How to get American Netflix in Canada?

How Unlocator gives you Access to US Netflix in the UK on an Xbox

Netflix Canada vs USA – How to get US Netflix in Canada
Try another DNS code if you are still having issues. This should be working now. Upon restarting, the Smart DNS service will take effect. The numbers you wrote down earlier covered the Subnet Mask and Gateway however the IP Address you found earlier was already assigned to your computer. Is that the problem? See this is where things get really exciting. Try a few more DNS Codes down the list as most still work.

How to get American Netflix on XBox 360

How to Watch US Netflix on Xbox 360 in Canada

If you want to know a little more about how Unlocator works then read on. The mechanism that determines what content you have access to is triggered by your location. The Netflix servers will determine your location based on the origin of the data flow running between your Xbox and the Netflix servers. This is where Unlocator steps in — the service can fake the location of these requests and as a result you can virtually change Netflix location.

The cool thing about this method is that your Internet connection speed remains the same. Actually you can get all the content available across the Netflix network. The thing is that Unlocator will allow you to unblock content from not only US Netflix but also all the other Netflix regions.

So if you want to watch Danish dramas or Mexican novellas they are all within reach. Then restart your Xbox and you will receive content from a new region. Since the Unlocator service is essentially a DNS service you can use it with just about any device on the market.

The approach is more or less the same for each device. Create a free trial , then follow the setup guides and restart your device. Apart from unblocking Netflix the Unlocator service also gives you access to a long range of other services.

You can get access to popular services like Hulu Plus, Amazon prime, Pandora and much more. With a few simple steps you can be watching US Netflix in minutes. Although you can change your Netflix country on a wide range of devices, we suggest starting with a computer, since it's easier to signup with:. First you need to visit Express-VPN. They have two different plans, but the best value is to sign-up for their annual plan.

You'll be asked to give your email address and create a password. You'll need those in Step 3. Take me to ExpressVPN now! Start the app and login with the email address and password you created in Step 1. Once you've downloaded and installed the ExpressVPN app and logged in, you'll be given a list of servers. Choose any one of their servers and click Connect. In seconds the status will change to Connected. Finally, go to netflix. Although Japanese Netflix has more titles than all other countries, the real advantage to ExpressVPN is that you get access to over 55 different countries, which will more than double the number of titles that you can watch on Netflix.

In some countries the Netflix catalogue is increased by 5x! Even Americans can use this system to gain access to more than twice as many Netflix movies and TV series'.

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