Best Modem for Comcast + Xfinity Router Combo

2. Netgear CM700 Cable Modem

10 Best Comcast Xfinity Modems: Your Buyer’s Guide (2018)
In this case you are forced to get the voice modem. This cable modem is a plug and play device, meaning all you do is plug it in and it works. The main receiver for our Directv is on the main floor. Where I live there are no other internet provider options. Correct, the modem and the router will sit next to each other and should cover the entire floor plan. It also offers the same max download speed of Mbps.

1. Arris SURFboard SB6183 Cable Modem

They recommend Arris SB I am on Verizon right now but that may change. Whether I change or not, I still want to avoid renting a wireless router. Are there routers that will work on both Comcast and Verizon and if so could you recommend some?

Yeah, every single stand alone router listed will work for any internet provider. Not just cable internet, but also any DSL provider. Can the Xfinity provide the internet service to run the Directv boxes and everything else? Home is approx sq ft. What would you suggest as the best modem and router for my situation? And, what would be best location? The main receiver for our Directv is on the main floor. Hey RJ, After looking into the DirecTV Genie, it appears to just be like any other wireless streaming device as far as bandwidth usage goes.

They say it uses about 10mbps. If you do not use them all at the same time, the 50MB Blast plan may work. In a 3 floor situation, you always want to try and get in the middle because one router will have better reach. Wireless will always have hiccups at some point. As a gamer, that is something I do not want.

But that does not work with gaming, 1 second of lag and you are dead. You could also just not tell your son this and he would never know. All featured of the AC router. So over three years to pay for itself! I suppose we are paying for better quality? And is it really worth it? Many people already have a router so yes, it would take longer to pay for itself if you do not own an existing router.

Having your own replacement router also ensures that if you were to ever move to an area that did not have regular cable internet, you would still be able to use your own replacement wireless device. This could happen if you moved to somewhere that only offers DSL internet. I have tv and mp speed internet from them and I live in a ft 3 story townhouse. We stream Apple TV and have five other devices we use.

The router is on the middle floor. I have noticed that the old Comcast router is buffering a lot lately. I wanted to buy my own replacement but not sure on what model to get. Could you please tell me the new router so my life gets simpler. That is an older telephony Comcast voice modem. Do you subscribe to voice to save money? If so, you must even if you do not use the line get a replacement voice modem above and both will work for your situation as this is an old old wireless N and the replacements are both newer stronger wireless AC gateway modems.

Hi, thanks for the great info. In your experience, should these all get along and play nicely? I use Comcast for internet only, have Dish for tv, no landline. We use the hell out of wi-fi. Does that make sense to you? Is that due to signal degradation? Thanks for any help you can provide! The older Comcast issued standard modems usually do not work with MoCA but to my understanding it does.

I have never set up a system with MoCA but I read up on it and people say it works with the filter. So I do think it will work just fine. I was going to get the cable modem for Comcast. Do I also need a router? Yes, that cable modem itself does not have a built in router. You would get a separate wireless router. Or in your situation, you could just get the Netgear combo modem router listed. What do I have to buy? If your modem is centrally located you could just get the combo modem that has been approved for Comcast cable internet.

Hey there, Looking for your recommendation… I live in a one story 1, square foot house. I have Comcast Xfinity internet with up to mbps speed, and broadband TV. Can you please recommend what modem.

We have just gotten rid of our cable tv, but have kept the telephone and internet options from Comcast. Since day one, the wireless connection has been lousy once we leave the immediate vicinity of the router, so we want to get rid of all the provided equipment we are paying rent on, and buy our own. What combo do you recommend we purchase? In this case you are forced to get the voice modem.

It is a combo modem router in one and the difference are listed above. Comcast Xfinity gave me a list of compatible modems and combo modems. After researching, I want to go with two separate components. We have 2 PCS and 2 phones. What do you recommend I purchase. I have a 12, SQ Ft home. With that large of a house, you really only have one option. Check out the Wireless Mesh link above. You must use the voice modem as it is the only one compatible with Comcast voice.

The Netgear combo voice modem router is the better option. My brother, and I are big on gaming. We live in a single family home, with 2 bedrooms. To upgrade, would we need to get a voice combo? Or can we get separate items? Also, which items would you recommend? I have a single story home, about sq ft, where our family of 4 streams everything. I am buying the cable modem, but I am not sure about if the Xfinity router is going to give us good enough range.

I read through most of the comments above and believe we would need the cable modem and the AC router or quite possibly the AC but wanted to run my issue by you before we purchased.

We have a 1 story 4,sq ft home long more than wide that currently uses the gateway from Comcast and then we had purchased an extender to place away from the gateway towards the bedrooms so we could get service back there. We plan to give back the Comcast equipment and then buy the modem and router you suggested.

I assume the modem would go into the room where the current gateway box is connected to cable line. Would I still need the extender? What is the difference between the router and extender. Correct, the modem and the router will sit next to each other and should cover the entire floor plan. Because it should cover the whole house, you will not need the extender in another room. Situations do vary though so you could end up having to get an extender but not likely.

They are the same price. Time Warner is offering free modem, the SB And Time Warner Cable may give you the cable modem for free, but will charge you a monthly rental price. Look at your bill. The replacement modem is a better idea. Hello, thank you so much for all this information! I understand you strongly advise against buying a used modem, but do you see a problem in buying a new modem and a used router? Actually, no I would say this is fine. I myself have sold several used routers on eBay and Craigslist just because I like getting the new things and testing them.

