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In particular, think about this:. Though, unlike the standalone insurers, they at least have high street branches you can complain to if they really drag their feet. If you weren't showing reasonable care, for example, it was left on a cafe table when it went missing. Break it, lose it, have your mobile nicked, and it can cause tears. Income Tax Calculator Find out how much income you keep and how much the taxman takes. It's not a universal part of home insurance, so you're better off backing up your downloads. In , the Financial Conduct Authority discovered many mobile phone insurance contracts were either mis-sold or complaints weren't dealt with in an acceptable manner.

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Many mobile phone policies usually have a condition that you can only start cover within six months of purchasing a new mobile phone. You'll be able to let an existing policy renew each year but the age rule means you're probably stuck with that initial provider as your choice of mobile insurers reduces.

With the major network providers, you get less time to decide whether to go with their policies, with them either wanting to know immediately or up to 28 days from the date of purchase of the mobile phone. An option if your mobile is over six months old and you cannot find a decent mobile phone insurance policy is to consider arranging cover via your home insurance policy and in particular the all risks or personal possessions section of the policy, which protects property outside your home.

But do take into account a usually higher excess and the loss of any no-claims discount. While most top bank accounts are free, if you have a paid-for top packaged bank accounts it can be worth it IF you use the products bundled with it. The big three 'freebies' are breakdown cover, travel insurance and mobile phone insurance. However, if the only real bonus of the account is mobile phone insurance, compare the cost to getting insurance by itself.

If it's not worth it, ditch to a fee-free bank account , or compare top packaged bank accounts and cheap mobile insurance. However, it's worth noting If you have a joint account, it's likely to cover both partners' phones for one fee, so you can get 2for1 cover. Most banks don't need you to register your phone to ensure it is insured though Barclays insist you tell it, by registering, to make sure cover kicks in.

All the mobile networks have their own insurance policies but it's usually not cheap so, in most cases it is best to avoid it. However, it's usually the quickest way to get a new phone with minimum hassle as they all send replacement handsets, rather than cash.

So if you can't be without your phone it is worth considering. Here's a summary of the cheapest policies from network providers which will cover you for losing the iPhone 8 64GB. Always try haggling at renewal to see if you can get the insurance thrown in free. See the Mobile Haggling guide. Some policies cover you if you lose your phone or it's stolen but others only if it's stolen, so check the policy carefully to ensure you get what you need.

A mobile phone insurance policy would usually protect you in case your handset goes walkabout, against "liquid damage" eg, you spill water on it , or it gets smashed or snatched. Some policies will pay out for unauthorised calls this is where a crook makes calls at your expense and downloads.

But do note that insurers have been known to refuse to pay out for theft in certain circumstances, eg, if a phone is taken out of someone's pocket while at a busy gig, saying this doesn't count as no force was used. Many gadget insurance policies also offer to include a mobile but we think standalone insurance focusing on handsets represents better, more comprehensive, value.

All our top picks below have confirmed their policies would cover you for loss and theft, as long as you weren't careless and made reasonable attempts to recover the mobile.

For all the latest deals, guides and loopholes - join the 10m who get it. If you've read what's above and you're sure you need cover, there's some good news. Unlike most other insurance, mobile phone cover doesn't depend on your gender, job, what you earn or other standard 'risks'.

It will only insure mobile phones purchased within the last six months and covers many of the iPhone range excluding the iPhone X and XS range - which costs slightly more to insure up to the maximum value.

To get the discount, you will need to pay the premium in full as the discount does not apply if you choose to pay the premium on a monthly basis. You also get overseas cover. Feedback for Insurance2Go mobile insurance is available on our forum please feed back if you have any experience with it.

Here you'll need to go with insurance from your network, as standalone policies all generally take longer to reunite you with a handset. For an iPhone 8, here are the basic details of cover from the biggies. We compared 40 policies to find a mix of low price and decent cover.

There are horror stories in our forums about insurers rejecting claims, rendering policies useless, so we've excluded some cheap insurers with significant bad feedback. Having said all that, each insurance claim is reviewed on its own merits so please share and tell us your experiences.

With all insurers, check the policy cover carefully. You may feel you're getting full 'loss' or 'theft' cover, but restrictions do apply. See our What to check section.

While your first instinct may be to sob uncontrollably, many MoneySavers report success from visiting Apple stores. You may need to book an appointment, and it's not a dead cert that you'll walk away problem-free, but for the cost of some shoe leather, it's worth a try.

If you're insuring more than one phone or you're looking for cover for the whole family, the Nationwide FlexPlus account is worth considering. It will only insure mobile phones purchased within the last six months. This link will cover the iPhone X and XS range up to the maximum value. Here are the basic details of cover from the biggies if you wanted to insure and iPhone This is a decent option if you're self-insuring and want a little boost on top.

Here's what you get:. You need to name the phone you have and its value, and it tells you the price, which increases for pricier handsets. Don't think about skimping and using this to cover a more expensive gadget, as the likelihood is it just won't pay out. As always, check if you are covered on your home insurance as you may already be protected.

For an iPhone 8, here are the basic details of cover from the biggies While most top bank accounts you get free, some top packaged bank accounts can be worth it IF you use the products bundled with them. The real boon here is if you hold a joint account with a partner, then both of your phones are protected without you having to pay twice.

Here are the big banks' cheapest accounts that include mobile insurance. Phones belonging to family members living at home are included. Children must be under 19, or 22 in full-time education, and can't be married or in a civil partnership. If they're at uni, the cover only applies at home out of term time. A worldwide family travel insurance policy for the year, including winter sports cover, travel disruption and golf cover. To see how this compares, read the full top packaged bank accounts guide.

Nationwide's packaged accounts with benefits have been our top picks for a few years so please share your experiences. If you're not going for our top pick from Nationwide above, here you'll find a selection of the best policies around from the rest of the banks.

