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Because I was considerate, and had taken the time to read their policies and understand that my device was not covered by them anymore, but that I needed some help in a rough patch, and Apple lent me a hand. In case someone in your corporate cares, Case ! I would do it again and then it would work. I messaged to get a quote to get the build up but they were not very helpful. Where I could use it as much as my phone and not worry about the batteries dying. I have just commented and I have just been told rpthat despite the fact the have not recovered my photos they are not sorry and it is my fault.

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Within a couple of days after being in a remote village in Italy, the battery blew up. Apple has told us they can only replace the phone if we send the phone back to them. She has no way to get the phone back from where she is. Tried to FedEx another phone to her villa. It is stuck in customs in Rome. She will be without a phone and will be in Rome alone. Dear Apple, your customer service sucks!. When I all I get your automated response. It says it can handle sentences so I tell it I want to make an appointment.

Then, it asks if I need an appointment for technical assistance or something else. When I tell it something else, it transfers me to technical assistance. For crying out loud!

I finally found a corporate phone number and told the lady I had a complaint. She transferred me to corporate customer relations. I have now been on hold for thirty minutes. We need phones for each family member just because of the school activities.

My kids have iphones but there the iphone four and my daughter gets picked on to the point my wife had to go to the school and talk to the principle. My other daughter and son refuse to take there iphones to school in fear of the same bulling. Please Apple will you help us. Hire an attorney with that money! Ask for it back,with the bullying damages. Seems like the school is at fault for allowing phones in the school to start with hmmm…….

Then find a good christian school where learning is more important. Use Apple products and be an Apple Fan — I am a hardcore apple user — from the iPhone 2 — 4 — 5 -5S — 6S and finally 7S — I have all the old phones — besides changed 4 apple laptops — I am extremely pleased with the function the capability and the capacity to what I need and want to use.

The phone works perfectly well — the battery charge was the same since it went missing — I allowed it to get to room temperature and then the next day I continued to charge it like normal. I have spoke to a total of 4 reps, 2 stupivisors.

If apple put their money where their mouth was customers would be a LOT happier. Hello, I am having the same issue with Apple care. It went out of service with under a month of service. I cannot get answers from the Senior Tech Support Analyst. I asked her if she was the CEO of Apple and she said no, so surely there must be someone that supervises the tech support team.

Then she hung up the phone in my face. I still have no computer. I intend to call Tim Cook today after I watch the eclipse. This is certainly no way to treat any customer, I would have expected more from Apple, which I thought previously was a wonderful company with great support.

This is my first Apple computer and probably my last. Hi I am Ken, from India. I beg you people to never let such people to get license to sell such worthy products to people, even after they ask us to pay money in advance and moreover make me wait for around four days. I hope someone addresses my concern please. I hope to present the i pad pro 9. I just got off the phone with John who claims to be a Supervisor. Without understanding why, the first representative I spoke with Danielle, transferred me to John after expressing a lot of concerns and empathy for what my daughter experienced.

John, the supervisor became the total opposite. He was sarcastic, condescending, and the tipping point for me, accusatory around the issue. We bought my daughter the 6s, August , regardless of my concerns that the screen shatter, because she wanted it. The screen has shattered 3X! She has a case, a screen saver, and it continues to shatter!

The last repair at the apple store, we shared that we see 3 small hair line cracks but was told it was ok. The only thing this supervisor can share is, this is why she needs Apple Care! We own two apple ipads, a desktop, apple tv, and a macbook!

My husband and I cell phones are androids but my daughter insist of staying with apple device for her handsets! After talking to this supervisor, I was denied to be placed on hold because he prefers to keep my on silent hold because he likes it this way! Instead, he shared he will tell me every 30 seconds that he was there! I asked for a manager, he said one is not there!

If I have never called apple customer service! In case someone in your corporate cares, Case ! John mentioned every call is listened to. He purchased the computer in Boise, Idaho, where he was working at the time.

About a year or more after that, Joseph and my daughter Denise, decided to come back to Hawaii. They shipped all of their household goods, including the computer. They each had laptops, so this computer was rarely used. On May 6, , Joseph unexpectedly passed away. He had said that the warranty on the Imac expired in June. To help my daughter deal with the many things she needed to do, my husband and I took the computer with original box and packing to the Apple Store at Kahala Mall in Hawaii.

That was around the 3rd week in May. The Apple Store techs kept the computer for about a week and said they replaced the hard drive and the ports. We were told that it was as good as new. My friend took it to Maui on Hawaiian Airlines where they stored it for her in the cabin. Yesterday we went to lunch with this friend, and she told us that the computer had died in January in Maui.

