Two Separate Routers (different networks ) from one modem

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1 Modem, 2 Routers, 2 Separate Networks
If the OP is going to purchase hardware, I would purchase an inexpensive wired router. Router Networking Devices In other languages: Can computers see each other while they are on different routers? For example, a PC on one router sees the computers or printers on the other router? Enable the dhcp server on the routers and let them give ip addresses to devices connecting to that router. Connect the two routers with an Ethernet cable.

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Network Setup: 2 Routers, 2 Networks, 1 internet connection.

Then off the switch, add the two routers, each plugged into the WAN port. This will make them completely independent of each other, and both access the Internet. The two routers will only let computers attached to each one connect to each other, but not through the other router. I'm assuming your using basic SOHO or home equipment here. Based on what you've provided, clients behind both routers will have Internet access.

Clients attached to RT1 will only be able to talk to the Internet and their connected peers, and clients attached to RT2 will be able to talk to everything.

All 3 questions depend on how the routers are configured. But assuming they are not doing any filtering then I would assume the following is likely. If the cable modem has more than one ethernet port then connect Router2 WAN to the other ethernet port on the internet modem. If it doesn't you could connect it to a 5 port switch and then connect each router to that switch.

Answering your specific 3 questions: Creating a subnet on Router2 having router 1 as Wan - Router 1 has access to Router 2, the opposite is not done. If the cable modem has more than 1 port, connect both routers there and turn on NAT for both. Future connections across routers would not be possible. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Will clients connected to network Router 1 and Router 2 have access to Internet? Will clients connected to Router 2 be able to see data from clients on Router 1? Basicly what I need is 2 separate isolated networks.

Simon Arsenault 1 1 6. You mean Linksys EA? Are we trying to avoid double NAT? Jun 9, Messages: I could use a little guidance on this one. My roommate and I share a single internet connection through a cable modem but need to setup 2 separate wireless networks. Any ideas on the best setup? Just click on this link before you buy something from Amazon and we'll get a small commission on anything you buy.

Jun 30, Messages: First thought, add a small managed switch between the modem and the routers and use vlans. Say vlans 10 and Add both vlans tagged to the switchport connected to the modemrouter pvid default: Vlan 10 pvid default Vlan for untagged packets on switchport connected to one router, Vlan 20 pvid on switchport connected to the other router.

Connect the routers with their Wan port to the switch and let them get their ip from the modem probably in the Enable the dhcp server on the routers and let them give ip addresses to devices connecting to that router. For example one router You will have double nat this way, but networks completely separated. Verstuurd vanaf mijn A met Tapatalk. HeMaN , Jun 11, Or forget the switch, connect the Wan of the routers to the modem and set up different networks on both routers. Let the firewalls on the routers handle the separation of the networks by not allowing the incoming connections on their Wan default behavior.

Less secure i think as vlans but more than sufficient maybe Verstuurd vanaf mijn A met Tapatalk. May 2, Messages: CaptainSTX , Jun 11, Not many modems for home use have two LAN ports so you can have them provisioned to provide two public IPs. Are there better ways to handle it, probably but the wife likes to look at certain web sites in the land of her birth in her native language and it is simpler for her just to connect using a SSID on "her special network" versus starting a VPN on her IPad.