How to Use a VPN with BT Infinity

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BT Infinity Routers
You will however have a link MTU of which can affect some web sites mostly Banking ones from anecdotal evidence and other devices such as the Vodafone Speedtouch femtocell. I've spent most of the afternoon searching for answers, even resorting to emailing the VPN helpline, but so far they are not proving too helpful. Register a new account. I dont have Infinity but often these CDs arent required and are only there to "help" people who cant do any of the configuration themselves. Laptpop causing Homehub to disconnect from internet.

BT Infinity Routers Features

BT finally admits its Home Hub router scuppers some VPN connections

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Lost Password Please enter your username or email address. It provides connectivity to your Internet-c It provides connectivity to y Tell me when it's in stock. BT Infinity Routers Features Have you blocked offensive, unsafe content on your router?

Filter out inappropriate web content so it can't be viewed. Should you upgrade your home router? Keep your business online when the Internet goes. Turn an analogue phone into a VoIP phone. Combat time-wasting at work. Boost DrayTek 4G router signal strength.

Home router vs business router.

Integrated VDSL or separate modem?