They also said that there were crystals in the computer that develop if you live too close to the ocean. We live about a mile from the ocean, and Warren said he lives inland. Also, if you live in Hawaii, you very likely live near the ocean because we live on an island. My daughter will refund the money, but mostly she is embarrassed. We are all baffled with the fact that the computer lasted only 7 months after the techs did a diagnostic test on it.

We sold it in good faith, and this is what happened. Dear Apple Headquarters, I would like your whole team to take into consideration, adding one more emoji and add it onto the next IPhone update.

I feel like every time I feel like inserting that emoji I end up typing the words instead of simply applying the emoji. Four months ago I purchased a I5S. For two months it was awesome. Then, a neighbor began fooling with my alarm on the phone. I am retired but was working. He made it so miserable with the clock going off at any time, but not what I had set. For the last week I have spent hours on the phone with your people. I finally went to Best Buy to have someone restore my phone for the fourth time.

Somehow the hacker was able to erase my thumb print and go around my passcode making this phone useless to me. I want my money back. Why in the hell are you getting involved in politics? My unit is still perfectly working except for having some cracks caused by an unintentional fall.

All I wanted is for my monitor to be replaced. I should have not gotten iphone 6s if that was disclosed to me. So I am respectful asking for assistance to please help me satisfy my desire for the replacement of my iphone 6S monitor. Your assistance and consideration on my concern will be highly appreciated. We have been Apple supporters since Apple had the 64k memory computers about 30 years ago.

After that we got a desktop and currently we have three apple laptop computers. I have had the first iPhone and it might not be useful for a phone anymore but it still works as an iPod. I have an iPhone 4 and a iPad Air right now. I have always been happy with the service with Apple up until I lived in Shanghai in China.

I had to go to a repair person that was not connected with any of the shops to get my devices fixed after it crashed. I messaged to get a quote to get the build up but they were not very helpful. Now I am in South Africa and still want a laptop with the build up that I want.

The service I received from any other Apple Store outside China has been amazing until those days. I have found Apple reliable but I am not wiling to work with people that is rude and disrespectful. Hello sir I am Er. We have the same issue. Laptop isis 2 yrs old and not working! Have you seen how many complaint there are? Maybe class action suit may bring a response? Apple products are distributed off the runway without taking into consideration of their safety. I have tried to deal with this concern at a local Apple store, but only indicated they would let Apple know of this concern.

When picking up the computer, my finger was spliced by the razor blade ports on the side of the computer. Now I am so vigilant how I pick up a computer I am still paying for. I would advise the company checking this out. This could go viral! The bill was issued in the name of Mr. This is a clear cheating and i want you take some strict action against the centre. I am writing to express my utter frustration to the inability of Apple to assist us in solving the issue mention in the case referred.

There must be a way to solve our dilemma apart from throwing away the gadget for good. We just could not remember the answer to the security questions or to produce the purchase receipt for a gift that was given to us 6 years ago. The only standard instruction from the Apple call Centre each time we call, is by hook or crook, we will need to find the correct answer to the security questions.

To us such a feed back is ridiculous and does not address our problem. In the first instances, we would never had to call Apple for help if we could remember the answer and that communicating with Apple Centre is not a pleasant experience. Surely there must be an alternative solution to our problem apart insisting that we continue to try hard to remember the answer to the security which we have been actually trying to do for the past 1 month.

Please circulate our concern to the higher staff in the headquarter for comments and feedback because the regional staff from Singapore is not prepared to offer any other solution apart from those mentioned above. We have had every iPhone and never had a problem till now. If you could get back to us that would be great thanks.

If the update is indeed the culprit, try to find someone with the technical knowledge to uninstall the update; that may fix the problem. Android phones are starting to look better all the time…good luck! The phone freeze and shut down. The phone drop calls repeatedly in one day I was told by tMoible that the phone drop 23 calls within 3 hrs.

The phone also turn black and than I hook it to the charger and the screen comes back in. Why do I have to suffer when I been a customer for damn near 7 year. We had a similar case with the 6s Plus. I had problems with both iOS 9 and iOS 10 beta versions. They did not want to do anything for us at the Genius Bar after 6 hours of waiting and useless conversations all the way up to their store manager.

I told them the phone needed a new battery, it was not a software problem, our phone was 30 days out of warranty but the problem began while the phone was in warranty.

We know several people who had the same problem and solved it by upgrading to an iPhone 7. The phone was working perfectly. Clearly, the battery was at fault, but they did not care because it was out of warranty.

