How do i find my Static Ip address?

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Setting a Static IP Address in Windows 10
You will not be able to use the Internet if we don't find out what your actual DNS servers are. Open up the Windows 10 start menu by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. There is lot of misinformation, concern and confusion about IP addresses. This a common networking problem that can be quite difficult to solve. Thanks Looking forward for your reply thanks.

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How to find your static IP address

I just did some long configuring with my connection. Now to advance, i need to know my static Ip address, so i was told to type Ipconig in the command window, it doesn't say it all it says is Ip adress Subnet mask Default gateway Is it the same as my Ip address? K, i still don't see where it says my staic Ip address. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

To find you internal IP address: Start Run cmd Enter Type ipconfig Enter To find external IP address visit: You did not indicated how you did your configuration of the LAN port of the pc.

If you did not enter in this information you probably have a dynamic IP address. Click on Start, right click on my network places and click on properties.

Look at this pop up window. It will indicate by the selection of the radio knob whether you have a static or dynamic IP selected. If static you will see the info. Did you configure this to be static? If "obtain IP address automatically" is bulleted, then your computer is configured for a dynamic IP address, not static.

Otherwise the addresses that was inputted into the address box is the static IP of your computer. Calling your ISP would be the easiest way of finding it. If you're behind a router or behind a network your computers Local IP Address won't necessarily be that of the one being displayed online.

If you're instead looking for what IP address you're using online, you should use a service like http: The site allows you to do a no cost scan simply to find out if any sort of data is in existence.

That way, it will not give out that IP to another device. Depending on the setup, sometimes you don't even need to config the client. You have a two options really: CharlesH 1, 2 8 That is very helpful. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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