The modem issue is only because the MAC Addresses are registered to accounts but routers do not have this issue. I have learned so much from this post!! Thank you very much. I am in the process of buying a modem… and maybe a router and am soon to be a new Xfinity customer. I have an old Netgear N wireless router. Can I use this with a new modem and avoid purchasing a new router?

Will this slow down our speed so much that it I would simply be frustrated? Any help would be appreciated… I live on a budget but I also do a lot of research on line so that is why I am asking. If you already have an old N router, give it a shot. It will surely work but speeds and range may be drastically reduced. But in some cases that is OK, like a small studio or 1 bedroom where you are not using the full potential of your downstream and really just browse online and what not.

I refused to take the triple play modem they insisted I needed when I signed up for triple play. I want to put security cameras in my barn and stream it to the internet I have in the house. Speeds work fine for what I use it for, mostly internet searches and I do stream some video shows to my iPad.

I want to get rid of the Comcast Modem, and hopefully replace what I have with hardware that will allow me to access and capture video surveillance cameras from the barn. Can you suggest hardware that will give me the distance I need? The wireless mesh routers would be your best option. You can put one in the home and one in the backyard and they should pass full speeds from one router to the other.

Hi SS — This is such an informative thread, thank you! I have phone and internet service using an infinity modem-router , it was replaced last year when it died and I now have an Arris TG G dual band, The 5G is not very available throughout the house. We use this for 2 iPhones, an iPad, one Mac and one windows PC, Sonos music system, and to stream movies using a ROKU player which is currently hardwire connected in basement and the occasion visitor. Given the phone conundrum, what do you recommend???

Arris and Netgear have released newer better stronger combo voice modems for Comcast. The list are above. My home is single level square feet with basement.

Only thing in use in the basement is a smart tv. Other than that we have 1 laptop, 3 phones and 2 tablets and a firestick. Is this a good option? All in one combo unit would be located center of the main level. I am open to doing 2 separate devices if its cheaper and works. I will have internet only through comcast. Nice article, really appreciate the info. I am going to assume for my situation that the AC is my best choice, but to clarify, I am on disability and live in a one bedroom apartment.

I use wireless due to where jacks are installed. I just have Comcast 25mbps service since now that my first year deal is over I cannot afford anything faster. Thank you so much. In that situation, the cheapest option we listed would be the combo modem router.

It will work for a one bedroom and your speed package. In that situation it is up to the buyer. Both will perform the same with current speed limitations, but the SB is ready for gigabit connections. I have Time Warner internet no cable TV or phone and their modem along with my router have been horrible.

Wifi connection would suddenly evaporate, particularly in the evening when I am working on my laptop. Or the speed would be abysmal. I have read that you favor ASUS brand. I live in a 2 story house with many walls. There are about a half dozen devices connected for casual internet use and a TV for streaming Hulu, Netflix, Amazon etc.

We are not gamers at all. Where I live there are no other internet provider options. I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance. For a 2 story house, the AC should work.

But because each situation is different, if it does not, you will have to return it and get the AC We have Triple Play and use the voice. Yes, it is compatible and you would want to bridge the Comcast gateway.

There are steps online and even on Youtube if I recall but calling may be easier. It involves accessing this modems interface and selecting bridge mode. I personally am sticking to ASUS.

But I would go with Netgear over D-link if I had to. As for overheating, a lot of devices run hot and you are just supposed to keep them in an open air environment like any other computer peripheral and they should be fine. My ASUS does not run hot though. I need to replace my Comcast service modem. If this combination is not available, can you please suggest the best option. Activation was a breeze and the surfboard is running like a charm. Thanks for the suggestion on the modem!

Thanks for your follow up! This is a positive vote for all of those with a Voice Triple Play and using a non telephony modem. Which Comcast has told me and others directly that it is not possible. I wish they would make up their mind. However take this route at your own risk because this is the only case I have ever seen of it working.

I usually only use the internet in my office downstairs, where we keep the router and modem, but we use our phones upstairs. We are not gamers or heavy internet users so I was hoping the C would be sufficient. I see we can get an extender if we need it which then makes it about the same price as buying the 2 separate units. If I have to get an extender I might just go ahead and buy the 2 separate units.

Last question, my husband is reluctant to buy because he wonders how long these will last. Sounds like from your article you have no doubt these will last, even with technology advancements, far beyond 3 years right?

It really can depend on your house, other nearby devices, what is between the floors, rooms and much more. For that reason the stronger router is usually better but if you really only plan on phone use upstairs the weaker slower signal may go unnoticed. And no, these will not be outdated. This is great stuff. I have a three story house sqft. I have Comcast Blast mps. I also have my home automation Wemo switch drop off often as well. What would you recommend the best option would be?

Or the combo modem router. Both will work in your situation. For my three story house, 3 boys, my girl and me using 2 laptops, Xbox and play station, 4 phones, wireless printer, chromecast for school and for entertainment, the combo modem router is working well to solve all our problems. I do not think you said what the best wireless gateway was though. They are actually on sale for You can also pick the up at some big box stores for around Do you have there phone service?

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Xfinity Forum Archive About the archive project. Year old dead thread now being closed.. Renting just seems better imo for those reasons. Especially if you have home phone service like me. You can't tell some ppl something helpful when they already know it all!! Its not for me. I rent bc i know its the best option. Thats for modem only. Modem router combo is I second Jim's recommendation for the !

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