If you have tried several iOS versions, pay to have the battery replaced. It is a possible problem in the 6s Plus. They had a recall for the battery in the 6s, and the phone shut down the same way. I am extremely disappointed in the last two Apple products I purchased and from day one had problems with the 6s which I notified ATnT of 3 hours after purchasing it. Then I have to send this one back to them for them to determine what caused the problem which started with in the first hour I purchased it.

If they found it was defective at no fault of mine they would credit me. After my experience with the phone before and the methods used to not uphold their agreement I have non reason to believe this company will do the right thing.

I am in Zambia Africa. I have been trying for months now to purchase an Iphone online directly from Apple without any success. May you kindly assist me on how I can successfully purchase a product online.

We are 8th number Nation around the world. Hope your good office consider above and add Bangladesh the list of Country for your iPhone country list. I bought an Imac I carefully explained to the salesperson that i will upgrade the RAM in the future due to my financial situation. The Apple headoffice in Australia told me they cant do anything about that because its not been purchased from them. Why does Apple have to get resellers with no clue on Mac products sell their computers?

Those people from the shop i bought it from are avoiding me now. They told me to sell it and to but another one. Looks like they have sent me back to zero, have to start saving again. I have had an Apple desk top and had problems, now I have one and its been a nightmare, to end the nightmare I have to pay another Where are all the Americans who are out of work????

Can we have some of those…….. You really should have a special link for unknown charges because just about everyone I know has had this problem with iTunes. Mobile phone has been in surplus throughout the market for decades now. Can you APPLE do something creative… something new and innovative apart from the mobile handset system? Handset, smals and big, 1. However, 6 or 8 GB RAM phone handset with good internal memories cant do much… it cant be used like a laptop in many ways.

So, i personally believe there need to be an advancement from the present system of mobile phone handset to somewhere and somewhat new and innovative. Will apples do that? I purchased a i-phone 6 plus.

The first one was dead. The att employee is still trying to get it to work. My family members all have i-phones, but never had these problems. This is for Tim Cook, apologize and stop the freedom of free speech for Brietbart or my next phone will not be Apple!

You are the worst company and your product is peice of dog dodo. Do you have an problem with hiring people. Well you need customer service training and better listing skills. My next phone will Android.

I spent 5 hours today. Your people made me cry and husband had to take over the phone Calls. When is my contract over? I want to be done with you Apple. Hello, I have a serious concern with apple support services. Last Saturday night, my phone was beside my pillow and it got by me and went by itself to find my iPhone and got DE-activated.

Unfortunately, I forgot apple password and unable to log in. The sim card attached to the phone is also not accessible. It is almost a week and I am not finding any help from apple.

I have called apple couple of times but no help so far. Another surprising thing to me is that when I have pass code on my cell then how come it can automatically get unlocked. It also happens if your phone is in your pocket. To me it looks that these are glitches which apple is unable to fix so far. I am so disappointed with the support, I am receiving from apple and now making a decision not to buy any apple product anymore.

To activate the phone, apple should take only minutes, hours but not weeks. It is ridiculous and not acceptable from a company who consider itself a top company. I have just commented and I have just been told rpthat despite the fact the have not recovered my photos they are not sorry and it is my fault.

This is after they told me to log out of iCloud and let them fix it. I will get a Samsung. They say you cannot breach the cloud. Here is the evidence. Every single time they tried to get it back they lost more. I was then told by a supervisor that if I did not let her speak she would stop the search for my photos. After waiting for 20minutes they hung up and did nothing.

I Am still waiting for someone to help me. I will send the story to press. I wish I never had bought Apple. It always has problems and the customer service at a petrol station is much better. I am so pissed off at the fact that my iphone was glitching and now all my notes and pictures have been deleted. All my memories and my personal information that i trusted on my iphone are now all gone. I am extremely disappointed in this product and so furious that I want to sue apple for everything they have because they took all what i had away from me and i am left with nothing.

You would think I could maybe get a new phone out of generosity for losing everything I have, but apple is too worried about damn money right now to be thinking about customers am i right? I just picked up my iphone7 plus from Apple Store. The ordering and pick up of phone was a breeze, I was out the door in under 15 minutes.

So loving this phone, kudos to your company for releasing yet another spectacular phone. Just want to say thank you for providing us with all the latest that technology has to offer, no wonder you have such a strong following. When I try to contact Media help I get how to get rid of wrinkles. Is this a joke? I need to talk to someone about a minute chat and screen takeover that failed to resolve the problem. I think it is a simple adjustment to the mac mail program but it became convoluted, complicated and unfinished.

