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Best VPNs for Hulu

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The standard package is compatible with common OSES and multiple connections up to six devices together are allowed, which is of a high use for those who travel a lot. Even hopping to the Far East Asia servers didn't throw a spanner into the works, providing speeds which were good enough to stream top-quality 4K video. Have a look at what is written in the Terms of Service on the website as regards Hulu proxy ban: Like many of its kind, this VPN provider uses double encryption system making it reliable and secured. This includes a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can try the service risk free. Apple TV, smart TVs and game consoles. Back to the drawing board.

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The best VPN for Hulu 2018

IPv6 serves the same purpose as IPv4, but contains a far wider range of possible IP addresses for internet-connected devices. The solution is an imperfect but effective VPN block workaround for Hulu: Payment must also come from the US.

If you live outside of the country without a domestic credit card or PayPal account, this can be tricky. Back to the drawing board. When trying to reload the video, I get a proxy warning from hulu. Originally, I could just clear the browsing data and restart the VPN and things were working.

After this happening many times, none of the 3 US options offered by Avira for the US work with hulu. Essentially, it is useless for me now. I had the same problem with expressvpn like yours bob. I bought le vpn that was working fine until the end of august From last month, september on it does not work with hulu or netflix anymore. Thanks for that info. I got 3 mos.

I am using ipvanish. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Trying to watch Hulu with a normal VPN results in this message: CyberGhost CyberGhost has been ramping up its unblocking efforts lately.

You may not either directly or through the use of any device, software, internet site, web-based service, or other means remove, alter, bypass, avoid, interfere with, or circumvent any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices marked on the Content or any digital rights management mechanism, device, or other content protection or access control measure associated with the Content including geo-filtering mechanisms. Reconnect to the VPN, refresh the Hulu page, and enjoy the video!

Click on the Configure IPv6 pop-up menu and select Off. Click OK and Apply to apply the change. After initially setting up the account, you can just buy Hulu gift cards on Amazon or elsewhere online for subsequent payments. Similar prepaid card options are available on eBay as well. Data security and privacy are probably lower priorities if your focus is just on Hulu, but if you expect to use the VPN for anything more sensitive you'll want to make sure to factor them in.

There are more than 3, servers globally, with plenty available in the US, giving you good odds of finding one that works well with Hulu. It helps that the Nord app will work on most devices you might want to use for streaming Hulu, and you can set it up directly on your router if you want it to watch from your game console or smart TV, which might not support Nord directly.

Since the company is based in Panama, NordVPN is also great from a privacy perspective, even if that isn't the biggest concern for streaming. It also offers impressive speeds, good customer support, and a very user-friendly interface, all of which are likely more important from a Hulu perspective.

You can sign up to NordVPN here. Read our full NordVPN review. ExpressVPN is also a great choice for Hulu thanks to simple setup and fast servers - though you do pay a slight premium, as it costs more than a few of its rival VPNs.

The server list is fairly large, though not the largest - but there are enough in the US to serve for this purpose. More importantly, there's a built-in speed testing tool that recommends the fastest server for you based on your location, which could help you find a fast enough server for high definition streaming. You can install it on a range of devices, including a browser extension or even directly into your router to cover all of your internet access in one go - perfect for watching Hulu from a console or smart TV that doesn't support the Hulu app itself.

Also, ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than most of its rivals, and there is no free trial. There are three price plans on offer, with the month plan providing the best value. The packages available are:. All VPNs encrypt the data you send online and that can potentially slow down your internet connection. You get plenty of choice on the software front, including support for some smart TVs and other peripheral devices. Speaking of servers, you can choose from eight locations in the US and one in Japan.

The support team is ready to help around the clock via email or live chat. The Swiss-based provider offers new customers a free 3-day trial to test it out. VyprVPN offers two price plans with monthly and annual billing. Monthly billing is expensive, and the Basic plan lacks some important features such as the aforementioned Chameleon protocol, so your best bet is likely to be the full Premium plan on an annual basis.

For streaming purposes, NordVPN is right up there with the best. The provider offers reasonably fast performance, with our download speeds barely affected compared to our usual rates with the VPN turned off. Hulu users will be pleased to know there are over 1, servers in the US alone, along with 63 in Japan.

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