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Re: Request Help: New install Private Internet Access VPN not working

Does Private Internet Access Work With Netflix?
Users who may be connected to two connections simultaneously ex.: July 23rd, 9. Private Internet Access is the leading VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels which create several layers of privacy and security providing you safety on the internet. Premium members can enroll in this course at no extra cost. Change the remote port to , click Save, and reconnect. VPN submitted 3 years ago by tezkr.

There's no shortage of servers on offer with this VPN

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Signed up for PIA, yet no confirmation email.. Filed a trouble ticket, and got a form email four days later Is PIA capped on Android self. Why latest Android update needs camera access??? Getting redirected to UK sites? Stuck on loading self. After a day - or less - PIA disconnects, blocking all online access. Only uninstalling works to restore access Which connection method is preferred? PIA has been really, really unreliable as of late self. Poor speeds on openvpn Ubuntu server Chrome asking for PIA login after extension was removed self.

Sharing a solution to speed up PIA loading on Win Also I hope to get rid of old bits I installed on my first installation. I will report back to this thread with results. I spent half of today fooling around with this install and trying to get the techsupport folks on PIA's chat to understand what I was trying to do.

Following your directions I was connecting thru the vpn in a matter of minutes. July 22nd, 5. I'm glad they made the app for us. July 22nd, 6. I hope this might help someone else having the same problem with PIA. The install I did yesterday works. There is no real GUI to it.

Instead there is an entry in my applications menu xubuntu that appears to do nothing, but really toggles the vpn on and off. When on, there is a green icon red if disconnected in the panel on top of the screen. The vpn is controlled and configured from that icon. One setting that has me wondering is the VPN kill switch, which delivers the message below when turned on: The Kill Switch requires modifying the Operating System's network settings and can in rare cases cause connectivity issues.

Anyone have thoughts on that? July 22nd, 7. I have never tried the kill switch. I have visions of a glitch in my Internet connection that triggers the kill switch and me spending the next few days trying to figure out how to get my connection back.

July 23rd, 8. New install Private Internet Access VPN not working After looking into it I think the kill switch cuts off the users connection to the net if the vpn connection is lost.

This seems intended to keep the user safe if the vpn connection drops unexpectedly and the user does not notice. July 23rd, 9. I just don't trust it to work. October 25th, I installed it and did not get any errors. The only problem was that I could not find the launcher icon anywhere. Not under any app folders. It would not auto load at startup either. I also tried to type the name of the launcher in the command line but still was not working.

I then had the idea to drag the icon to the task bar, and then it showed up. I thought I was done, but when I clicked on it and got the following error: Ok, it doesn't seem to be working after all. There seems to be some kind of encryption issue with the ubuntu home folder..

Does anyone know how to get around this? After a reboot I can't even pull up the settings.

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