The arrows showing when I reply or forward an email disappeared as of August That was 17 days ago. Does anyone out there know what to do? How is something like that so hard to solve? I have been using apple products-since Several hundred in a publishing company.

Your recent decision to have a fund raiser for Hillary Clinton the most corrupt person to ever seek the highest office in the land. I just heard about that from your comment, another big reason to quit apple and their never ending greed. As a stock holder and user of Apple products, I am dismayed that Apple as a corporate entity and world business leader would support such a corrupt leader. I will avoid any business dealings with Apple in the future. I thank God I have access to the medias too.

Do you know how much I would pay for an apple flashlight? If I could have a flashlight that I can charge everyday, I would be ecstatic. In my line of work, I would feel comfortable having a tool like that by my side. Where I could use it as much as my phone and not worry about the batteries dying. I would probably save close to a hundred dollars a year on batteries between the two flashlights I have.

The only thing is it would have to be strong. A powerful- long range beam. I strongly believe that millions of people would purchase this for work, personal, and most importantly, natural disasters.

I found my self charging my phone during hurricane sandy with portable solar powered chargers or in my car. I would love to purchase that product.

Just a simple note. I am watching Olympics and saw the commercial filled with pictures of different nationalities taken by an iPhone. No one trying to sell you anything. It had a very powerful message. Have an I phone. Phone is only 9 month old. Want back my money.

Done with I phone or ant thing from apple. I have been trying to get my iMac fixed as it will not accept updates and the customer service has been horrible.

They either make you wait on the phone for 30 mins. For a large company, their customer service and technical support should be much better. After several hours later, my computer is still not fixed. Very disappointing as you pay a lot of money for their products and this is the type of service you get!!! On the 12th of July someone dropped tea on it and i immediately took it to the India Mumbai andheri service centre.

The service centre kept the laptop for 15 days and gave me all ridiclous answers. They gave it back saying its destroyed. I took it to another engineer and asked him to open the back of the laptop.

To my surprise it was full of tea, even after 15 days. The service centre has not even dried the tea or cleant it, therefore it has rust on all components and is a dead laptop now. I called the customer care and spoke to the service centre but no one doing anything about it. My query is that i have been an apple user for the longest time, i have a Macbook Pro, 2 iPhones 6S.

I know that apple does not support products once liquid has fallen on it. But my question is that how can a registered service centre not clean or dry the liquid on such an expensive product and cheat the customer by leaving the laptop to destroy??

I did not blame the service centre till i saw tea in it after its been returned by the centre. How can apple not do anything about this?? How can there be tea still in the laptop?? I have been told that the service centre is not at fault…i have pictures of the laptop after its been returned. In India, apple is not doing anything about this, therefore i need to contact the head office.

Sorry but the damage was done to your device by you. Even if your device was immediately dried out the damage was done. Why would I even consider doing any more business with a corporation like this. I wish I have never heard of apple. Extortion is still illegal and wrong. And when you are on this side of the act, it really feels like shit. Every thing I purchased from you is useless to me now. That stuff is paid in full, yet you think you can hold it for ransom to force me to pay for something I do not want.

And it was their tech support that finally over the phone walked me through the process of turning off your money pit. So I can get the hell away from you.

But you tried several times to take my money anyway, against my will, in the cover of darkness. Who in their right mind would want to do business with thugs like that. I am a fool for trying to believe in apple in the first place. It cost me close to 10 grand to find out why there is a bite missing from the apple in your logo. A few weeks ago my phone started freezing up.

I would swoosh my screen to log inmy password and the screen would not move. I would do it again and then it would work. I have had my phone for about 18 months and still have 6 months on a contract with Verizon. I bought this phone on the reputation as an Apple product. Thank you for reading. It looks like apple has appolling customer service worldwide. My daughter has had the most vile experience with very offensive staff at Breahead Genius Bar in Glasgow, I have never experienced the shocking level of customer service anywhere else ever.

Shame on Apple treating a student with a 6 months old iphone gb the way they have, they really have no shame. Wow I wish I would have read all of this before I went and made the same mistakes smh I am even more upset now wow.

Dear Tracy, I have the same exact problem with my iPhone 6 plus. I also have Verizon as my carrier, and have 6 months left until my phone is paid off. I find it disappointing that such a reputable company such as Apple, cannot make exceptions to the warranty to cover these defects. I have gone to the Genius Bar at the Apple store multiple times, only to be turned away because the one year warranty is up.