The big phone networks specialise in getting a phone out to you ASAP, but here it's likely to take a few days at least. Though, unlike the standalone insurers, they at least have high street branches you can complain to if they really drag their feet.

Scandalously, opening the account and paying your fee sometimes isn't enough to make sure you're covered. With certain banks, Barclays for one, require you to give extra info to activate the cover. As an extra boon, members of specialist cashback websites can be paid when they sign up to some financial products. Do check that it's exactly the same deal though, as terms can be different. You might think this would be simple, but how your phone gets replaced can vary depending on the company.

Most will deliver a replacement phone to you. Alternatively, insurers may choose to give you a cash equivalent. As a rule, if it can't get you the same phone as your original, it should call you to discuss how you'd prefer to settle the claim.

If your phone is damaged and not lost or stolen, then if you're covered insurers will try to repair it rather than simply give you a replacement, so get set to be mobile-less for some time. The 'excess' is the amount you'll have to pay towards the cost of a new phone or repairs before the insurer pays the rest.

You'll usually need to send the excess payment to the insurer before the claim will be settled. Excesses vary depending on the phone, the type of claim and if you've made a previous claim with that provider. So don't presume the same excess always applies. It may increase for subsequent claims, or if you need to claim while abroad. If you usually pay by instalments, some standalone insurers will ask for the remainder of the premium to be paid in full before they will settle a claim.

This differs massively from other insurance policies, but it doesn't affect your ability to claim on the policy for the rest of the year. If you lost your phone again, you could still claim though some limit you to two claims per year.

It's important to check how your policy works, as if this is hard for you to budget for, self-insuring may be better. It isn't just your handset you need to think about if it's lost or stolen.

Don't forget the cost of rogue calls and downloads can run into hundreds of pounds before you notice your handset has gone missing. Plus being without a phone can delay you from contacting your network provider to slap a bar on all outbound calls. From that point, you'll usually be covered for the cost of unauthorised calls, but you'll usually need to have reported it missing within at least 24 hours.

You'll also need to tell the police if the phone is stolen or lost. Again, do this ASAP and ideally within 24 hours to avoid any difficulties when claiming. Some insurers will only accept mobiles under six months old, but others insure handsets which are three years old, so check yours is eligible before you buy. Where the age of the hand holding the phone does matter is if it's a child. Generally, they won't be covered until they are at least 16, and maybe older. So again, don't buy cover if you won't be protected, and try self-insuring instead.

Unfortunately, the mobile insurance market is becoming well-known for some providers erring on the side of NOT paying out, and thinking up increasingly slippery excuses why they don't owe you a new phone. Some insurers refuse to pay out for theft if a phone is taken out of someone's pocket while at a busy gig, saying this doesn't count as robbery as no force was used. Depending on the insurer, known exclusions can be a long list. But here are some of the biggies.

You may not be covered:. In , the Financial Conduct Authority discovered many mobile phone insurance contracts were either mis-sold or complaints weren't dealt with in an acceptable manner. Now the regulator is working hard to make sure products and its practices are improved. See the FCA crackdown guest comment. If you think you've been sold an unsuitable product, had a claim unfairly turned down or you just feel your complaint wasn't taken seriously, take action and go to the Financial Ombudsman.

See our Your Financial Rights complaints guide. Give us your feedback if you've complained to the Ombudsman about your mobile phone insurance policy and let us know if it was resolved.

Losing your mobile phone can be a nightmare of lost data, photos and contacts. Yet there are a number of easy ways to protect your data for free. Regardless of how expensive your phone is, the data stored on it can be mega-valuable, and it's near impossible to retrieve contacts, photos, apps, games, messages and more after losing a handset.

This type of back-up is becoming increasingly common, popularised by Apple's iCloud system. You plug in and data is synched with a server, effectively saving it to be retrieved the push of a button. Always check you know exactly which info is being stored, and if anything important is missed, then use a different route to save that. It stores contacts, settings, apps and more for you to retrieve when needed. These are a bit more complex, and it's not our specialist area.

Take a look at this step-by-step guide on giant tech website Lifehacker for how to go about doing this. Most modern phones will be supplied with a cable and some software to connect them to your computer.

This software is usually designed to sync calendars and address books, but you can use just it to store numbers. All smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone, Samsung, etc. Increasingly, mobile networks themselves offer to store your data for free. For all the fancy new technologies that promise to save you time, there's still a whole lot to be said for a pen and little address book. Just remember to update the book occasionally with new numbers, and not to 'put it somewhere safe' which you'll then forget all about.

There are two main ways in which it protects you. The FSCS's main objective is to 'maintain continuity'. This means if your insurer goes bust, it will try to find another provider to take over your policy, or issue a substitute policy. However, if you have any ongoing claims, or need to make a claim before a new insurer is found, the FSCS should ensure these are covered.

If you've paid for cover for a year, but the company goes bust after a month or two, then you would lose out. To help explain, here's a quick example You paid for a year-long policy in January and the insurer went bust in September. If the FSCS can't get the policy transferred elsewhere, then you will receive four months' worth of the original cost in compensation. The insurance industry doesn't have the best customer service reputation and while a provider may be good for some, it can be hell for others.

Common problems include claims either not being paid out on time or at all, unfair charges, or exclusions being hidden in the small print. This tool helps you draft your complaint and manage it too.

It's totally free, and offered by a firm called Resolver which we like so much we work with to help people get complaints justice. If the complaint isn't resolved, Resolver will escalate it to the free Financial Ombudsman Service. It's imperative you report your phone's disappearance to your network as soon as it's apparent; it can bar further use within minutes, plus your insurance may be invalidated if you don't report it within 48 hours.

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