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This means your phone, your laptop, work computer and your printer, all have different IP addresses. This is exactly what I was missing and this helps a ton. Can you please post a copy of the URL that board is linking to, as something like this should work: And either way — sorry about my stuff-up. So while it is a pain to have to update your code — we hope that you will agree that it is worth it. I am in Virginia and it reports Florida, Way Wrong!!! Active Whois support a themes.

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To use your local computer, ensure you have the Azure CLI installed. The Cloud Shell signs you into Azure. Create a resource group with the az group create command.

The following example creates a resource group in the East US Azure region:. Create a virtual machine with the az vm create command. For details, see Azure Load Balancer. View the public IP address assigned and confirm that it was created as a static, basic SKU address, with az network public-ip show:.

Azure assigned a public IP address from addresses used in the region you created the virtual machine in. Do not modify the IP address settings within the virtual machine's operating system. The operating system is unaware of Azure public IP addresses.

Though you can add private IP address settings to the operating system, we recommend not doing so unless necessary, and not until after reading Add a private IP address to an operating system. When no longer needed, you can use az group delete to remove the resource group and all of the resources it contains:. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

Read about this change in our blog post. Create a virtual machine You can complete the following steps from your local computer or by using the Azure Cloud Shell. United States Houston, Texas 10 Netherlands Leiden, South Holland 12 United States Portland, Oregon 14 Poland - - - 16 Turkey Istanbul, Istanbul 22 United Kingdom Bethnal Green, England 27 Any information copied or otherwise reproduced from this website must have a proper attribution.

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