I have been through so much stress dealing with these phones and no one have helped me yet! I am a conservative and pious person from a remote village at Tanjore,Tamil Nadu. I am aged 71 and never thought of using a cell phone in my life,until the time my son who did his Ph.

But the time has changed when a relative of mine urged me to open a Facebook account wherein I posted my photos. One day the heavens opened out when I got a call from a childhood friend whom I barely remember. We learned swimming on the river, cycling they were calling it kurangu monkey pedalling. It was amassing for me how could he recognise me from the old aged photo of mine after a gap of 65 years. The exact point is that he has opened a sports shop near Kisumu,Africa and he is likely to revisit India after a gap of 50 years.

He has promised to visit our home then. The world is very large indeed but your apple phone has made it possible that anyone from any corner of the world can create,revive intimacy even after a gap of many years. Your innovation efforts are just amassing and keep doing more and more innovations. God bless you and your whole team of workers. Apple just wants money and more money, they do not care for their customers satisfaction. My iPhone was 3 years out of warranty, and they granted an exception for me to get my phone replaced free of charge, and you know why?

Because I was considerate, and had taken the time to read their policies and understand that my device was not covered by them anymore, but that I needed some help in a rough patch, and Apple lent me a hand. So go cry about your first world problems somewhere else, and learn some sense of personal accountability in your own mistakes.

Did you try connecting the device to a computer and erasing it and reinstalling everything through ITunes? Why would a global company be so disrespectful to half of their customer base. Idle you will never see me buy another Apple product. Just wondering do you guys miss Steve Jobs yet? Shame on you Tim Cook, I will never purchase another Apple product again. Hope your board is smarter than you and Fires You. Apple has lost my family as a customer and as many friends as I may persuade too.

Sir, My name is Kishan I have a complaints regards your iPhone product. I had and I-pad that was alittle over a year old. Purchased it in Dec. In Jan the I pad got super hot and caught on fire…it snapped and melted into pieces.. After Numerous calls to Apple and their advisers. They said it was actsadental. Therefore will not replace. I have all apple Products in our house hold and I am sadden to say that the apple support team as failed its customers to the fullest extent.. Their product failed and exploded.

I got hurt on all of my fingers and still no compensation. I will never buy another Apple product again because of the lack of customer support. My attorneys will for sure. Apple customers service Suck from Senior advisors posing as last point of contact. I asked for Corporate office number and was given the same number as customer support.

Corporate stop hiding behind your employees and help these concerns we are having this is Bologna. We as customers spend a lot of money to help you guys eat and this is the thanks we get come out and take care of us.

The money we spend with you guys when we have a problem we should be treated better than this. The guy I talked to today said he had no supervisor.. I am writing this letter to inform you of an extremely rude employee that works for apple. Honestly, I am completely shocked that I was treated so poorly. I have been a long time customer of apple in which I have never experienced such reckless behavior, in fact my entire family has apple products from phones, to watches, to I-pads. I called to schedule an appointment at the Pier for my son because he had cracked the screen on his phone.

After waiting ten minutes on the phone for anyone besides the computer to respond, my call was taken by Stevie. To get the greatest graphics performance out of the A8 chip, we created Metal — a new technology that allows developers to design highly immersive console-style games.

So every imaginary world feels more realistic. The M8 motion coprocessor continually measures physical motion from advanced sensors, including a gyroscope and accelerometer. Offloading this work from the A8 chip to the M8 improves power efficiency. The M8 also provides accurate fitness tracking information, such as steps and distance, right to the Health app. And the display is a perfect widescreen fit for your HD movies and TV shows.

These new cameras come with features like slo-mo and burst mode, as well as better noise reduction and improved face detection. And with iCloud Photo Library, you can easily access, edit, and share your photos on all your devices. Discover new music with friends, take great photos and videos, and send more expressive messages with stickers, games, and apps.

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You can even enjoy automatically created Memory Movies made just for you. Connect through social networking apps that help you keep up with the people you care about. Transform your everyday photos and videos with filters and share them with your family and friends.

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Now up to six family members can share purchases from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store without sharing accounts. So you can give your favorite people access to all your favorite things. Family Sharing makes it easy for family members to share photo albums, calendars, and even their location. You can even create Apple IDs for children under 13 years old so they can participate, too.

Parents can require children to ask permission before making purchases, as well as limit which websites can be accessed in Safari. And with new support for Buy Buy iPod touch. Space gray, blue, gold, pink, and silver. Learn more about Apple Music.

Contacting Apple Headquarters