or United Kingdom and this service will not affect the speeds of any downloads or streaming activities.

One of the major facets of a service like Smarty DNS is that it ensures computer speeds are kept at maximum levels, unlike virtual private networking VPN services which do tend to slow services a little. Smarty DNS provides a list of unblocked websites and is happy to attempt to unblock any other sites when they receive customer requests. The service provides a comprehensive FAQ section which should answer most customer queries and address problems, though support can be initiated via online contact.

New customers can download tutorials to enable the service to be set up speedily and without major problems. The comprehensive list of supported devices can be found on the Smarty DNS website. Smarty DNS do provide a client area for registered customers giving greater access to the service and higher levels of information and support. Customers looking to stream television programmes, recordings and films to a smart TV will find this is an ideal service, offering them the opportunity to view their media in the best possible way on large screens, with great image quality and high quality sound effects.

TorGuard are established in the arena of providing Smart DNS services and one unusual feature of their service is that it will actually change the user IP address rather than simply unblocking geo-restricted websites.

The TorGuard service is one of the more highly rated Smart DNS plans and comes in at a reasonable monthly cost, which reduces for plans taken out over longer periods of time.

The TorGuard Smart DNS plan offers unlimited monthly bandwidth to customers and plans taken over three monthly or annual periods of time are reduced in cost substantially. Users wishing to remain anonymous will find they can pay for this service with Bitcoin and other methods of payment include Google Wallet, PayPal, credit or debit cards and OKPay. TorGuard have servers located in more than six different countries, so unblocking the popular geo-restricted sites is not a problem with this service.

They also offer 24 hours a day all year round online support for customers, so when problems do arise they can be resolved quickly. The type of devices that the TorGuard services works on include desktops and laptops, tablets, smartphones, wireless routers and Smart TVs.

Sites that can easily be unblocked include Pandora, Hulu, Netflix and BBC iPlayer and although TorGuard do allocate anonymous IP addresses to customers this does not affect the levels of speed achieved, so streaming television services is far quicker than using a virtual private network VPN for streaming.

Frequent travellers and consumers situated in countries affected by geo-restrictions on television viewing services will appreciate the ease with which they can unblock censored sites and Smart DNS can be used to stream programmes to Smart TVs, so viewers achieve a more valuable viewing service than they would watching services on computers or mobile devices. That said Trickbyte does have servers based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany so the list of websites that can be unblocked with the service is impressive.

New customers will find Trickbyte offers a day free trial so checking out the service is a breeze and, when it comes to signing up for a price plan, the Smart DNS service is available monthly at a reasonable cost, or at discounted rates for customers wishing to sign up for six or 12 months ahead.

Payment for services can be made using all the major credit or debit cards or via Paypal , though it should be noted that customers who do cancel will not receive refunds on any payments made. There is a lot of useful information on the company website and blog, so users experiencing problems may be able to resolve them without contacting the company direct, however, customer support is available via an email ticketing system through the client area, so will require customer log in.

The main benefits of using a UK PROXY include: