Can't Sign into PSN (asks me to update my account, then gives me error)
He was able to fully sign in! Thank you so much! Choose your connection type, select custom and connect to your internet. View all 10 comments. Contact sony support, they would be able to offer you better assistance. The primary activation on the system you have sold can be deactivated online via the website. Share Mark as accepted solution Report.

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Can't sign into my PSN account.

Rules apply to comments, all rules apply to posts. For complete and detailed rule descriptions, click here. Currently Visible Currently Hidden [click to toggle]. For other subreddit filters, click here. Pro - Deals - Banners - Mods - Clans. Can't log into PSN - An error occured self. I haven't played on my PS4 in about a year, so I log on and it says I have to update my privacy settings, but at the very end, I can't connect to the PSN and get the message "an error occured".

I bought Star Wars Battlefront 2 but it won't download. I created a second account, made it a family member, hoping I could download teh game that way but that doesn't work. I can lo gin online fine. Please some help me log onto PSN!

If you haven't gotten a fix yet I finally got mine to work. Go to PSN on your mobile or computer change or add info to your profile and save it then go to your PS4 and restart it. It should work from there. I dont know if I play enough to justify the cost, but at least I am online! Yet again we're in the same delima! Lol idk if it's worth it for me. Honestly buying a subscription and then downloading all the free games throughout the year practically pays for the subscription but I pretty much only play singles player titles on PlayStation so no need for the plus really.

Glad the work around fixed it for you game on brotha! Thanks I'll give it a shot. I tried the mobile app before because I read that somewhere else but didn't try messing with the profile. I called tech support and they said they were going to look at it but they never gave me an update. I changed my DNS as well and that didn't seem to work but after I went to my Sony profile online and changed shit it magically worked.

But I changed literally every setting I could so if that doesn't work try changing everything and change it back if need be. I am having the same issue. I am not able to sign in at all. I have even reinstalled the OS on my PS4. No way of changing my e-mail address because I need to use that login to get into my account. I have no Sony 2 step verification on either of my accounts.

I've sent a message to Sony Japan technical in Japanese explaining my situation, no response. I sent of course my Japanese details, where I live etc, even e-mails of my latest transactions, I had those backed up somewhere. What I need somehow is a way of resetting my e-mail address on my PS3, but I have to log in first to get to my account details right? I've checked all over the PS3 and there seems to be no way of starting anything. It's connecting to somewhere even when I'm not logged in, just can't get at the store or be online status.

Anyone else had a problem like this? If so I would really appreciate any help or tips you guys might have. I think you're screwed. If you think about it the reason those fail safes are in place is so someone can't jack your account.

If you used correct and accurate information for your account a huge number of people have inaccurate information on their profile you could see if you can send them some confirmation of your identity.

You definitely should call them, don't waste your time with e-mail support, its usually crap. Sony also updated there ToS in Europe at least that they could close accounts that had been inacive for 1 year. I don't know if Japan has this rule too, so you might be completely screwed. Still call customer support and try to get in touch with.

I can't comment on anything in Japan as I have no idea what customer service is like their and my only experience of there is Kazuma Kiryu in Yakuza and that won't help you. If your information was not your own, ie you just put in a random address before you moved there, ya it's probably gone. If you have a credit card attached to it, you have more information you can provide.

Otherwise I had a similar issue when EarthLink got rid of email, and I had to prove identity with the site it was used for.

Don't bother with the email service, you just need to provide information to PlaystationJp. If you can't speak Japanese well enough This could be a long fix for you.

Sense you live in Japan I assume you have friends there that are fluent. I would ask them to speak as a translator for you. But again if you have little information on the account, it could be very difficult.

If you faked the information, forget it, it's gone. Posted November 12, edited. I still receive emails from my spanish account every now and then. I haven't logged in this one for like Back on topic, I don't know how I could help you, OP. But here is an important lesson: Always use Gmail, Outlook, etc. This is like the old Hotmail rumor back on that Microsoft could close your account if you are inactive for 6 months. Its not a rumour, you just likely hadn't heard about it as it never effected America.

It was implemented July , I was mistaken it was 24 months of inactivity. Your spansh account likely would be safe up to 24 months from that date. Even then the word 'may' was used in the ToS so they are just reserving the right too.

I think they are doing this because the amount of dead alt accounts that are probably clogging up PSN. People can argue that they wont close accounts, but unless your willing to stake your game collection that a company won't do what you legaly agreed they can do there's no reason not to. Its not a rumour. It was implemented August , I was mistaken it was 24 months of inactivity.

You could have an accident, been in a comatose state and 10 years later wake up eager to play some games and bam! I'm joking but who knows? I had a Hotmail account terminated over 10 years ago by Microsoft because I did not log into it for a set period can't remember how long it was exactly.

Give them some time to reply your email. It took them PS Southeast Asia support 2 weeks to respond to my email. Posted November 13,

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