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Is it worth buying XBOX 360 without internet connection?
Will Xbox Live work with Wi-Fi? Try this community option, below. Can you use Xbox live with wireless internet? The single player modes in games like that are fun but short as the games are geared more towards multiplayer matches. This is what I do: Did this resolve your issue? Xbox Live works in many countries, so in that regard you can play xbox live on a wireless connection anywhere it is supported provided you are in range of a wireless signal that you have access to connect to.

What is Xbox Live?

Buying an Xbox One, No internet. Can I still play games offline?

I only recommend using a wireless connection as a last resort. There's a reason the wifi adaptor is over priced. It's a barrier to entry so XBL doesn't have a significant number of users on wifi. Or if you're using a Use a G signal with a fast cable, T1 connection and you're golden. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion.

I tried doing this last night and it works like a charm. I can't believe how easy it was. Go to Network Settings. Enable Internet Sharing 3. It will take you about 10 seconds for the bridge to be created. Plug ethernet cable into computer and the other side into your Xbox Only flaw is that if someone else wants to use the laptop, it kinda defeats the point of having the laptop as you cannot move it.

Myzz Follow Forum Posts: Unfortunately it doesn't work with my real laptop since it's connected to a different domain already but still!

Buttons Follow Forum Posts: This is what I do: Mau-Justice Follow Forum Posts: Turn off ad-hoc networking. How do you connect xbox to live with a wireless connector?

Can you use Xbox live on Xbox with wireless internet? Yes, but you need to buy a separate receiver that plugs into the back. I'm sure you can get it from most games retailers. Can you use Xbox live with wireless internet? Do you need a high speed internet for Xbox live if you have a wireless adaptor? How do you connect DS to wireless internet? If you're talking about browsing the internet, then you'll have to buy a special cartridge with the opera browser installed.

I saw one at Walmart last I was there.. And if you're talking about trying to play a game on Nintendo Wi-Fi. Look for the Wi-Fi connection settings in the games online menu. How can you find out who is connecting to your wireless internet? You will need to access your wireless router. It will list and show all the devices connected to your network. Can you connect to Xbox live using only a huawei ec wireless modem? Do you need a wireless adapter with wireless internet to set up Xbox live?

No, but you do need high speed internet. You can set up xbox live using a wired connection. Do you have to use an official Xbox wireless connector to connect to Xbox live wirelessly? No, you don't have to have an official xbox wireless adapter to connect to xbox live.

How do you get xbox live with wireless internet? How do you get wireless internet connection? To get a wireless internet connection, you first need to registerwith an ISP and they will install the infrastructure in your houseor workplace.

They usually have it through fiber or WiMAX to routerconnections. The router disperses the wireless signal within thehome. Can you use a wireless router for to connect your Xbox to live? Can you play Xbox live without an Internet connection? No, you can't play Xbox Live without an internet connection. You'll still be able to play Xbox games but without the online element. You can either hook it up using a standard ethernet cable or using a wireless adapter.

You'll also need to pay a subscription fee. Do you need wireless internet for Xbox live? No, if you can get a converter to hook up you can use a regular Internet cable but they are sort of expensive.

Can you use the Xbox wireless adaptor to connect your laptop to the internet? Any questions go to http: Can an Xbox connect with a Netgear wireless router for Live? What you need to do is to go onto How do you connect a Wii to your wireless internet? First, boot up your Wii turn it on and press A at the Health Safety screen. Rest your cursor over it and press A. Two buttons will appear, labelled Data Management and the other Wii Settings. If not, the Internet Menu should come up after pressing A.

If your Wii has previously been connected to the Internet, it will come up generally under Connection 1. You can overwrite these settings by choosing it and clicking Clear Settings.

If your access point is red or yellow, the Wii is too far from the router. Bring either the router or the Wii closer and retry. If your access point is green, it is correctly set up. Enter the code if required using the on-screen keyboard or a USB keyboard connected to a USB port on the back of the console.

If you are under the age of 13, ask an adult to read the agreement and accept or decline. If you accepted, the Wii system reboots itself. If something is incorrect here, or if something is left out, please send me adamdmasi a message on my Talk Page or read the grey Wii Operations Manual - Channels and Settings. You need a "Cross-over" cable. If your laptop is already on the wireless, and Internet connection sharing is enabled, then this method will work. How do you set up Xbox live if you have a wireless router instead of a internet wire?

Can you use any wireless usb adapter to connect to Xbox live on the Xbox ? Only a Microsoft wireless adapter can plug into the usb port. However if you can get a adapter that plugs into the ethernet port it will work.

You can also get a usb to ethernet adapter but you need an external power source for the wireless adapter. How do you block internet wireless connections? How do you get Internet on psp with out a wireless Internet connection?

Can you connect Xbox to computers internet to play live? How do you connect wired to wireless internet? But you could trying investing in a wireless router, if you have one, you will also need a wireless PCI card, or a USB dongle, which will connect you to a wirless router in range. No unless a neighbor has internet which then it has to be unlocked or you have to get the wireless network's password.

How do i connect wireless to the internet with my ps3? If you go to setting, scroll ALL the way down to network settings there should be Internet connection set this to wireless and it should scan for a wireless connection then you must enter your password etc How can you connect wireless internet to your PC?

You must have a wireless interface card, such as a WiFi card, and you must be near a Wireless Access Point or have a wired connection to a wireless router. How do you switch from wireless to internet connection? You have to have internet connection usually a modem , connect your wireless router to your modem you need to know DNS servers of the internet provider using the lan cable which usually comes with the router.

And you are good to go. Fixed wireless Internet connections? Do you need a wireless connection adapter to connect to Xbox live? There are two ways to connect to Xbox live How do you connect ps3 to the internet wireless? To connect the ps3 to the internet wireless, first off you will need to go to "Network Settings" and click on "Internet Connection".

There is an easy guide that comes with it if you need any help. It is pretty simple from there, if you need any more help go to www. How do you connect an wireless xbox controller?

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