Send email from a printer, scanner, or app

Step 2: Send mail from your device or application

How to configure your Outlook GMail account
Fully qualified domain name of SMTP service smtp-relay. Also, the status message of synchronizing takes forever on this. I have my own domain and while in NZ I was able to use the outgoing server on my Spark internet account. Make sure your mail app isn't set to check for new email too frequently. If you use two-factor authentication on Gmail, you need to create and use an app-specific password for Outlook from your Google account settings. Improve my Outlook productivity Send mass personalized emails from Outlook Automatically reply to incoming Outlook emails Cleanup Outlook and make it run faster Extract email addresses from mail folders Automatically follow-up on sent emails Silently monitor emails sent from Outlook accounts.

Step 1: Choose your configuration option

Use IMAP to check Gmail on other email clients

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Gmail Website Setup